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    Reasons: 1) this shit is not active whatsoever 2) no one makes good, interesting or funny posts. they all fish for rep with their really cool and edgy low member online clique because they have no true friends irl 3) anyone who tries to shitpost aren't even ironically funny It's pathetic when someone has to go out of their way to try to make the site fun (aka Lil B posts) and the only time the members here are active are when there's drama or when green day does something (and even when they do do something I don't really consider 100-200 people online at once an accomplishment by any means) Honestly If I'd rather be on 4chan than here There's a serious problem imo, idk why I log on here cause I see the same exact threads I saw when I was here 2 weeks ago, hell even 2 months ago lmao If anyone tries to make a new or interesting thread, it either gets closed or merged and then it dies or it barely makes it passed page 2 U can say what u want about me, i dont care care if you think I'm a trolling prick or whatever, but the site isn't active enough to have interesting intellectual conversation with people that know what they're talking about so someone has 2 make it interesting once in awhile Pce n lov

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