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  1. Yesterday
  2. Sappy

    it's been a long time since i've been on here. I've been making some weird music if anyone wants to check it out. new single- we have more on our bandcamp too.


    1. Jake69


      Strange... I like it 

    2. Sappy


      Thank you! The whole point of the band is to be strange haha. The rest of the album is pretty out there too. 

  3. BeachBum

    Naps are absolutely amazing!

    1. Hermione



  4. Last week
  5. Tubbie Head

    Does anyone play SongPop2 ? I'd like to play the GD playlist with other fans! My username there is tubbiehead 

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    2. Tubbie Head

      Tubbie Head

      Yay hahah! Oh everytime I get GD songs wrong I face palm myself xD

    3. Jenn.


      Well we both got In The End wrong that time :lol: i just panic and press the wrong option!

    4. Tubbie Head

      Tubbie Head

      Same!! I'm getting so many wrong arghh

  6. Billie Hoe

    I'm so happy and grateful 💖 Things are looking up 💖

    1. Shahd


      I'm glad <3

  7. The Great Saiyaman

    Pokemon Diamond and Pearl came out in the US 10 years ago. God damn I feel old.

  8. kaylubd

    1. Tinkle


      Great read - thank you. 

    2. kaylubd


      Thank you so much! Glad you enjoyed it. 

  9. I don't care

    I'm in the hospital. Sucks, but it made me realize how stupid I've been. Hope I can get home soon.

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    2. The Great Saiyaman

      The Great Saiyaman

      I bet it's great knowing how many people on this site care about you, huh? :) Hope you're doing better now.

    3. I don't care

      I don't care

      Thank you everyone! <3 

    4. Göta


      Hang in there! :hug:

  10. MaraGreenDay

    How can you just leave me standing?
    Alone in a world that's so cold?. Prince 1958-2016

  11. Jake69

    What if the Yellowstone Volcano erupts?

    1. norcalgreendayfan


      It's gonna happen sometime

    2. Trotsky


      We'll have been annihilated by nuclear war first, don't worry. 

    3. Second favourite son

      Second favourite son

      And even if we haven't, there isn't exactly much we can do about it

  12. Spoopy Doo

    So my friend officially has me hooked on Queer as Folk

  13. Big Cheese

    Husker Du are one of the best bands ever! Been listening to New Day Rising all day and I'm just overwhelmed at how fucking amazing it is! One of the best records I've ever heard, by far! Few top it!

    1. Lounge Act.

      Lounge Act.


  14. The Great Saiyaman


    happy birthday to my friend's dog!!!

  15. Jake69



    1. Tinkle


      I predict he will be back next Friday

  16. RougeRogue

    Concert #4! The Maine with The Mowgli's and Beach Weather opening at House Of Blues. :thumbsup:

  17. Billie Hoe

    I hate nothing more than challenges and pretending that I like challenges.

  18. Jimmy Strummer


  19. Ian1234

    Dear French people: don't vote for Le Pen. She's the female version of Trump. Just look at the crap that's happening in the U.S. right now...

  20. melissi_unicorn

    Bought a ticket for the Against Me! concert in Duesseldorf yesterday! :dance:

    1. Jane Lannister

      Jane Lannister

      Have fun! They are fantastic :wub:

    2. melissi_unicorn


      Thanks! I've never seen them live before :runaround:


  21. kaylubd

    I hate waiting to buy tickets. Can it be Friday already?

  22. Earlier
  23. Jake69

    Where's the Easter thread at?

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    2. Jake69



    3. Eric


      lack of Grammys thread this year and a lack of a Coachella thread just to name a couple more

    4. Jake69


      I created one. I bet no one replies. :lol:

  24. high.on.gasoline

    I discovered my parents onced forgot me in the elevator at the mall when i was 5.. They just walked out without me

    1. Tinkle


      it's easily done - each parent thinks the other one has the child. We did it - the worst feeling in the world.

    2. Scattered Wreck

      Scattered Wreck

      My husband once lost my daughter at the Grand Canyon.  He didn't tell me until he found her.  I was not happy.  Yes, it does happen alot, very scary.



  25. Jake69

    The biggest album of the year just dropped and no one is talking about it.

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    2. Stefano Bras

      Stefano Bras

      @petros dude, seriously. you're pathetic.

    3. Jake69


      This dude is trying to start arguments. It's a joke relax.

    4. petros


  26. JardyOfSuburbia

    My mom called me today to say that she wants to see Green Day again. I told her that there were still lawn seats for Cleveland. She said she'd talk to my dad about it :)

    1. Lindsay



  27. Gwen Stacy

    Does anyone here have the CD single of Know Your Enemy? I have a question about the liner notes.

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    2. god61


      I checked my copy and it says both were produced by Green Day. Lights Out is engineered by Chris Dugan. Hearts Collide engineered and mixed by Chris Dugan.

    3. Hermione


      Hmm I swear I've seen an interview where Billie mentioned Mike co-writing the lyrics of Hearts Collide and that it's been common knowledge that he did though. Music by Green Day and lyrics by Billie is the standard Green Day credits so even if it's a reliable site I think it could get that wrong. Hopefully one day I'll find proof haha

    4. Second favourite son

      Second favourite son

      It could even be that it's credited that way even if Mike had a hand in writing it, just for ease.

  28. Trotsky

    It's actually boring how many people here are atheists, agnostics, and don't-give-a-fucks. No one will even start shit when the "zombie Jesus" thread is made on Sunday.

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    2. Trotsky


      It's been so long since I've been told I'm a bad influence on someone. Actually, my mom accused me of turning my best friend into an atheist but he was actually an atheist two years before me. 

    3. Billie Hoe

      Billie Hoe

      Ha, funnily enough I have always been the one who apparently was being influenced by others. My parents wanted me to stop seeing my friend because they overheard us talking about religion, and my teacher told the mother of the same friend that she was a bad influence on me because I suddenly started being snarky in class. :lol: Which is funny because we're both agnostic and my friend is a bigger believer than I am.

    4. Jane Lannister

      Jane Lannister

      Sign me up for the Zombie Jesus thread 

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