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  1. Today
  2. Mar

    My dad is sicker than I've ever seen him, the hospital is making him worse and not listening to me, and because my mom is still at home recovering from having her stomach ripped open, my idiot self is caring for him and I can't get any results and I'm too weak to fight I CAN'T DO THIS ANYMORE I WISH I WAS DEAD MORE THAN EVER BEFORE. Nobody can help us, will help us. 

    1. Stefano Bras

      Stefano Bras

      Hold on tight, there will always be someone that will be there for you, wait and see.

    2. Shahd


      I'm so sorry you're feeling this way, I really wish that there's something anyone could say or do that will help you get through this. We're here for you if you need someone to listen :hug:

  3. Yesterday
  4. JardyOfSuburbia

    My dad's PET Scan is Monday and then it's 24-48 hours until we get results. Waiting is the worst!

    1. norcalgreendayfan


      Hoping for the best

  5. Last week
  6. Billie Hoe

    I must insist on being a pessimist, I'm a loner in a catastrophic mind

  7. melissi_unicorn

    My friend Thomas will photograph Green Day at Hurricane in 40 minutes 😁😁😁

  8. MMwhatsername

    Green Day plays in my country today and tomorrow and I'm not there. This feels wrong.

    1. Hermione


      Same for me next week. And my brother's going. Sad!

  9. stories and songs

    Selling three tickets for Green Day in Hyde Park. Message me if interested. :)

    1. MMwhatsername


      Oh sad, why are you not going? :(

    2. stories and songs

      stories and songs

      I had to cancel my London vacation because of other commitments, unfortunately. :( I'm really bummed.

  10. El señor de los bootlegs

    GREENDAYBOOTLEGS2010 = El señor de los bootlegs :wub:

  11. Billie Hoe

    Paramore's new song is such a tune

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    2. Billie Hoe

      Billie Hoe

      No, I just like their song :lol: 'Hard Times'

    3. melissi_unicorn


      Ah, okay! I like it, too, haha. Their album is really good, quite a few catchy tunes.

    4. Jenn.


      It's grown on me! I should take a listen to the album at some point..

  12. I don't care

    Fuck yeah I'm seeing Slayer next week!!

  13. The Great Saiyaman

    New QOTSA and Foo Fighters heck yeah!!!!!

  14. Tinkle

    Its approaching time to Say Goodbye to Tinkle - head over to random thoughts for username suggestions:happyhands:

    1. Billie Hoe

      Billie Hoe


    2. Scattered Wreck

      Scattered Wreck

      I'll bite, to the one that you love

    3. Sarcasm


      shotgun enema

  15. herewegoagain

    Is it possible to get post concert depression before the show? 

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    2. Sister of Grace

      Sister of Grace

      You live in Oslo, right? Only been to one show there but I'm definitely going next time around :)

    3. herewegoagain


      Yes! Fingers crossed they'll come back haha, bit bummed there was no summer show this tour but I think it sold out in January. When were you here? I'm totally beating myself up over not deciding to go as a casual fan when they were here in 2013, would KILL to have seen Stay the Night, X-Kid and Brutal Love.

    4. Sister of Grace

      Sister of Grace

      I was thinking about going in January earlier this year but it didn't worked out with my job so I could "only" go to Stockholm and Manchester. I was at the Ullevål stadium show in 2010. Great show :) 

  16. Billie Hoe

    Had a dream that I got married to a GDC member, and was going to post it on here right after the wedding, but I realized it had to be just a dream and posting it would be embarrassing. Also Stephen Colbert proposed to my mom on live TV before sending her off to prison. And I could turn into a lion. And we were staying at Santa Clause and his wife's house, which was full of snow and brimming with elves, who coincidentally was also related to Billie Joe's. When asked why they were related, they said "who else would he be related to???". And then we had to master a Pokémon parkour. 

    I had a pretty wild night.

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    2. Second favourite son

      Second favourite son

      'K... K...' - @Koal Koalson perhaps?  (Apologies for the random tag!)

      Isn't cheese considered something that gives you weird dreams?  It's a common 'myth' in the U.K., actually with (limited) scientific evidence to back it up that's mostly based on tyramine content and I think tryptophan too.

    3. Billie Hoe

      Billie Hoe

      No that wasn't it, but I initially thought of them too :D There was a "hk" or "kh" somewhere in there, I think... 🤔

      Wow, that's very interesting. I don't think I ate cheese yesterday, I do however love cheese and I frequently have really weird dreams :D There might be a connection after all, I'll have to observe this in the future. :P 

    4. Jane Lannister

      Jane Lannister

      I don't know why I just tried to look up a member named Kakh :mellow:

  17. melissi_unicorn

    Won a Linkin Park meet & greet today! Will wear a Green Day shirt, hahahaha. 

    1. herewegoagain


      Well duh!

    2. Billie Hoe

      Billie Hoe

      you show them who's boss

    3. MMwhatsername


      Meeting Green Day and wearing a LP shirt would still be the cooler prize, wouldn't it? :P

  18. Paola17

    Survived my first festival, woo! And made some friends. Two accomplishments over the weekend.

  19. MMwhatsername

    Nova Rock festival showed me once again that Green Day is live SO much better than most other bands out there.... it was a pretty good decision of my younger self some 14 years ago to choose those three guys as my favourite band. Or wait, did I choose them or did they choose me? :)

    1. Jake69


      You choose them, duh

    2. Billie Hoe

      Billie Hoe

      They might have chosen you and you'd never know :ninja:

      Some are born with a favorite band, some achieve a favorite band, and some have a favorite band thrust upon them

  20. Gwen Stacy

    I can now report that I know for a fact that the Drunk Bunny is indeed... Tre Cool.

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    2. inthehallwaynow


      Tre cool is the easter bunny 

    3. Gwen Stacy

      Gwen Stacy

      @Tinkle I... may have been enjoying a few refreshments at the time, yes.

    4. Tinkle


      I can always pick it:)

  21. Earlier
    • crock6000
    • Tinkle


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    2. crock6000


      Choose Life? I chose something else.

      Sorry, just had to complete the lyrical phrase.






    3. Tinkle


      "Choose Love"

      & peace

    4. crock6000


      You had me at "Choose".

  22. dori711

    Less than one day... I'm so excited I cannot sleep though I'll need the energy tomorrow. Stupid brain is stupid. :cry: *ohgodwhy*

  23. I don't care

    Do any of y'all have last.fm

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    2. I don't care

      I don't care


      in case you're interested: https://www.last.fm/user/agnescarlberg

    3. herewegoagain


      Only really use to track myself (I swear there used to be a friends/following dashboard of sorts) but I'm asosiale_ida :happy:

    4. Sister of Grace

      Sister of Grace

      elinmaria_h :)

  24. Jake69

    Lorde released the best pop album of the year 

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    2. Hermione


      @Eric Dude you don't have to make a snide comment every time someone has a different opinion on music to you. It gets tiresome.

    3. herewegoagain


      Is it as good as Pure Heroine? I'm not entirely convinced by Green Light but contemplating getting concert tickets (actually expected it to be sold out but turns out it isn't, thanks for the reminder!)

    4. Jake69


      It's better than pure heroine imo

  25. Stefano Bras

    London Grammar really blowed me away

    1. AimieeSmith


      It made Harry Potter spellbound ! ;)

  26. JardyOfSuburbia

    Damn that new Killers song is a jam.

  27. Jake69

    Crack-Up NOW

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