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  1. Yesterday
  2. pouty bitch

    pouty bitch

    Ugh, I'm sick of hearing about Love Island already.:tired:

  3. Last week
  4. Amber Age

    Amber Age

    welp here I log into GDC again, after years of inactivity, and surprise surprise, my favourite thread got archived.... bleh ūüėź

  5. Tre's Busted Drumkit

    Tre's Busted Drumkit

    Is it a bad thing if the only people you find interesting on OKCupid are in their mid 20's? This fucking city has a total void between age 27 and age 55 except for me.

    1. maryjanewhatsername


      I mean mid twenties is a consenting adult, and if they're interested in you as well, why not? Fuck other people's judgements - it's two adults. If it was someone younger than me, that's when I would advise against it. 

  6. maryjanewhatsername


    I think I'm in a better head space now. Working on getting another car, and I'm alive and healthy. 

  7. kaylubd


    New Interview! Interview with WILSN for Genre is Dead https://genreisdead.com/genre-is-dead-interview-with-wilsn/

  8. Earlier
  9. pouty bitch

    pouty bitch

    I had to get my photo taken for my driving licence today, and I look like such a fucking serial killer in it. The damn thing legit looks like an actual mugshot lmao.:lol:

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    2. Little Boy Named Airplane

      Little Boy Named Airplane

      I look like a freaking terrorist on my driver licence. It's so hard to travel those past couple of days¬†ūüėā

    3. Hermione


      I look that way on my passport. It basically is a mugshot so I think most people do!

    4. Heyhobilliejoe..


      My Passport picture is horrid LOL 

  10. Tre's Busted Drumkit

    Tre's Busted Drumkit


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    2. fukingcounterstrike


      Just like the dems... :tired: 

    3. Tre's Busted Drumkit

      Tre's Busted Drumkit


    4. fukingcounterstrike



  11. Green Day In Seattle

    Green Day In Seattle

    So I was sitting here contentedly looking at all the new Longshot pics/vids and out of the corner of my eye see a huge, longbodied cellar spider crawling up next to my cheek. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pholcus_phalangioides Not gonna lie, I was a little unsettled. I caught her and took her outside.

  12. LPbilliejr

    • LPbilliejr
    • WhiteTim

    Smash is for sale again if you still wanted her!

    1. WhiteTim


      Oh yeah? Where at? 

    2. Todd



    3. LPbilliejr


      Sorry doges, it was back on Reverb and just sold minutes ago.

  13. Green Day In Seattle

    Green Day In Seattle

    An ant just crawled inside my laptop keyboard. I'm slightly worried about this.

  14. monkeyupinspace


    all i know is that i don't know muffin

  15. Wretched & Divine

    Wretched & Divine

    Is the original run of the Static Noise podcast archived anywhere to listen to? With Andres, Mikey, and Matt? I don't even know how many people remember what I'm talking about 

    1. Marki.


      I wish I could listen to it again too, I found one episode saved in my computer some time ago and listening to it years later really brought me back haha

    2. Wretched & Divine

      Wretched & Divine

      @Marki. I had all of the episodes on an iPod that got water damage back in like, 2012 :( I'd love to be able to go through and listen to it all again! They should make them available

  16. BeachBum


    Dear Massimo,

    I can ban you far faster than you can make an account. 

    1. Beerjeezus


      Fast and Furious: Mod Edition 

  17. Heyhobilliejoe..


    It's only headphone weather so get your head together!¬†ūüĆßÔłŹūüéß

  18. The Insider

    The Insider

    Hello Mericar 

    1. Adorkable


      So nice to be on the same continent

    2. lizziebix



  19. dallasthemenace


    thanks and praises to the ignore feature in forums like this. some fans are brain dead.

    1. petros


      Agree man! got any good suggestions on people I should block too? I hate those toxic brats

    2. Beerjeezus


      This exchange, illustrated.




  20. Beerjeezus


    guitarists - has anyone tried a cheap Tanglewood acoustic?

    1. Joe.


      Yeah, can do a lot worse than pick up a tanglewood. I quite like Sigma from what I've played as well, but acoustics aren't really my area.

    2. Beerjeezus


      Thanks, yeah I saw good reviews but they're almost suspiciously cheap. I'll check it out.

    3. Tree.


      just frequent bookmans/pawn shops/small music stores until you find a big brand (fender/gibson/martin/ibanez/epiphone whatever you're into) for the same price. I got both my fender electro-acoustic and my epiphone les paul are $500 guitars I got for $200, both were "used" as in pre-owned but never actually used and i've seen plenty others just like them.

  21. Tre's Busted Drumkit

    Tre's Busted Drumkit

    I watched Mulan tonight with a box of Chicken McNuggets and a few packets of Szechuan Sauce. Wubba lubba dub dub.

  22. monkeyupinspace


    it's freaking warm right now here under the roof. that's all. thanks. 

  23. FallOutBoyFan470


    I just realized that I have left this tab open all day...

    1. UncleMassimo


      You might wan't to close it or people will keep ordering free drinks, and you will have a huge bar bill !!!!!!!

    2. Beerjeezus


      My 30 permanently open tabs feel called out :P

  24. kaylubd


    New interview!!! I got the chance to speak with Ethan Trembath of Alien Weaponry for Genre is Dead!



  25. AimieeSmith


    Good Riddance you boring people and I hope you have the worst time of your life @Hermione

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    2. Christian's Inferno!

      Christian's Inferno!

      Wtf kind of overreaction is this? 

      Pretty sure she stole Green Day videos from other people and uploaded them to her own channel on YouTube anyway so good riddance to her

    3. Hermione


      The replies here and in the thread are a bigger overreaction than the original overreaction 

    4. Beerjeezus



  26. Yosuke Hanamura

    Yosuke Hanamura

    Oh shit-

    That’s a thing that happened.aa03763d60f505bcc0f04ea6c69a57e3.jpg

  27. Daddy.


    in this sacred community we stan information from the beloved insiders.

    1. DeJennsitized


      @The Insider get back here we need you

    2. Beerjeezus


      The Insider we worship thee

  28. Joe.


    I saw The Strokes this weekend and I'm sorry to say that I'm now obsessed with them

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