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Found 70 results

  1. Hi all, I'm sorry if this doesn't belong here - I wasn't really sure where else to post this 😟 Times are tough - I'm a poor PhD student, and I barely get enough to live off, so I really have to sell my Blue replica guitar. I spent countless hours making this in my late teens, and really strived to make it as accurate as possible. Being a somewhat niche item - and desperate times etc. - I had considered completely cleaning it of its decorations and returning it to its pristine state in order to sell it to some guitar shop 😭But as a GD fan (and the one who put so much work into making it!), it would hurt so much to do that, so that's a last resort. I really would love to find her a new home as is, with a fan who would truly appreciate her. I couldn't imagine trying to package / ship the guitar (I just don't trust that it'll get there in one piece), so really I'm looking for a buyer in the UK, so I can deliver in person. Whilst the real Blue is a Fernandes (sp? - knock-off, non-Fender, 50s Strat), I wanted the best sound quality so I went with an official Fender Strat. The standard bridge pickup has been (professionally) replaced with a Seymour Duncan JB Model Humbucker, much like the guitar it is modelled after (though the original, perfect condition pickup is also provided). Despite its road-worn and roughed-up appearance, this guitar has never been played outside the house, and is in fantastic condition. Fender Strat (Daphne Blue) Serial No: MZ6139554 Fender website description: "Classic Series '50s Stratocaster" Modifications: Seymour Duncan JB Model Humbucker Also includes: the original pickup, all original volume/tone knobs, original whammy bar, all paperwork Jamie
  2. Morse Code Guy

    Morse Code Guy’s Guitar

    Hey guys. Thought it’d be worth a shot, to share the things i make myself and the Covers i make for a critical approach.
  3. Tubbie Head

    Sofia's Drawings

    Hi, well I've been thinking about making a topic to post my drawings and some photoshop work, for a long time.. So, I decided to do it now xD I loooove to draw, but never had the chance to have classes I hope that someday I'll start learning real techniques and so on... Now.. Here are they... I know.. Some of them suck, and I'm still working on all of them! UPDATE Since GDC updated the photos of my old drawings don't show up anymore, if you want to see them check my facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/TubbieArts/ or my instagram: @TubbieArts
  4. solongfromthestars

    solongfromthestars' Art & Photography

    I finally got around to making my art thread, where I shall post all my drawings and graphics and stuff. I'll start with my art project that I just finished, it's based on the 21st Century Breakdown video. The actual thing is way too big to post here, so here's a smaller version. I'd like to know what you guys think of it and if you think there's anything I could improve. I do some graffiti: Some drawings I've done: For graphics I use: Jasc Paint Shop Pro 9 Photo editing: Photoshop CS5 / CS6 Recent photography: Pentax K30 Old photography: phone camera And of course I do requests (sigs, avas, etc) if anybody wants one might take me a while since I have a lot of stuff to do these days, but I'll get it done. Don't worry about asking to use any of my stuff, just give me a tiny credit in your sig and it's all good. Please don't repost anything on other websites without asking though.
  5. been liustening to them since idk when https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c6xUBlFmFXg
  6. alcapone_dudu

    Delicious Grace

    Hello guys. Delicious Grace is a brazilian musical project that I would like you to know. They are just starting out. Hope you like it:
  7. DoubleTen95


    This thread is for anyone who plays guitar or just likes the guitar in general. Here you can talk about the guitar and how it pertains to you. Or give tips and talk technical talk with other guitarists. Just general conversation about one of the greatest inventions on Earth.
  8. Afflejack

