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  1. Today
  2. kaylubd

    Sending love to Manchester. Please stay safe.

  3. Jake69

    New Death Grips album boiiiiiiii

    1. Neutral Milk Hotel

      Neutral Milk Hotel

      take that garbage outta here


  4. Yesterday
  5. MaraGreenDay

    I'm so in love with Harry Styles' album, it's so good!!

    1. Δημήτρης Γκότσης

      Δημήτρης Γκότσης

      Me too!! It's awesome!

  6. monkeyupinspace

    "Say mister, can you spare a dime? Some change could make a change. Could buy some time. Some freedom. Or an ear to hear my story. It's all I've got."

    So good.

  7. Last week
  8. Billie Hoe

    I'm soo excited to see Green Day again in two weeks. TWO WEEKS! SHIT'S GETTING REAL!

    1. MMwhatsername


      I can't believe it's only two weeks. Can't wait to see them, too! And that'll be only the first GD show of three I'll go to this summer. Crazy shit.

    2. Billie Hoe

      Billie Hoe

      I'm seeing them twice "only" :P

  9. belinda jane

    Harry Styles' new album. I dig it.

  10. Libertine Angel

    Carry The Banner is a fucking incredible punk album.

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    2. Marki.


      ^ Me too! I think the lyrics are the main reason why I love Pinhead Gunpowder so much, I really hope we get some new stuff from them in the future.

    3. Big Cheese

      Big Cheese

      My favorite has always been Goodbye Ellston Avenue, but Carry the Banner comes in at a close second!

      Also, if you like Pinhead Gunpowder, you might wanna check out Crimpshrine! It's a lot rougher than Pinhead (and the vocals will definitely probably take some getting used to), but they're really good! Anything with Aaron's lyrics is good though. :P lol

    4. Todd


      I Wanna... see recordings of the 92 shows surface. I'd love to hear Sarah's vocals live. It'd be sweet if the Punks With Presses show was recorded along with the Rancid and Gr'Ups set. What an all-star lineup! 

  11. Tinkle

    BillyjoelxkidXx 👹

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    2. Libertine Angel

      Libertine Angel

      Now that's a name I haven't heard in a long time...

    3. The Great Saiyaman

      The Great Saiyaman

      gone but not forgotten

    4. Scattered Wreck

      Scattered Wreck



  12. Taylor_k2008

    My tickets for Green Day at Wrigley Field finally came! Can't wait! 96 days :runaround:

  13. chewychorizo

    I've been on this site for near 9 years gads 

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    2. Trotsky


      10 years 8 months. And on top of that met my wife here. 

    3. trufan1


      About to be ten for me. :) Congrats! I still remember coming on here the first time. Finding all the bootlegs and meeting all these cool people. It's just been a tremendous experience.

    4. chewychorizo


      Yes, it's had its moments :P

  14. Tinkle

    RIP Chris Cornell

    1. Scattered Wreck

      Scattered Wreck

      I can't believe this.  I'm so sad

  15. Vendy

    Back after really, really long time. Missed ya, guys! :wub:

  16. Jenn.

    Off to Rome tomorrow and three hours of work to go. Time's never moved so slowly

  17. Earlier
  18. kaylubd

    Dude, saw Hall and Oates last night. They were amazing! Daryl Hall still sounds phenomenal. What a fun show!

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    2. kaylubd


      If you get the chance, go for it. You won't be disappointed. And though I'm not a huge Tears for Fears fan, they sounded great as well. It was a really fun show. Lots of dancing!

    3. Mar


      I've heard so many great things about them, universal from people fans of artists across all genres who agree about this! Glad you had fun!



    4. kaylubd


      Hall and Oates are cool. My mom listened to them when I was younger and I thought they were a cheesy band at first. Then I listened to more of stuff and thought they were great! 

  19. Jane Lannister

    Hey guys, is Tickething safe to buy from???

  20. Demon!Dean

    i'm ready to eat to death. 

  21. The Great Saiyaman

    Looks like my main man the bootlegmaster actually did leave.

    *air horn sad violin music*

  22. Gwen Stacy

    No you see, it's wine so I'm not an alcoholic.

  23. BetterThanAir

    Holy shit. I am meeting him in less than 24 hours.

  24. Demon!Dean

    As Jeremy Clarkson would put it: RUBBISH 

  25. Billie Hoe

    Thought of the day: I'm not your fucking ambulance.

    1. Trotsky


      Is this like, literal? Like someone repeatedly asks you to bring them to a hospital? 

    2. Billie Hoe

      Billie Hoe

      No, it's not literal :lol: Some people just expect you to be there and ready 24/7 when they need you and for you to answer texts within minutes because it's important, or else you get a "where are you when I need you"

      .... maybe I should have said "emergency hotline" instead.

  26. Lauren

    No luck winning VIP for GMA, so I won't be in the front but I'm still gonna go and enjoy a free GD show on a (hopefully) beautiful sunny morning!

    1. BeachBum


      That is not to say the entire front section is reserved for idiot winners, they could have a portion of the front reserved.

    2. Lauren


      Yeah, I'm a little confused on what they meant by reserved space. It could be close to the stage but off to the side or something. 

  27. Jake69

    My world is getting flipped upside down... Harry Styles just came out with a good album...

    1. Eric


      lol praise this shit but hate on Linkin Park's new shit lmao

    2. Jake69


      shh bby is ok

      we all got different opinions 

  28. Wretched & Divine

    So that's the best two weeks of my life over. Now what?

    1. Tinkle



    2. Wretched & Divine

      Wretched & Divine

      Oh my god, yessss. I actually woke up before my alarm today for the first time since the morning of the first show 😂

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