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Found 28 results

  1. Undómiel

    The Happy Thread

    Okay, I'm gonna give this a go. This is a place to post things that made you smile, or made you happy today that you wanna share that don't seem to fit anywhere else. So that means - no one off "funny pictures" - we have a thread for that. No porn. Especially relevant today - NO CELEBRATING SOMEONE'S DEATH. Also do not spam - no more than two "happy" posts a day per user. Yes, I am patrolling your happiness. Because I can. Maybe it could be an article that made you smile. Or a picture of a puppy. Or something. I'll go first: Early twenties vs late twenties http://www.buzzfeed.com/jessicamisener/life-in-your-early-twenties-vs-your-late-twenties
  2. maryjanewhatsername

    Member Get-To-Know-You Thread

    Okay I've thought about this long enough and still want to do it, so here it is. A thread to get to know all the people we see here on this site! Just a little warning, probably not a good idea to post super personal or identifying information. Don't blast your full name and social security number on here, kids. But don't be shy! I'll go first. My name is Alexis and I'm 19 (a week off from 20). I co-manage a pizza place with my mom in a little Idaho town called Emmett. My boyfriend and I have been together for 3 years and plan on getting engaged (and then married) once we move into a house we are going to buy. He's practically my fiance already - the only thing holding us up is a house. I have a golden retriever named Maggie and she is 7 years old. She is a spoiled rotten princess. My favorite movie is "The Shining" and my favorite show is "The Office" (yes, the crappy US version because my humor is basic). My favorite color is gray, my favorite food is Asian food or pasta. My hobbies include watching YouTube or documentaries, doing makeup, and playing video games. My favorite music groups are 1. Nirvana, 2. Green Day, 3. System of a Down, 4. Alice in Chains, and 5. Three Days Grace (before 2012). My favorite Green Day songs are "Whatsername", "21 Guns", and "Waiting". What about you guys??
  3. maryjanewhatsername

    Scandalous Fanfiction Thread

    Ever have any fanfiction you'd like to share but are too ashamed to put your name to it? Here you go. And it can be about anything. Green Day, Taco Bell, Dan and Phil, you name it - this thread is here for it. This is inspired by @I don't care's Confessions Thread, which is here: If you would like me to anonymously post your scandalous fanfiction, read below. C'mon, now. We all think it. Now let's write it. Anonymously submit your fanfiction here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScR8kI2F4Y2CXQF3nVbIub8n8bUTgIxLEfpyStoVnXz_Oa1Cw/viewform?usp=sf_link Personally waiting for some sweet Olive Garden fanfiction. Have fun!
  4. Second favourite son

    GDC Awards 2017 - Tell us your category ideas!

    It's that time of year again - the GDC Awards are back for 2017! Get ready for what is inarguably the most important awards ceremony in the industry, which also happens to coincide with GDC's 13th birthday on October 19th! With plenty of winner and runner-up banners up for grabs for your great achievements over the past year - and a few for the not-so-great - it's time to start getting excited and having a think about who to vote for! But before all that, we need your suggestions for categories for the GDC Awards 2017. Is there anything you particularly want to see, or a category from last year (see the list below) that you think we should get rid of? For the veteran members, are there any awards that are no longer around that you'd like to see make a return? Let us know your comments and suggestions in this thread by the 3rd of October Here's the list of awards from last year: Smartest Nicest Most Likely to Be Online Community Idiot Best Newcomer Best Username Worst Username Best Custom Title Best Avatar Most Helpful Best Advice Giver Best Blog Master Debater The TMI Master Drama Queen The Grouch Basket Case Least Likely to Win an Award GDC Power Couple (x2) Best Board Buddies (x2) Best Writer Best Graphic Designer Best Musician Best Photographer Best Artist Biggest Billie Fan Biggest Mike Fan Biggest Tre Fan Biggest Jason Fan International Superfan (Biggest Green Day Fan) Best Potential Mod Best Mod Worst Mod The Chickin'Pickin' Award (Funniest) Most Improved Member Overall Best Contributor
  5. eastbayweirdo


    Hey guys, Check out my boyfriend, Zack Bateman's new cover of Billie's song Devil's Kind (from Ordinary World)
  6. Ameliacanplayguitar

    I Went to Oakland!

