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  1. Today
  2. Sanah


    Good God, it's been a while.

  3. Yesterday
  4. mrpink1507


    <Anyone still on this site that remembers me?>*      *translated from old man

  5. Last week
  6. Nemo.


    logging on to this forum after being absent for such a long time is a trip to the past.

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    2. mrpink1507


      And you are?

    3. Mary711


      I feel you!

    4. Göta


      Nice to see you dropping by!

  7. EmmaCharlatan&Saints


    Jesus dont even seem to fit in on GD forum. Go figure😒

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    2. Beerjeezus
    3. The Insider

      The Insider

      Drunk posting helps

    4. EmmaCharlatan&Saints


      Im screwed then I dont drink. And its actually @suburbia  



  8. EmmaCharlatan&Saints



    1. Little Boy Named Airplane

      Little Boy Named Airplane

      What is the golden circle? Pit?

    2. EmmaCharlatan&Saints



  9. Platypus2000


    Does anyone think we’ll get BOBD on this tour? They didn’t play it at Whiskey but don’t know whether that was a venue thing or not? BOBD is easily my favourite love song ever, hope they don’t cut it 😔

    1. Todd


      I'm sure Green Day will be playing more than 12 songs on tour :) 

  10. Paola17


    In the midst of the Green Day tickets, I forgot about going to Mexico in the summer... Looks like that's getting cut a bit short!

  11. GuitarPunk94


    I'm getting this error when i want to open a forum-thread pls help:

    "[[Template forums/front/topics/topic is throwing an error. This theme may be out of date. Run the support tool in the AdminCP to restore the default theme.]]"

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    2. herewegoagain


      Change to the other theme ("4.2") down the bottom and it works. Hopefully they're on the case to fix it.

    3. Joe.


      My god 4.2 is ugly

    4. Hermione


      Same for us, Fuzz did an update earlier and will have to fix it

  12. Yosuke Hanamura

    Yosuke Hanamura

    I suddenly have an urge to clobbah dat dere Kirby.

  13. Little Boy Named Airplane

    Little Boy Named Airplane

    I'm literally screaming of JOY! Still can't believe I'm going to Toronto in August for the HELLA MEGA TOUR and in the FUCKING PIT!!

  14. kaylubd


    Tfw you're so wrapped up in Green day shenanigans you almost miss your stop >_>

  15. herewegoagain


    Me: I am definitely only going to one show this tour

    Also me: *gets heavily (back) into Weezer*

    Me: oh no

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    2. herewegoagain


      (flying domestic in) Norway is CANCELLED

    3. Nightlife


      @Beerjeezus Å-le-sund Å-le-sund Å-LE-SUND

    4. Beerjeezus


      :cry: i can't decide 

  16. Milo Goes To Pasalacqua

    Milo Goes To Pasalacqua

    So what’s the story with clubs? Do people use them anymore? Haven’t felt the need to be on GDC for a while and I can’t find one that doesn’t seem to be dead.

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    2. Milo Goes To Pasalacqua

      Milo Goes To Pasalacqua

      Thanks. Was there any particular reason why the clubs section is being phased out?

    3. Hermione


      Just wasn't that busy and we reasoned that we could just have threads (even including club type threads) on the same subjects in General Chat and elsewhere, so having a separate section for "Club" threads seemed a bit redundant. 

    4. Milo Goes To Pasalacqua

      Milo Goes To Pasalacqua

      Plus wasn't there a minimum amount of posts you had to create ot a minimum amount of rep before you were allowed to view/post in club threads? Or am i thinking of the off topic thread?

  17. oop.yarrz


    Crush Music is releasing Van Weezer how sure are you they are not branching out and subsidizing them selves as a label?

    1. Grinch


      they literally became a label to release the white album

    2. oop.yarrz


      Talking about a new record contract is very much different then them hiring new mgmt, and a thread was closed because "Crush isn't a label it's a mgmt team, and we have a thread about management."  