    Afflejack's art

    So um. Hi I've been wanting to start this for ages but never felt I had anything worth starting it out with, but then I remembered that I had traditional artwork to show off and not just digital (my digital work is far below the quality of handmade eep [ok not far below but it just looks iffy idk i'm still learnin' u kno]) So um yea obviously it seems I tend to just do celebrities cuz their faces are readily available to reference all over the internet If I try to do my own thing it ends up cartoon-ish. Hmm well with these like. Idk the Billie one took like 30 mins and the Brody one took months. it's all about motivation yikes. usually it only takes a few hours or a day or two to finish something eeeeep. So um ya the Affee artwork adventure has started I'll probably upload digital stuff in the future woop
  9. khaab

    crafting projects

    i love to do crafts and create things. i'm just curious to know if you guys have any craft projects going on or if you have ever done a project dealing with Green Day. maybe you've made some jewelry or knitted a hat for someone or someone made something for you if you made a shirt for a concert. That would be really cool to see. my sister was knitting me a bag with Billies face on it but she decided to quite because she didn't like the way it was turning out..oh well.... so what about you guys?
  10. holden_caulfield

    My first novel - Outatime

    Hi guys! So, not Green Day related unfortunately, but I'm a self published author trying to promote my first novel at the moment. It's called 'Outatime' and you can find the UK and American Amazon links below.... UK - https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/1790693330 US - https://www.amazon.com/dp/1790693330 So its to do with time travel, Shakespeare and the Gunpowder Plot.... Rachel O' Connor is crazy about Shakespeare and Europe, and has always dreamed of a European vacation; when a time machine is created at the laboratory where her husband Ken works, he thinks he has found the ideal way to help his wife: Europe and Shakespeare in one go.Unfortunately, Ken doesn't know the foul plans being plotted in 1605, as the family get caught up in the most explosive vacation in history. Two weeks in the past for a family Outatime! It's stocked in a local bookshop here in England where I have also held a book signing, and its sold on Amazon as well, with a 5* rating, and I'm just trying to get a bit of publicity for it, so if you're interested, or know anyone that is, if you could spread the word I would very much appreciate it! And on a side note, if anyone is going to see the AI musical in Leicester on 1st March, I'll be there, lets say hello! www.daleharrison.co.uk
  11. Collingordon96

    Here's some progressive metal for ya

    Ok, so I pretty much work with every type of genre it seems. This is from my band Cardona which I play guitar and sing in. This is much different than what I usually post but I feel like some of you may appreciate it. This is our first release in 6 years so I'm pretty stoked. Let me know what you all think \m/ https://www.facebook.com/cardonaofficial/
  12. Collingordon96

    MCR I Don't Love You vocal cover

    I did this right after waking up haha, anyways I figured you all might enjoy it.
  13. Dear people, I had a thread about my concert photography work going on here some time back (see "Luke's concert-photography work") where I showcased some of my stuff I've been doing, photo as well video at a later point. A lot happened in the past couple months, but today I'm beyond excited to share something that's really special for me. Let's start with a little background story, reduced to only the relevant stuff. I guess quite some people here know an English artist named Frank Turner (& The Sleeping Souls), I actually heard the first time of him when he supported Green Day back in 2010 - for instance at their crazy big show at Wembley Stadium or at one of their rather intimate shows at O2 Academy Brixton in 2013, both in London, Something like two years back, Frank played some club shows in Austria and I got in touch with him beforehand to arrange a quick little backstage portrait shoot on which he agreed. The pictures turned out quite well, he posted them on his social, they got great response from the community and so I made a first useful connection to him and his label. Early 2018, Frank announced two bigger full band shows in Austria together with The Sleeping Souls in late October and since I was just starting out doing video content and looking for possibilities to build up my video portfolio, I shot him another email asking if he would let me do some video content of the shows. After lots of back and forth with him and his label due label restrictions (video is way more complicated than photo stuff), I luckily got the okay from his label just a day before the first show. So I made it to the shows, got some neat footage and made a little video for him. Lucky for me, he was completely blown away. So one late evening on a not yet special day in mid November, an email from Frank popped up in my inbox, subject "Filming". Basically, it said that he'll be releasing a single in early 2019 and he would love to have me to make a video for it at the upcoming shows in Germany. This time I was completely blown away - that was the very last thing I was expecting that day. However, the problem was that I had a pretty wild time schedule, leaving for a two-week tour through China with some other band in just a couple days. This was the start of a really wild adventure. Long story short, after some emails forth and back with his tour manager, they got me a flight booked for the next morning to get my ass to Germany to make the music video happen at two of his shows - life became somewhat surreal in the the next couple days. I can get more into detail if you guys are interested, but to come to a point - it worked out, and after lots of night shifts I've spent on editing this video, today's the day the video got finally released so I can show it to you. Here's the video for "Don't Worry" by Frank Turner, the opener of his latest album "Be More Kind" as well the EP that just got released today. This is is my biggest work so far, hope you guys like it!
  14. Hello all, my band Bayvell released a small EP in September. Our sound is very reminiscent of early Panic! At The Disco and Green Day. Our band is relatively new so we could use your support. Please share us around and give us some feedback. (or tell us to piss off ) Thanks so much, I hope you all enjoy \m/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BayvellBandOfficial Also, here's some footage of us tracking.
  15. Spike