    Hey guys! So earlier this month, I went to California, Bay Area. I wanted to go there because I have family there, my dad grew up in Vallejo, and I wanted go see BJ's guitar shop. I know he wasn't there, that's why I went at that time. Anyways I bought a shirt, a pin, and a sticker. The guy at the counter said that we should go to the record store across the street, so, we did. I found a 39/Smooth record and freaked. I didn't get it because it was $30 so I got the Nimrod record, it was $18. But when my family and I came back home in Idaho, our record player stopped playing sound, lovely. But at the cash register, there was a 39/Smooth record and a Kerplunk record on display . Anyways, I took a ton of pictures and wanted to share them with you guys. Here is a link to my Instagram where I posted to pictures I took. https://www.instagram.com/p/BVGvfxgl7yh/?taken-by=billiejoespinkhair
  7. MtzRyan

    Where can i find this shirt???

    https://gyazo.com/ea2dc21a9fb1c8f86a9c4e3c1389d50d I really want this shirt, but i cant find it anywhere.
  8. Where is this photo from? Thanks!
  9. and the pictures within here from the same place that I can't find any where else
  10. plasticpictureframe

    Throwback Time: GDC Valentine's Day CD (Volume 1)

    While going through my Green Day folder I found the files for the GDC Valentine's Day CD (Volume 1). Such a throwback hearing it again. I can't believe it was so long ago. Was a second one ever done?
  11. Lone

    Changes to warning system and more!

    A couple weeks ago we asked you guys to provide feedback on the forum and the way things were going. Thanks to everyone who sent your feedback. We read them over and talked as a team about the changes we want to make going forward. A suggestion we saw multiple times was that the tour section was a bit unwieldy. We all agreed, and decided to move past tour dates from the RevRad tour into their own subforum. That way when you visit the tour section, you're greeted by the next show that's coming up. We've also decided to change the warning system so that "verbal warns" are now an actual warning point. This will help avoid situations where someone posts something after a warning is given and not knowing about it, and will also help make it clear when a mod is asking a user to stop doing something. These changes are outlined below. Each warning point is active on your profile for 15 days. If you get another warning within that period, your warning point will go up by 1 and include further restrictions each time until you're banned. 1st Warning: No suspension. No restrictions on posting. 2nd Warning: 1 day suspension. Restricted to 10 posts per day. 3rd Warning: 2 day suspension. Restricted to 10 posts per day. 4th Warning: 3 day suspension. Restricted to 10 posts per day. 5th Warning: Banned. When you're warned you'll get a notification with the reason and have to acknowledge it before you can post again. Upon returning from each suspension, there will still be a 10 posts/day limit for 15 days. While a user has a warning point they will not have access to “Clubs”. Duplicate accounts created to get around a suspension will result in another warning point. Thanks again to those of you who sent in your feedback. If you have suggestions or concerns, please reach out to us so we can help find a solution.
  12. There's a new bar/live music venue opening in Toronto called Stop, Drop & Roll! 300 College Street at College and Spadina. Go check it out! The red lights flash at last call. There are parties all weekend starting at 9pm. The door is unlocked/no sign/they're still putting it together but you can go in for drinks and meet the staff etc. Bands are being booked. There are DJs and art and the owner is crazy! Go talk to her. She's nice!
  13. Alexey

    Insomniac full album cover

    Hello everyone! I am new here. This is my cover of Green Day's Insomniac album. Tell me what you think. Thanks for watching!
  14. Hi guys!! Check it out my new guitar cover of "BANG BANG"!! #jointherevolution #hurrah #vivalarevolution
  15. ArmatageShanksMe

    Is there a GDC Discord server?

    Since the chat system here is pretty empty there should be a discord server! If there isn't then can someone create one?
  16. Lone and I worked on enabling three new features tonight. Online Status We've added little indicators next to a users name that shows whether or not the user is online or not. You'll now see a green lightning bolt if someone is around, a grey icon if they're offline. (The default was a circle, we liked the lightning bolt because it reminded us of Warning) Topic Stats We found a plugin for one of the most requested things missing since the last upgrade, stats for posts per topic. When you're viewing a forum you can now click the 'Replies' count and it'll show you the top posters in that topic. Preview Post There's a new icon you'll see in the post toolbar that allows you to preview a post before you hit submit. It'll allow you to preview your post on Desktop, Tablet, or Phone sizes. This works with any content around the forum that has the post editor. Here's the icon: and here's what a preview looks like. Click the X on the top right of the post editor to go back to 'Edit Mode'
  17. Jordan Sellers


    Hi Guys, I wasn't sure where to post something like this but I figured this was the best place. I am an editor/host/producer for a small content creator called Replay. We watch movies, play games, review games, and talk about it all for your entertainment. Now I'd be lying if I said I was the most active member on this forum, haven't even posted on this account since I made it in 2013, but GDA is my homepage and i'm a huge Green Day fanatic. As a part of the show we are doing at the moment I had the opportunity to quiz my two co-hosts on their knowledge of Green Day, and the loser had to sing in Green Day Rockband. I thought this was probably a good time to let my fellow fans in on what is happening at Replay as some of you might enjoy our content, if not that, just this video in-particular. CLICK HERE TO WATCH MY CO-HOST ATTEMPT TO SING ON GD ROCKBAND If you like and enjoy the content we are working feel free to head over and support us in whatever way you can on social media facebook.com/replayau twitter.com/replayau follow me personally: @jordandothings
  18. Beatlesdude