      But if they are a label green day can't sign a new contract until the old one is fulfilled which won't be until after foamf is actually out making (or losing) money, and we don't know for sure if they will sign a record deal with Crush so speculation should be fair enough to have a thread. Maybe they will sign with Epitaph, Fat Wreck, Virgin Galactic, or maybe they just self release for the rest of their days, who knows.

      Just pointing out that that thread shouldn't have been closed, crush is a label, and in a few months Green Day won't have one. Why shut down the speculation when it's sound and in an appropriate thread? A Mod literally told someone to goto the wrong thread to discuss. WTF is that? Did they even read the contents of the thread before making a decision? Just see the title and assumed they were wrong? 

  18. green day is

    green day is

    la ilaha illallah, muhammadur rasulullah.

  19. Platypus2000


    Unpopular opinion: The leaked album art of “MOOTIK” is actually horrible too, both quite bad covers. Wish people would shut the hell up about it, it’s all fake and the theories are so outlandish.

    1. Milo Goes To Pasalacqua

      Milo Goes To Pasalacqua

      Can you remember when Green Day’s albums were known for artwork like Dookie’s and Insomniac?

    2. green day is

      green day is

      Billie literally said they had more music to release, independently, between FOAMF and the beginning of the tour. There's nothing outlandish about it. All that's being discussed is what the exact nature of that release might be.

      And even if you don't personally like the supposed MOOTIK artwork, it's undeniably "bad" in a materially different way to how FOAMF is bad.

  20. EmmaCharlatan&Saints


    In the last few days I was surprised to find out how childish some Green Day fans can be

  21. Thatsername


    Now The Who announced a 2020 tour too. I’m gonna be so broke by the end of next year 🤣

  22. Platypus2000


    Joe Trohman and Andy Hurley are way too talented to play in such a shite band. Go and listen to The Damned Things for proper music, they fucking kill it. 

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    2. Milo Goes To Pasalacqua

      Milo Goes To Pasalacqua

      Yeah, a bit surprised that no one has left after all this time cos Wentz and Stump pretty much are the band. What kind of music do The Damned Things play?

    3. Platypus2000


      Just hard rock with little heavier vocals. 

      This is their best song by far. 

    4. Milo Goes To Pasalacqua

      Milo Goes To Pasalacqua

      Sorry I couldn’t listen last night, didn’t have my earphones and didn’t want to wake the wife next to me. 😅 Now that’s good driving music. Adding some tracks to my “To Try” Deezer playlist now...

  23. Earlier
  24. Yosuke Hanamura

    Yosuke Hanamura

    End of the Game from Weezer is absolutely stellar! I didn’t listen to them much, but hot damn, this song definitely won me over. It really pains me to say it, but they definitely released the better single. 


    I still like Father of All though.

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    2. Thatsername


      Yup, Weezer's single is definitely better.

    3. pieterv


      Same here, Weezer's going to be the big winner from this team-up I think. I never really payed attention to them before, they have the better single and I'll be giving their catalog a listen.

      Fall Out Boy gradually lost my interest during and after their hiatus. Green Day's single is definitely a grower, a kick in the nuts at first for sure but I'm becoming more hopeful for a neat experimental album.

    4. Milo Goes To Pasalacqua

      Milo Goes To Pasalacqua

      Best of the three singles for sure.

  25. green day is

    green day is

    Subhaan Allah.

  26. Platypus2000


    I've just remembered how fucking good Insomniac is. No 9 minute songs there, Panic Song and Tight Wad Hill, wow. 

    1. The Insider

      The Insider

      bloody awesome album

  27. 9876gwen


    I haven't been here in 4 years, everythings so....shiny and new

    1. Milo Goes To Pasalacqua

      Milo Goes To Pasalacqua

      Saaame. Nothing like the announcement of a new album to at least make you curious to see what happened GDC.

  28. James!


    Actually considering buying a new copy of nimrod to put in a blender... I want to see what it looks like.

    1. Beerjeezus


      Maddie86 blended hers so you don't have to :P



  29. Quido

    • Quido
    • Zippy


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