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  2. Billie Hoe


  3. Tinkle



    can't get this out of my head:lol:

  4. Today
  5. RougeRogue

    Adding another concert to my list! Goo Goo Dolls is playing at Busch Gardens' concert series and I have a pass. How could I pass up a free concert? And it's a mere week before my Green Day show. :lol:

  6. Billie Hoe

    green day were in my city today while i was gone fuck me sideways, i hate my life

    1. Ellen Caulfield

      Ellen Caulfield

      Lucky one :D 

    2. Billie Hoe

      Billie Hoe

      "lucky" yeah right lol

  7. Steven Seagull

    At the end of the day Trump is still the president and Green Day are whiny pop band who's looking to be relevant.

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    2. petros


      Look on how many views seagulll profile got from our posting though! He will surpass me if we keep going.

    3. Eric



    4. petros


      Right now his posts and his profile views are the exact same number! :o I'd screenshot it and post but people might get offended :( 

  8. Afflejack

    tfw u might have broke ur arm from falling while ice skating but u cant actually tell so u suffer with pain 

  9. GuitarPunk94

    Seeing GD live today again makes me too excited, I cant handle the emotions haha :dance:

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    2. MMwhatsername


      Yeeeeeeah, me too! Already practicing my "heeeeeeey-ooooooooohs" for tonight!

    3. End Of The World

      End Of The World

      @ MMwhatsername: I hope you'll have a good concert tonight. :runaround:

    4. Lauren


      enjoy! :)

  10. 9876gwen

    Well my first day of college went off uhhh okay ish, if they didnt put the wrong building for one of my more important classes and making me 10min late on the first day, but other than that, I didnt kill anyone driving :D

  11. Yesterday
  12. Paola17

    Writing a social media strategy for class for a band you love is simply delightful :toocool: Sad!

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    2. Billie Hoe

      Billie Hoe

      That's so cool. Are you in college?

    3. Paola17


      Yes, in my third year . However, I do have senior standing. Sad!

    4. Billie Hoe

      Billie Hoe

      What are you studying? :) Sad!

  13. I don't care

    Why does everyone end their posts with the word 'sad'? Sad!

  14. Billie Hoe

    I watched an elderly man trip and fall on his face on Saturday. Sad!

    1. Steven Seagull

      Steven Seagull

      Did he dieded?

  15. Jake69

    It's Betty White's 95th birthday today! She's gonna live forever. Sad!

  16. Jane Lannister

    How about we all end our posts with Sad! from now on? Sad! 

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    2. I don't care

      I don't care

      Anyone looking for some new music, check out Ghost B.C. Swedish band. Insanely good.


    3. End Of The World

      End Of The World

      THIS IS EPIC. Sad!

      I won't be happy anymore just because I'm in the Sad! loop Sad!

    4. I don't care

      I don't care

      This status is much nicer than Seagull's. Sad!

  17. MaraGreenDay

    Happy 25th birthday, Kerplunk!!! <3 

  18. Billie Hoe

    13 more days!!!

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    2. Billie Hoe

      Billie Hoe

      No I'm not :( it would have been perfect for me distance-wise but I still have a lot of college work to do until the 26th. 

    3. MMwhatsername



    4. Billie Hoe

      Billie Hoe

      .... and I have an exam the next day, so I couldn't spend the night and I'd have no way to get home on the same night

  19. Last week
  20. End Of The World

    Back to an Ordinary World after a Revolution Radio during my two days Holiday. Milan was 2000 Light Years away from me, but I got there Hitchin' A Ride. I felt King For A Day and I want to live those moments Forever Now. But I just can't. I'm feeling like a Basket Case. All I have are some Scattered pictures proving that I had the Time Of (My) Life. But the important thing is that I'm Still Breathing.

    I have fun writing things like that...:lol:

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    2. End Of The World

      End Of The World

      Thank you! :)

    3. MMwhatsername


      Oh oh, basket case, so the post-GD-show-depression is already kicking in? ;)

    4. End Of The World

      End Of The World

      Yes... :ermm:

      Actually the "epic feeling" lasted only 20 hours (the exact amount of time that I spent in Milan, from 2:00 PM of Saturday until 10:00 AM of Sunday). Then the "reflection" time started (when I wrote the story on the blog) and right now I'm in the middle of my depression. It was like an explosion. :lol:

  21. Silverlight

    I was cool with not spending $300 that I don't have on seeing American Idiot in Brisbane but they just had to get Chris Cheney to play St. Jimmy, didn't they? Assholes. 

  22. platypus136

    I have mixed feelings about tomorrow... I have to hold an important presentation at school, but in the evening i´m going to a Green Day concert! Ahhhh

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    2. Billie Hoe

      Billie Hoe

      I'm glad you had a good time! Did your presentation go well too? 
      And yes, I'm seeing them in Cologne in two weeks :runaround:

    3. platypus136


      Yees it went quite good:cool:
      Have fun at the concert!!:lol:

    4. End Of The World

      End Of The World

      Have a good time! :dance:

  23. I don't care

    It's only 2AM and I almost feel... tired. Wow, this is something new. Maybe I should try getting some sleep for once?

    1. I don't care

      I don't care

      Update: I really should get some sleep, but I'm hungry ...

  24. Jake69

    My philosophy in life is very simple. And this is something that I live by. And I always have. And I always will. Don't ever, for any reason, do anything to anyone, for any reason, ever, no matter what. No matter where. Or who, or who you are with, or, where you are going, or where you've been. Ever. For any reason, whatsoever.

  25. 9876gwen

    So my friend surprised me saying he got me 2 lawn seats to see Green Day in September! So hyped! :dance:

  26. End Of The World

    Twenty-twenty-twenty four hours to go, I wanna be sedated. :runaround:

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    2. End Of The World

      End Of The World

      @ I don't care: I'll write the story in my blog tomorrow. :D

      @ MaraGreenDay: Yes I will. :)

    3. MMwhatsername


      Enjoy the fuck out of that shit. Your first GD show will always be a very special moment!

    4. End Of The World

      End Of The World

      Thank you all. Really, it means a lot. :happy:

  27. Ritz

    I am hoping for some Asian tour dates so much. Now that I can see travelling to Bangkok is really doable!

    • Scattered Wreck
    • Jane Lannister

    9 more days for you.  I'm more excited for you than I am myself.

    1. Jane Lannister

      Jane Lannister

      :wub: this is the single most heartwarming thing I've heard in a while 

      I'm so excited and happy about it

      I hope you can make it to the second show :)

    2. Scattered Wreck

      Scattered Wreck

      I hope so too, but if I can't it is no big deal.  Have fun in 9 days, I can't wait to hear how you enjoyed it!

    3. Jane Lannister

      Jane Lannister

      I have no doubt I'm going to love it :) they sound awesome in live recordings

      In fact, I expect myself to cave in and try getting tickets for budapest too :P

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