    Misfits Cover

    Hey I recorded a slowed down version of Hybrid Moments today. I don't normally share my work because, to be honest I'm a little shy about it sometimes. But if y'all want to mind taking a look at it and let me know what you think, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you! P. S. I thought the little piano part was weird so I kept it lol
  19. 9tailgrly


    Sugar cult is a punk band that opened for Green Day a while back. I like their stuff. Of course, no where near the same level. They have a different style so it's kinda hard to compare them. But the album Start Static grows on you and has striken a chord with me. Just curious as to what fellow lovers of Green Day think about them
  20. Lone

    Voting - GDC Awards 2015

    CLICK HERE TO VOTE Use the link above to cast your votes. Voting will end on October 17th and winners will be announced on the 19th (GDC's 11th anniversary). When voting please remember: 1) you can only vote once. 2) fill out the form with the person's username. 3) fill out same sections with the correct spelling of said username or your vote will not count. 3) check the spelling a couple more times. 4) don't vote for yourself, moderators, or admins for "Overall Best Contributor". Here are your 2015 categories. Smartest Nicest Most Likely to Be Online Community Idiot Best Newcomer Best Username Worst Username Best Custom Title Most Helpful Best Advice Giver Best Blog Master Debater The TMI Master Drama Queen The Grouch Least Likely to Win an Award GDC Power Couple (x2) Best Board Buddies (x2) Best Writer Best Graphic Designer Best Musician Best Photographer Best Artist Biggest Billie Fan Biggest Mike Fan Biggest Tre Fan Biggest Jason Fan International Superfan (Biggest Green Day Fan) Best Potential Mod Best Mod Worst Mod The Chickin'Pickin' Award (Funniest) Most Improved Member Most Missed Member Overall Best Contributor Happy voting!
  21. fletcher-999

    Charity Music Night

    Hi all, not sure if I'm posting this in the right place but I'm sure someone will tell me if I put it in wrong place, anyway next year I've organised a charity band night, with all proceeds going to Cancer Research and Pendleside Hospice, I've got 3 great bands playing and the headlining act is a Green Day tribute act called Green Date, they are awesome, saw them in 2013 in London. All the information for the event can be found here https://www.ticketsource.co.uk/bigbandnight Tickets are only £3, poster does say on the door but that has since changed Below are 2 videos, one of CJ2 performing a Green Day medley back in April and one of Green Date performing an acoustic medley back in 2013
  22. Alright, it's been a few months since we re-organized the Interests and Clubs forums on GDC. I'm wondering how everyone is feeling about them now after having some time to get used to it? Is it better? Do you find yourself using subforums less because of where they are? How would you choose to re-orgnanize these subforums? Present your ideas with a breakdown like this - Category -- Forum --- Subforum For example, the current setup is - Community -- Interests --- Clubs --- Musicians' Lounge --- Other Arists --- etc.
  23. BeachBum

    GDC Awards 2015 Brainstoming

    We are once again synching the awards with the anniversary of GDC on October 19th. FYI GDC turns 11 this year. If you're new to GDC aka you joined sometime after November 2014th ish , you may be wondering "why the fuck does a forum have awards? Maybe even wonder what you might have a chance to win. While to sum it up we have a bunch of categories that you can vote for people in, and the winner and runner up gets bragging rights. You also get something banner like, but honestly we are still figure this part out (The mod team will figure this out at some point between our extended naps). You have until October 4th to share your genius or insane ideas. Commence. The staff has over the last few weeks discussed what categories to have this year, what we should drop from last year and what new stuff we can add this year. This is the list from LAST YEAR, so please discuss what we can do to improve it for this year! - Smartest - Nicest - Community Idiot - Most Likely To Be Online - Best Newcomer - Best News Reporter - Best Avatar - Worst Avatar - Best Signature - Worst Signature - Best Username - Worst Username - Best Custom Title - Most Helpful - Best Advice Giver - Best Club - Best Thread - Best Blog - Master Debater - Biggest Suck Up - Drama Queen - Biggest Nerd - The Grouch - Grammar Nazi - Most Likely To Become An Evil Dictator - Most Likely To Get Famous - Least Likely To Win An Award - Most Likely To Get Married (x2) - Best Board Buddies (x2) - Best Writer - Best Graphic Designer - Best Musician - Best Photographer - Best Artist - Biggest Billie Fan - Biggest Mike Fan - Biggest Tre Fan - Biggest Jason Fan - International Superfan (Biggest Green Day Fan) - Best Potential Mod - Best Mod - Worst Mod - The Chickin'Pickin' Award (Funniest) - Most Improved Member - Best Returning Member/Comback of the Year - Overall Best Contributor Some ideas the team has thrown around: - TMI Master (TMI=Too much information) - Scariest/most intimidating - worst backseat mod - worst gif user/meme poster -best and worst profile header