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  2. missmiley

    All A's this semester! :dance:

  3. Today
  4. Billie Hoe

    I'm so fucking excited my dudesūüėć

    1. Billie Joe Armstrong

      Billie Joe Armstrong


    2. Billie Hoe

      Billie Hoe


  5. Last week
  6. 9876gwen

    I have one final in 2 days and im scared shitless and uber stressed 

  7. Marki.

    I always tell myself I will never leave anything until last minute ever again... just finished and submitted an essay 3 minutes before deadline :rolleyes: I'll never learn

    1. Billie Joe Armstrong

      Billie Joe Armstrong

      You're not alone in this.. :happy:

      Time management is nice but being fast and efficient after you've procrastinated is an important skill too - that's how I always comfort myself :ga:

    2. Marki.


      Haha that's a good way to look at it :D But I guess I tell myself similar things... At least, I know that if I'm stuck and don't know what to write and just really don't want to do it, the best source of inspiration is last minute panic :P 

    3. Billie Joe Armstrong

      Billie Joe Armstrong

      Exactly :lol: Ideas come so easily when they must. I'm normally very uninspired when it comes to school, so the last minute adrenaline is what gets the creativity going :lol:

  8. kaylubd

    Time to look back at this year in music. Here are my picks for notable releases for 2017:


  9. Iva

    One day, eight hours and eleven minutes left. COME ON, TIME! 

  10. greendepent


     Preview from Chile multicam! :)

  11. PeculiarName

    When do you think we will see Green Day perform "Back in the USA" live??

    1. Thatsername


      Sooon I hope, to kick off the new year! :)

  12. musso_kn


    Check out my first blog posttt. :P

  13. musso_kn

    What's the protocol for starting a blog and advertising it on here? I have something I want to talk about.

    1. Trotsky


      GDC is dead there are no rules lol

    2. AlissaGoesRAWR


      The easiest way to do it would probably be to just use GDC’s built-in blog section, but if you host it on an external site I don’t think there’s any reason you couldn’t link to it here. Obviously just don’t spam it everywhere and it shouldn’t be a problem. 

  14. Paola17

    The Interrupters were great.

    That is all.

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    2. herewegoagain


      YES. And what he said ^^, hopefully the Gren Day tour earned them enough attention so they will soon.


    3. Paola17


      @Libertine Angel - you had them when they opened for GD, shhh...  Granted, they did open for Rancid/Dropkick Murphys over here in March, but that was when the GD tour was happening over here....

      @herewegoagain oh my god. i wanted to be surprised when i saw them so i had not heard any of their material. i did not expect the audience they pulled in. the attendance in the venue dropped a good 30-40% after their set, as it was a good portion of people in their 30s and over and some children under the age of 10.

    4. Wretched & Divine

      Wretched & Divine

      Strongly agree. They ended up recognising my friends and I because they saw most of us at 6 of 7 shows, and the last night of the tour Aimee was interacting the most with us ūüíú And the drummer made sure to toss me one of his sticks.

  15. Smu_de

    Happy B.Day :dance::dance::dance:

  16. missmiley

    First Day of Snow! :runaround:

  17. Iva

    Many thanks to the wonderful and understanding admins who have changed my username back to my name. :) And re-enabled status updates! So many things have changed here that I doubt most people remembered me, not to mention catching up with new Invision which I had not installed on my boards myself, people's username changes and pretty much anything related to the new album. O_O May the Force be with me, or something! :mellow:

  18. missmiley

    Happy Birthday Tre! :dance:

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  20. Ian1234

    Wow, this place is dead. 

    1. Billie Joe Armstrong

      Billie Joe Armstrong


  21. missmiley

    Calendar says one more week and I'm finally done with uni and I'm flying back home for the holidays. :lol:

  22. bass boy

    Another Flatliners show tonight, fuckin stoked to see the boys again. 

  23. missmiley

    I fell out of bed this morning.

  24. I don't care

    I am on the phone with the one and only BILLIE JOE ARMSTRONG I am blessed

    1. Billie Hoe

      Billie Hoe


  25. Varda.

    omg. I havent been here for ages. hows everyone doing?

    1. someBODY once told me

      someBODY once told me

      Not too great, Varda... not too great.

    2. Smoldering Panda

      Smoldering Panda

      Hey. I think I remember your name. :D

      I'm good, how are you? :)

  26. Stefano Bras

    People that know about Waterparks:

    How the fuck do they pull off live shows without a bassist?

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