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  1. Today
  2. Sheenius


    Shit I won the day yesterday and didn't even know. Get ready for me to win the forum. 

  3. AimieeSmith

    • AimieeSmith
    • Hermione

    You total BITCH ! Hermione,  I just can't tolerate your girl boss attitude on here anymore !. Your like attention seeker no.1 on here. You got the most rep : so what !,enough with the boasting and bossing people around on here. I'm qutting this forum for good. You can be liked on here, just like stop with the attention seeking. In the fan girl's thread. Your just as worse at this as @peacejunkpunkie ?. ( i can't her for some reason).

    Anyway good riddance have the the time of your life.

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    2. pouty bitch

      pouty bitch

      Oh wow, how shitty of her :o

    3. WhiteTim


      As someone whose been in trouble with the admins and mods Hermione has always been level headed with no attitude even during the times she would have every right to have one... 

    4. Christian's Inferno!

      Christian's Inferno!

      What the fuck is wrong with this person? She seems like not only a terrible person but also a complete idiot

  4. Yesterday
  5. Beerjeezus


    @Sheenius please buy GDC

    1. Sheenius


      I'm working on it

  6. Sheenius


    Get ready to enjoy the sheenery

  7. AimieeSmith


    You heard it here first, Billie Joe has collabed wirh Hayley William's new upcoming solo album. "The Mayan Effect".  The song is foucsed on dealing  and overcoming problems and going in/out rehab 2012.

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    2. Sheenius


      I thought your last post was a good riddance to GDC? Are we entering your Warning era now? 

    3. Herroon



    4. Grinch


      go steal some more videos

  8. j3sus0fsuburbia


    Everybody is a star,
    Got my money and I'm feeling kind of low
    Everybody got a scar,
    Ain't it funny that we're running out of hope?

  9. Green Day In Seattle

    Green Day In Seattle

    I always miss out on the drama. 😔Better luck next time, I guess! 

  10. Last week
  11. Platypus2000


    There’s people on this platform that think Warning is some of GD’s best work, I can only hope they stop smoking crack sooner rather than later.

    1. Eric


      opinions asshole, just like you have one on FOAM

    2. Sheenius


      You talk about smoking crack like it's a negative thing... 

  12. Sheenius


    Pie jesu domine, dona eis requiem

  13. Sheenius


    The forum of all motherfuckers

  14. Nightlife


    Haven't been on here in a while, someone please recap any drama I've missed. 

    1. Thatsername


      Hmmm how long exactly have you been gone? I think the biggest drama was that Panicland was indeed behind Magnum Opus of the Inglorious Kind, it was meant as a Green Day-influenced fan fiction and they released some of the songs and they are really, really good😍 (Rome Falls is even on Spotify)

  15. EmmaCharlatan&Saints


    Same ol' forum :)

    1. Sheenius


      for now..

    2. Sheenius


      1000 hours of combativeness you'll never stop once you start

  16. Platypus2000


    At least The 1975 didn’t disappoint yesterday. What a sad day when they release a better song than Green Day, but that’s how it is now.

    1. Malleus


      I'm sad about Oh Yeah too but 1975 have consistently been the most interesting and innovative rock band of the last, like, five years... so no surprise it's better

    2. Sheenius


      Never really got into them or enjoyed their music too much. Not taking away from them or anything I respect them for what they do I'm just not the target market for it and it doesn't move me on a personal level. 

  17. Platypus2000


    “Yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah” congratulations Green Day, the worst hook of 2020 goes to you.

    1. Sheenius


      That's actually Joan Jett

  18. Eric


    1. Trotsky


      The new record is fucking solid. 

    2. Eric


      sooooo much better than Revival

  19. Platypus2000


    Does anyone else cringe when Green Day play “Father Of All” live? Billie can’t pull it off at all.

  20. Sheenius


    Welcome to a new kind of forum

  21. EmmaCharlatan&Saints


    Damn that video is bland as all hell

    1. MillenniumFan


      Nah I disagree. Not a huge fan of the song but the video is legit imo

    2. EmmaCharlatan&Saints


      Fair enough. Personally was hoping for something more interesting when we saw some of the bts pics. For me the idea behind I get but it missed the mark 

  22. Platypus2000


    Never ever been more disappointed than I am right now in the guys. What a lazy song, slow and plodding, where’s the energy? It’s sad.

  23. Sheenius



    1. Thatsername


      Fire Ready Aim?😂

    2. Sheenius


      Fire Butch Hire Butch

  24. j3sus0fsuburbia


    I must not understand what Pop sounds like because Oh Yeah sounds very unique to me. 

    This is a great jam in my opinion. 

    I hope that those who dislike this album/era eventually like it, or don't, everyone can have their own opinion. 

