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  1. Today
  2. o_O

    • o_O
    • lizziebix

    your Bears 😍

    1. lizziebix


      Holy cow!  This Bears team is like a real team.  Shocking and very exciting.

  3. The Insider

    The Insider

    Dream killers 👊

  4. Last week
  5. Green Day In Seattle

    Green Day In Seattle

    I got my new cat today! She's still very shy, but I think she will come out of her shell in time. I do behavior training with cats at a rescue and that's how I met her.

    1. Hermione


      Congrats! It's so cool that you work with rescue cats and adopted one, what a great thing to do. Sounds like you're just right for each other

  6. maryjanewhatsername


    When yo rep is your area code 😂

  7. The Insider

    The Insider

    RIP Pete Shelley 

    @Libertine Angel

  8. maryjanewhatsername


    My town has a huge religious presence because it's so small. There's 18 separate churches and my little atheist ass feels so left out. 

  9. Billie Hoe

    • Billie Hoe
    • Jane Lannister

    Why is my wife so smart? I'm in A W  E

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    2. Jane Lannister

      Jane Lannister

      @DeJennsitized it's someone else whose enormous head and short arms we make fun of!!!

    3. Billie Hoe

      Billie Hoe

      You are Billie Joe Armstrong, remember?

    4. Jane Lannister

      Jane Lannister


  10. fukingcounterstrike

    • fukingcounterstrike
    • BeachBum

    Don't forget to check out the blogs for art

  11. Jane Lannister

    Jane Lannister

    1. I don't care

      I don't care

      yeah me neither

    2. Not as cool as Tré Cool

      Not as cool as Tré Cool

      "I don't care if you don't
      I don't care if you don't
      I don't care if you don't care

      I don't care

      Everyone's so full of shit
      Born and raised by hypocrites
      Hearts recycled but never saved
      From the cradle to the grave
      We are the kids of war and peace
      From Anaheim to the Middle East
      We are the stories and disciples of
      The Jesus of suburbia

      Land of make believe
      And it don't believe in me
      Land of make believe
      And I don't believe
      And I don't care!"

      -Saint Jimmy

    3. Jane Lannister

      Jane Lannister


  12. Earlier
  13. maryjanewhatsername


    I have accidentally made my blog the self help blog of GDC. I like to be helpful too much. 

  14. kaylubd


    For the first time in years I'm not in the holiday spirit. With everything going on in my life I just can't get excited for the season. Rather I just don't care about it. 

  15. Green Day In Seattle

    Green Day In Seattle

    I might be adopting another cat this next week! I hope it goes well and that the cat I have now likes her.

    1. Rumpelstiltskin2000


      Hope that all goes ok 

  16. maryjanewhatsername


    I got my contacts out without stabbing myself in the eye, yay 🎉

  17. The Insider

    The Insider

    Need to spread some rumours.....or legit insider info.

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    2. The Insider

      The Insider

      Im undecided.

    3. Jane Lannister

      Jane Lannister

      I won't tell anyone, share the big secret.

    4. The Insider

      The Insider


  18. The Great Saiyaman

    The Great Saiyaman

    For a long time I thought that 6ix9ine was just some goofy guy but WOW was I wrong. 

    1. maryjanewhatsername


      Dude i thought if we all ignored his stupid ass he'd disappear. But think again.

  19. maryjanewhatsername


    @BeachBum and @Hermione help me so much on this site and I appreciate you two so much so thank you!! 

    1. Hermione


      How nice, you're welcome!

    2. BeachBum


      Thank you for the kind words and you're welcome!

  20. maryjanewhatsername


    *forever wanting to be as cool as pacejunkie punk, not gonna lie*

  21. 67kurt94



    1. Daddy.


  22. Todd


    What does GDC want for Christmas? :) 

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    2. Jane Lannister

      Jane Lannister

      Hit us with them leeeeekz :runaround:

    3. Rumpelstiltskin2000


      New Green Day or side band tunes!

    4. maryjanewhatsername


      Some sweet informacion would be nice 

  23. Billie Hoe

    Billie Hoe

    RIP Stephen Hillenburg :( Spongebob was legitimately the funniest shit when I was growing up.

    1. Jane Lannister

      Jane Lannister

      I love Spongebob. I remember watching it in German as a kid and not understanding a word and then I rediscovered it as an adult and finally it makes sense

  24. maryjanewhatsername


    I missed you GDC ❤️❤️

  25. Green Day In Seattle

    Green Day In Seattle

    I'm so glad the site's back up!

  26. Malleus


    Listen to the new 1975 album.

    1. Göta


      Which songs should I prioritize?

    2. Malleus


      Every one of them

  27. inthehallwaynow


    Had a dream I was walking up some stairs at a concert and billie was punching my butt all whilst GDC was down what a total shame!

    1. The Insider

      The Insider

      There is a dream thread if ya can find it😋 Punching or pinching??

    2. inthehallwaynow


      Hahaha ohh I know but I needed this more public! And he was laughing whilst gently punching my cheeks.

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