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  1. Past hour
  2. 9876gwen

    My first convention was great~

  3. Yesterday
  4. End Of The World

    Just came back from England. Amazing country! But I'm just so tired. *eats a pizza*


    1. bouncingoffthewallbja


      Nothing says welcome home better than the smell of a freshly baked pizza fresh from the oven! :happy:

    2. lizziebix


      Ate a pizza in your honor of a great trip for dinner tonight.

  5. Jenn.

    i've been drinking, pls go easy on any posts i make 

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    2. Jenn.


      Did I ever mention I love you tinkle :wub: 

    3. Trotsky


      Drink more, all or nothing. 

    4. Jenn.


      I did drink more, and promptly passed out :lol: 

    • fukingcounterstrike
    • Beathe.

    Noooooooo, you changed your name :( 

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    2. I don't care

      I don't care

      Last Billie Hoe standing.

    3. lizziebix


      I like that your using your name now.  :)

    4. fukingcounterstrike


      I've been subconsciously putting an R into it making me think it was Breathe :pinch: 

  6. Teenage Kicks!

    Ahhh Green Day four times starting next weekend. So much driving...so much nerves 😥

    1. Tinkle


      The driving with lack of sleep is a worry - safety first:) -  have a blast again.

    2. Teenage Kicks!

      Teenage Kicks!

      Always safety. Will stop driving before I ever get exhausted. Hotel stops are planned;)


    3. AlissaGoesRAWR


      Have fun! :thumbsup:

  7. Last week
  8. I don't care

    It's fucking beyond me how I can be so fucking useless in social situations. It takes fucking skills to be this awkward.

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    2. Reindron


      lmao same

    3. Jenn.


      Just remember i lobe you :wub:

      also same. i'm the worst. What even is small talk? lol

    4. herewegoagain


      That's a skill you either unlearn, or settle with the fact you never will. I'm in the latter category and hey, still breathing :)

  9. RougeRogue

    Randomly decided to listen to Good Charlotte's 2016 album and it's...not that bad?!? :blink:

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    2. Tinkle


      I thought it was shite to be honest.  One of the worst albums of the year:sorry:

    3. RougeRogue


      Nah, I mean to me...Good Charlotte got no interest from me due to being very whiny with the vocals and then later (like in Good Morning Revival) it felt like it was really trying to hard to be mainstream and...idk. This was the first time I've listened to them and thought that they actually knew how old they were for once and acted as such. And he didn't do that weird whiny shit with his voice.

      So grading on a scale for a band that I already really don't like...it wasn't awful. Surprisingly not-awful for something that you expect to go into and come out with zero merit on the other end. I'm not about to call it a good album in terms of all albums. Just in terms of a not-great band I already don't really like. :lol:

      @Jake69 So you say "pretty mediocre all around" and I agree but you have to consider that I wasn't even expecting it to get that far :lol:

    4. AlissaGoesRAWR


      I loved it! 40oz Dream was my jam last summer. :P 

  10. kaylubd

    1. Tinkle


      I hope these guys one day tour OZ.

      @Scattered Wreck thanks for introducing me to the album:)

    2. Scattered Wreck

      Scattered Wreck

      You are welcome babe

    3. kaylubd


      I got a chance to see them at Lolla and they blew me away. They are so fun live! I hope they tour again :D 

  11. Paola17

    Finished booking everything I need for Green Day. Just 4 more weeks til the trip begins!

    1. Billie Hoe

      Billie Hoe

      I hope you'll have the time of your life :D 

    2. Marki.


      Yay, I hope you have the best time! Wish I could hide in your suitcase or something :P 

  12. Scattered Wreck

    It is February 24 and I have the windows open in my house.  It's going to be a good day.

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    2. Tinkle


      It's the 25th;)

    3. Scattered Wreck

      Scattered Wreck

      It's the 24th on the right side of the world

    4. Jane Lannister

      Jane Lannister

      It's so windy that my bedroom door opened (bc of the wind coming through closed windows) and I woke up to the sound of it slamming into a wall tonight and it's actually difficult to walk because of it but it's still an improvement. At least we have no more snow and frost. 

  13. Ian1234

    I'm selling my two Green Day tickets for the Las Vegas show on April 7th. PM me if interested. 

    1. Lauren


      Are they pit?

    2. She-Loves-Him


      @wood I've got enough points for flights ;) 

    3. Ian1234


      I should've added: No, they aren't pit tickets unfortunately. But they are still pretty good seats. If no one on this site  is interested in non-pit tickets. Then I'll just sell them on a different site. (Mods, you can delete this post later if you want.)