    I feel like this is an 'in-between' album for GD, but I'm very excited for it. 

    Everyone wants to hear something "like ______" or "Like _____ and _____ with a taste of _____"
    But maybe Green Day doesn't want to do what they've already done. 
    Maybe they're really starting to explore it all, which is the best possible outcome we could have, because eventually it all stirs together in the melting pot of Green Day material/inspiration, and in time it will all come together and paint a much bigger picture. 

    We're looking at a few pixels on the digital screen that is Green Day's legacy. 

    Enjoy it or don't, just don't be a jerk and try to persuade others to abide by your opinion. 
    Gotta let them believe it was their idea. 

    Now that I've heard the whole thing the only thing I wish that was different is that it was longer. 
    But that's just me. 

    If you're anxiously waiting for an album you know you're gonna hate, what are you doing? You're wasting your own time. If you don't like something, why keep it around? Why look for it every chance you get? 
    Because maybe it'll get better?
    Maybe you've been conditioned not to like something by outside influence. 

    Rise above, make your own opinions. 

    It takes more energy to talk something down and to try to persuade others to think it's bad, than to just let it go and go on with your life until the next album/era. 

    If FOAM is what Pop sounds like, Pop sounds pretty good, at least when it's been Green Day-ified. 

    So whether you like this era or not, I hope you have a good day and enjoy your time. 
    Enjoy your opinions, and be open to things you don't like. That is how we grow. 

    I can't stand fish but I'm open to eating it if it's the only thing I've got. 
    Other than that I'm content with watching them swim around in a fish tank.


    This comment is an opinion and not subject to any legally binding obligations on the part of the reader. 
    Should you find that this post upset you please feel free to disregard it or react negatively and launch a full attack campaign on the original poster. If you find that this post did not upset you and in fact is in line with what you vibe with, feel free to smash the heck out of that like button, subscribe for more videos on the basics of thermodynamics. 

    By reading this comment you agree that:
    - I have a brain and am using it
    - Have my own opinions and respect that others do to
    - Enjoy Green Day and maybe even music as a whole
    - Want what's best for the world even though it's all chaos
    - Am going to do my best to have a good day despite outside influences
    - Agree that Nightlife is a collections of noises some would refer to as "a song"

    If you do not accept these terms of agreement than good news, it doesn't matter because this is a joke meant to get a laugh out of people who are taking things way too seriously. 

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    2. j3sus0fsuburbia


      Sheenius I don't listen to much on the radio or new stuff so I'm still missing it, but as I said above, I'm the fuck up in the equation

      Thank you everyone for your two cents


    3. Sheenius


      Hey man, I saw you lost your gf to cancer in your previous post. My condolences to you. That's fucking awful and honestly it's completely normal in the grieving process to feel the way you do. You seem to be quite self aware so I think you're somewhat in a state of controlled chaos. 

      I wouldn't go ahead and label yourself an asshole. You went through something most people won't ever experience. It's fucking hard. I lost someone close to me that committed suicide. I felt like everyone would follow up with brighter bullshit like "Sorry to hear that. Are you free right now there's a hang out at xyz". Like REALLY? 

      Take your space and time. It took me a year and a half to make any sense of anything. That was after losing a best friend on top of all that cause he was frustrated by me going through something heavy like that. Take care of yourself you owe it to yourself. If you can't handle being here right now then don't do it. 

      Hopefully you come out the other side and you're back when you're ready. 



    4. RisingRedWolf


      Guys I am so sorry to hear about your losses, both of you. j3sus, I only replied to your status because I just had a differing opinion on that particular matter and I didn't mean anything more by it than the subject at hand.

      I genuinely hope that you guys are getting through what you are going through right now and while I haven't personally gone though a loss of someone that close to me yet, I still completely understand how it feels to not have other people understand how you are feeling or what you are going through.

      j3sus, take it easy dude and keep your chin up. We are all here because we love Green Day even if we don't agree on anything and I would hate to see anyone leave like this.

  25. j3sus0fsuburbia


    Oh yeah! Oh yeah!

    1. j3sus0fsuburbia


      Everybody got a scar

  26. EmmaCharlatan&Saints


    Like the verses. The chorus is weak. Will probably grow on me. Now lets see what the video is all about

  27. EmmaCharlatan&Saints


    Lol just heard All By Myself used on Operation Transformation (Its a show from Ireland that has people loosing weight) Really freaking random place to hear All By Myself of all songs 

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    2. EmmaCharlatan&Saints


      Quit trying to play friends. Now jog on and leave me alone

    3. Sheenius


      i typically enjoy jogging off more than jogging on 


    4. EmmaCharlatan&Saints


      You really are pathetic

  28. Sheenius


    Maybe I should try this new friendly approach 😶

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