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  1. Yesterday
  2. The Insider

    The Insider

    I can hear something slithering outside the widow right now🙃

    1. Adorkable


      That happens when you get old. You start hearing things

    2. DeJennsitized


      It’s Billie Joe, there to give you info on the new album! 

    3. The Insider

      The Insider

      @DeJennsitized we are catching up in June.


      & it was Henny our chicken - she had jumped the gate🤣

  3. Last week
  4. walking_c0ntradicti0n



  5. Green Day In Seattle

    Green Day In Seattle

    Trying to overcome a nasty episode of depression right now.

    1. Montclare



    2. DadBod


      Hang in there buddy. It gets better. *hugs*

  6. pouty bitch

    pouty bitch

    Spent some quality time with my guinea pigs today.:wub: I'm not gonna see them again for 6 days because I'm going away.:cry:

  7. maryjanewhatsername


    So I have severe pain in my lower abdomen. This is sketchy.

    1. Beerjeezus


      Ew that sucks

      Feel better soon! :wub:

    2. maryjanewhatsername


      Thank you :wub: it went away after about 2 hours, so I'm glad it wasn't appendicitis :lol: 

  8. Green Day In Seattle

    Green Day In Seattle

    Sometimes the only thing that makes me happy anymore is looking at Green Day pictures.

  9. pouty bitch

    pouty bitch

    Ew I just realised, this time next month I'll be an adult.:ermm:

  10. kaylubd


    NEW INTERVIEW: Interview with Drew Riekman of Blessed


  11. Earlier
  12. Adorkable


    I'm so sorry to any French friends on here. Such a tragic loss. 

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    2. The Bellie

      The Bellie

      Thanks for the support! France is really under fire in many ways right now... The cathedral is not completely down though, and they're planning to rebuild it. I'm no an expert in tourism, but perhaps it may still attract tourists just because it has been partially destroyed. I hope so!

    3. Little Boy Named Airplane

      Little Boy Named Airplane

      There was a donation from the Pineault family worth $200 million and another one from Mr. Bouygues worth $10 million.
      It's a good news in such bad cicumstances :(

    4. The Bellie

      The Bellie

      Yeah, there has been a lot of donations. Some people (notably the yellow vests) criticize the amount of money given considering there are still a lot of people in France who can't manage to make ends meet, I understand that but I still think it's good there has been the donations. I don't really know how it works but if ever there is some extra money resulting from the donations, I hope it can be used to refill the state coffers, and improve the public services, which serves everybody (and which we have in great number in France, but with not enough means)

  13. Sappy



    1. maryjanewhatsername


      not much son what about you

    2. Grinch



  14. Green Day In Seattle

    Green Day In Seattle

    Well, it turns out that we can’t get fiber optic even though our provider said we could, so now we have no internet at all right now. And since our service is all fucked up I have no idea when I’ll get it back. I hate using mobile, it sucks! So done with this shit!

  15. Elena


    I haven't been here for way too long. What's up everyone? Does anyone even remember me? 😅

    1. Mar


      I do, hello!

    2. Elena


      That's awesome! Hiii 😊

  16. Scumbag On A Mission

    Scumbag On A Mission

    I got my hair cut short and dyed black and now I look like Uma Thurman. It’s pretty nice. 

    1. Hermione


      You just described my hair, welcome to the club!

    2. The Insider

      The Insider

      Just about to do the same :)

  17. maryjanewhatsername


    My house has floors and cabinets!! :happy:

  18. bringonjennifury


    Well I am 50 today.  I do not feel 50.   I am celebrating my birthday by going to see Muse in Chicago on Friday.   It was supposed to be a longer trip,  but because of multiple circumstances involving the people going with me, it has to be a short trip.  

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    2. The Insider

      The Insider

      Happy birthday

    3. petros


      You had the chance if waited 2 more days to be born on 6/9/69. Golden opportunity missed.

      Have a great day!

    4. bringonjennifury


      Thank you for the birthday wishes, everyone.  Come to think of it, I had a friend my age whose birthday was June 9.  It never occurred to me that she was born on 6/9/69. But then again, I have not seen her since 1982.  

      Marilyn, I would love to try to meet up. Are you going to the concert? I am taking the train from Harvard which should arrive at OTC at around 5:40 and I am staying at Crown Plaza.  

  19. pouty bitch

    pouty bitch

    I'm really fucking dreading tomorrow. I have to get up early because I have an appointment with my therapist, and then I have a dentist appointment literally straight afterwards, and then I have to visit my grandmother, and that's waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much human interaction for one day.:lol:

    Like, I don't even care if my teeth fall out, just pls let me live in my human-free bubble in peace.😭

    1. maryjanewhatsername


      Aw you got this! :hug:just isolate after :lol: make a blanket burrito with the Guinea pigs and hide from the people! :lol:

  20. Green Day In Seattle

    Green Day In Seattle

    Ugh! My internet is still fucking up so I keep being unable to use GDC. 😩 Getting fiber optic on Friday, so that will fix the problem for good. I will then have the fastest internet speed I've ever had in my life.

  21. GreenDayBootlegs2010


    I've long since stopped liking Morrissey and I actually hate him, but now after I've heard the song with Billie Joe Armstrong, I feel like eating a burger with bacon next to Morrissey, and that I'm a vegetarian. However, I still like The Smiths hahahaha.

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    2. petros



    3. o_O


      i still bop to Morrissey's material (the smiths in particular) i know he's a problematic character but he's harmless compared to some people running certain countries. 

    4. maryjanewhatsername


      @o_O *cries in American*

  22. Green Day In Seattle

    Green Day In Seattle

    I finally got my damn internet at least somewhat functional. This has been a really annoying week! I've missed GDC because I've barely been able to load a single page of anything.

    1. amberwhite



  23. pouty bitch

    pouty bitch

    So another horse died at the Grand National again this year.:angry: Seriously, FUCK humans. Fuck humans for thinking it's okay to needlessly put animals in danger for the sake of their own fucking twisted "entertainment." Sick fucking bastards.

    1. maryjanewhatsername


      That's so disgusting 😢

    2. Green Day In Seattle

      Green Day In Seattle

      Horse racing is incredibly cruel. I don't know why it's still allowed to continue. Horses love to run, but they're pushed beyond their limits, too drugged up to feel the pain and die as a result from completely preventable things.

    3. 80 Androids
  24. maryjanewhatsername


    Rest in Peace, Kurt Cobain and Layne Staley ❤️ 

  25. bringonjennifury


    Well if the April Fool's Day prank was a way of encouraging people to get back to using GDC it worked on me.  I realized yesterday it has been nine years since I have joined.





    1. Hermione


      It really wasn't it was just for laughs :lol:. But very glad if it's had that side effect, welcome back!

    2. Beerjeezus


      Run while you still can!!!

      Jk ;) have fun on this hellsite

  26. Travis.

    • Travis.
    • BillieJoeArmstrong123

    up mp3 please u_u

  27. BetterThanAir


    Constantly feeling like I want a hug. :(

    1. The Great Saiyaman

      The Great Saiyaman


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