  14. herewegoagain

    Billie you brag, it hurts like hell after like one day

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    2. herewegoagain


      Yeah, I'm making a point to practice every day so hope I get them asap. It's okay whilst playing really but it gets in the way using my hands at work.

    3. herewegoagain


      Omg @Jane Lannister if that was a Billy Bragg pun this is me getting it three years later.

    4. Jane Lannister

      Jane Lannister

      Haha that's fine, it was a pretty lousy pun anyway :lol:

      And I agree with Lauren - if you practice every day, it's going to be ok (or at least much better) in a week or two 

  15. Billie Hoe

    Can the Smart People in this forum show me their ways and teach me how to stop being so fucking stupid

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    2. Libertine Angel

      Libertine Angel

      I'd class you as one of the smart people here, definitely not stupid.

    3. Second favourite son

      Second favourite son

      The official Smartest Member has spoken!

    4. Jane Lannister

      Jane Lannister

      I second this - you're very smart. :)

  16. I don't care

    I finally had a decent time and I finally felt pretty good, and then it turned into a fucking nightmare and I feel worse than ever. 

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    2. I don't care

      I don't care

      You're the best fucking person ever

    3. Shahd
    4. Jane Lannister

      Jane Lannister


  17. MMwhatsername

    Today I met a friend who's not into Green Day and I was raving so much about my recent GD shows and RevRad that she decided she needs to buy the record. :toocool: So we went into that store in the city that offers a big variety of CDs and had literally everything, but not one single GD album. I hate those people. :fuckyou:

  18. Shahd

    I can't believe the amount of time I waste writing something then delete it over and over again. I thought talking to people is harder than typing, I guess it's just the same.

    1. platypus136


      Don´t delete this. I do that, too.

    2. I don't care

      I don't care

      Writing is hard, is it something in particular you're working on? Do you need motivation or company? You can always hit me up and we can brainstorm or something. :hug:

    3. Shahd


      Thank you, I might take you up on your offer :hug:

  19. Lady Darkling

    I just cut my hair because at 11 PM it was the only meaningful change I could make to my life

  20. Billie Hoe

    "The words of our enemies aren't as awful as the silence of our friends."

    1. M0n3y


      You just reached a new level of truthness

  21. MaraGreenDay

    Happy birthday, Kurt! <3

    1. WhiteTim


      my favorite artist of all time 

    2. Big Cheese

      Big Cheese

      Yeah! Happy birthday, Kurt! :D

    3. kaylubd


      Hooray! Happy b-day, Kurt. Can't believe he would be 50.

  22. CreepyRebel

    Yesterday I was trying to color my hair red. But unfortunately I'm allergic to the product that I was using. :( I might try something else and use red strokes instead.

    1. Other Billie

      Other Billie

      wish i had hair to color :ga:

    2. CreepyRebel


      Me too! I'm using another product right now, so maybe I'll be able to color it. :ga: If I don't get any allergic reactions of course!

  23. Billie Hoe

    I guess me and my anxiety will have a sleepover tonight. We'll keep refreshing this site for no reason and worry about ~everything~. It's a party!!!

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    2. I don't care

      I don't care

      ^Ditch it and talk to me instead<3

    3. Trotsky


      Tell your anxiety to stop snoring and pay the rent, or it can GTFO

    4. M0n3y


      Or just punch it in the face. Like real hard. Like emergency room hard.

  24. platypus136

    it´s a beautiful day and the sun shines and you´re doing nothing because you should study for school but you don´t want to and you can´t go out and waste time with friends because you know you should study and you end up hanging around at home and playing computer games until you got a headache and next week you can answer the question what you did at the weekend without lying: nothing. But it still feels like you´re life has no meaning?

    Do you guys ever feel like that?

  25. End Of The World

    I'm leaving for England. Goodbye Italy. :)

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    2. Shahd


      Don't forget to chew gum on the plane just in case it doesn't get worse. Hopefully it'll stop hurting soon and you'll enjoy your trip!

    3. End Of The World

      End Of The World

      Thank you. :happyhands:

    4. Jane Lannister

      Jane Lannister

      Have fun in England! 

      Hope your ear is fine soon 

  26. Earlier
  27. The Great Saiyaman

    I've been playing smash 4 so much. Been trying to get good with Sheik (4ever main) and Ike (Because I like Ike).

    1. inthehallwaynow


      FALCONNN PUNNNCH! the only move i use 

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