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    I did not know this! That's awesome to know, actually.
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    No idea what to do but at least my college is free lol
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    I just turned 33 and still have no fucking idea what I am to be doing with my life. I always land stable jobs that I stay at for a good amount of time before leaving because I end up getting bored and/or hating it. I kind of know what I would be doing in my dream world, but that's not something that I necessarily view as realistic. All I know is that I eventually want to be doing something where I am working alongside my husband. That's all I really want, so that's what I am trying to make happen. So I guess my advice would be that it doesn't really matter what anybody else thinks or whether or not you know what you want to be doing in the future. As long as you are happy in the here and now, that is what matters.
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    It is hard to make such a big decision, but it is also supposed to be hard. I think a career within nursing might be a little more "safe" than a career within piercing, but both nursing and medical studies requires determination, because it can be really exhausting at times. I am a nurse myself, and it is an education that gives you many posibilities, but you also have to consider whether you are willing to work evenings/nights and holidays and if you like a lot of responsibility. Write down pros and cons, don't be hard on yourself and give yourself time! Best wishes.
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    A lot of these tips are really helpful, good work. I would however advise against eating right before bed, depending on what your sleep habits are. When you're eating right before bed, your body's digestive cycle is continuing like if you're still awake even while you're sleeping, because you had the late meal. There's better ways to explain it but essentially your body will start to play this out of sync game of I'm still processing food when your brain is trying to sleep, and your brain is trying to wake up when your body thinks it's supposed to be in the resting portion. There's some hopefully easy to find articles about this, it's essentially just a loose form of 'time restricted' eating. I've noticed it helps when I dont eat past 7or8 for example. Even if im sleeping while hungry....I wake up actually awake and not so groggy.
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    Well at least I'm not throwing money out of the window but it's the same kind of existential hell though.
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    Thank you so much! I'll start these up again when I have more time to do them, which will probably be in early-mid December.
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    I agree to a point. I love that people are talking about how important self-care is especially mental health self care. The positive effects to this movement and talk opens up a dialogue that needs to be heard and had. Anything- any topic can and will be taken too far. I mean it is social media so people are going to take the self-care to narcissistic level because these are where narcissistic people thrive and have an audience. Like the zero fucks given idea can literally be taken to the extreme and make a person think it's okay to be a sociopath-when the original idea was to not care what others think of reaching your hopes and dreams and don't let society put you in a box etc.
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    this!! i totally agree with you. say it louder for the people in the back :))
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    Aww she is amazing. Wholesome post
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    Dude, this is so rad! Keep this up, this is awesome!