    Music & Lyrics Q&A Thread

    Have a quick question about anything relating to being a musician or lyricist? Ask it here, and I (or anyone else who knows about the subject in question) will endeavour to answer! If you think your question could generate a lot of helpful discussion then feel free to post it in a new thread.
  16. Hi forum surfers from cyberspace, If you're gonna start a band you can use that as a band name, Surfers from Cyberspace. Anyways, we just released a new track called Biased By Mood. You can check it out on any of the links below. And tell us what you think of the track. Spotify: https://spoti.fi/2IdX154 Bandcamp: https://thefridayprophets.bandcamp.com/track/biased-by-mood Have a nice day
  17. The_real_st_jimmy

    Bands demo

    would anyone be interested in hearing a song my band did?
  18. BeachBum

    BeachBum's Photography and Art

    (This thread replaces old thread due to image host change)
  19. 21guns&novacaine

    21guns&novacaine's Art and Snuff

    Hello all of GDC! Since I'm technology impaired and can't post pictures in the threads, here is the homeland of my art. I post it all here on a regular bases. Any improvement advice would be great. I draw/paint everything from The Walking Dead to Amy Lee from Evanescence. (I'm pretty sure that one's on here, actually) Foreverly-Scattered Facebook Page Finished pictures (Via Photobucket, so if it says they were deleted, try refreshing the page) Five Nights at Freddy's drawing Lara Croft, Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness drawing
  20. Nobody.Home

    My band's full demo album

    Hello guys, I'm a huge Green Day fan, I've been listening to them since I was a kid. I would like to share you a demo album by my band, here's a couple of songs: Greetings from Chile !
  21. Hello, we just released a new track called "Reason, Where Are You?" which marks the first single of our upcoming album "In the Key of Sublimation". Listen to it on any streaming service or at our Bandcamp page (Links below) Have mighty fine day, as you were Spotify: https://spoti.fi/2OksC4R Bandcamp: https://bit.ly/2pH6LeI
  22. Collingordon96

    New single from my band \m/

    Lay Back: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pUAIEKyqhcs Hello all. I'm back again with another original from my band Bayvell. This song follows the same musical theme as our last song (link below) and focuses on the story of a British corporal in WW1. Turn For The Century: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OqurVWQvL9U Also here's a demo of an upcoming instrumental track, Warp In The West: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kqQAuhqPZqY Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BayvellBandOfficial/
  23. M1KEY

    The Blackwood Renegades

    Hey Idiots, my band just released our DEBUT MUSIC VIDEO and it has sexy ROLLER DERBY CHICKS in it!! Take a look, hope you like it, and if you do, please share the fuck out of it and follow us on all the social medias. Keep finger fuckin', M1KEY
  24. NYC pop punk band The Evictors are looking for a guitarist and drummer. Check out our tunes at https://theevictors.bandcamp.com/ If you’re interested and would like to jam, email us at evictorsband@gmail.com Thanks. Green Day rules.