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  3. Montclare

    • Montclare
    • pouty bitch

    I know what your guinea pigs are going to be for Halloween this year. :)


    1. pouty bitch

      pouty bitch

      Oh my god that is fucking adorable.:wub: Almost makes me want to stop hating the shitty album cover lmao.:lol:

  4. Platypus2000


    Okay. I must make a confession. The new Blink-182 album is actually pretty good. And it might be better than GD’s new one, The First Time is classic degenerate Blink, love it.

    1. Joe.


      Not sure how you can say an albums better than one that's not been released yet but each to their own

    2. Platypus2000


      I said “might be” implying that I don’t have very high hopes for the forthcoming GD album, not in the context of I’ve already heard it. 

  5. The Insider

    The Insider

    Finally the board has spoken ...

  6. Last week
  7. nobodylikeswarning


    I'm exhausted for about 17 hours a day

  8. deadair


    Really sad to see as I'm a big fan, Matt Shultz at iHeart Radio Music Festival 2019 is the equivalent of Billie Joe Armstrong at iHeart Radio Music Festival 2012. Not drunk, but definitely high and losing it/spiraling.

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    2. deadair


      But tonight's the worse I've ever seen him on stage.

    3. kaylubd


      Yeah Matt is such a wild performer that I don't know if this a new persona or if he's actually high out of his mind. I don't know, he seems a bit off. But hopefully he's okay and he's just having a wild time on stage.

    4. deadair


      I hope so, but I am concerned nonetheless.

  9. greendepent


    15 years of American Idiot also means that I'm 15 years old as fan. I owe so much to this band. I keep struggling like the first day,  but the ride has been a lot less painful than it could be #stillbreathing

  10. mrpink1507


    15 years of AI. Damn. Feels like yesterday I listened to album all the way through and cried.

    1. That Dude

      That Dude

      I can remember that first listen of American Idiot to.    I didn't like "Jesus of Suburbia" the first time I heard it, thought it had too much reverb or some nonsense like that.  But the second time, I got it!  

    2. Todd


      I remember not liking Jesus of Suburbia either. Each song grew on me overtime. I think Letterbomb took me the longest to get into. 

  11. BeachBum


    Award Banners ... :ga: 


  12. green day is

    green day is

    Subhaan allah

  13. I’m_An_Idiotic_Cat_Lover


    Right now I am stressed as hell. 

  14. fukingcounterstrike

    • fukingcounterstrike
    • Sanah

    Holy shit it's awesome to see you around again... I was just thinking about you not too long ago honestly

    1. Sanah


      I've missed you. Been drowning in work but always come back to peep on my boys. How are you faring? ❤️

    2. fukingcounterstrike


      I'm fairing well :D 

      Crazy to think how much time has passed wince I last saw you on here. How have you been? You're a doctor now right ? If not I have no idea how I got that in my head but I could have sworn that is where you were heading. 

      Work is too easy to drown in. My main goal is to try and not work as often as I work. I think I've been holding up fairly well with the goal. 

  15. BeachBum


    Reminder: We are not opposed to new threads. 

    Each article can have it's own thread, a new thread can be made when info is confirmed and is no longer speculation, new thread for interviews/ apprentices

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    2. BeachBum


      You're special @fukingcounterstrike

    3. Beerjeezus


      are you sure?

    4. BeachBum


      very sure :P


  16. Platypus2000


    Weezer are just a poor mans’ Jimmy Eat World

    1. herewegoagain


      Okay I'mma bite: no.

    2. green day is

      green day is

      woah. I've never gotten a chance to talk to a J.E.W. fan and I've always wanted to ask - what kind of struggles have you faced going through life with a negative IQ?

    3. Platypus2000


      Hahahahaha good one. J.E.W are absolute masters. Clarity, Futures and Bleed American are some of the best albums I’ve ever had the pleasure of listening to. It’s so much more musically interesting than Weezer and sometimes Green Day too tbh. 

      If you haven’t listened I’d strongly recommend it. I appreciate Weezer is a bit of a nostalgia act and goofy but having some musical substance like J.E.W goes a long way. 

  17. Sanah


    Good God, it's been a while.

  18. mrpink1507


    <Anyone still on this site that remembers me?>*      *translated from old man

  19. Nemo.


    logging on to this forum after being absent for such a long time is a trip to the past.

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    2. Mary711


      I feel you!

    3. Göta


      Nice to see you dropping by!

    4. Milo Goes To Pasalacqua

      Milo Goes To Pasalacqua

      Aw, everyone's returning with all the Green Day stir of late! I logged on for the first time in years last week too (tho was never really active here back in college when i used to log-in every day and just lurk, so no-one's going to remember me, and i'm fine with that 🤣) .

  20. EmmaCharlatan&Saints


    Jesus dont even seem to fit in on GD forum. Go figure😒

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    2. Beerjeezus
    3. The Insider

      The Insider

      Drunk posting helps

    4. EmmaCharlatan&Saints


      Im screwed then I dont drink. And its actually @suburbia  



  21. EmmaCharlatan&Saints



    1. Little Boy Named Airplane

      Little Boy Named Airplane

      What is the golden circle? Pit?

    2. EmmaCharlatan&Saints



  22. Platypus2000


    Does anyone think we’ll get BOBD on this tour? They didn’t play it at Whiskey but don’t know whether that was a venue thing or not? BOBD is easily my favourite love song ever, hope they don’t cut it 😔

    1. Todd


      I'm sure Green Day will be playing more than 12 songs on tour :) 

  23. Paola17


    In the midst of the Green Day tickets, I forgot about going to Mexico in the summer... Looks like that's getting cut a bit short!

  24. GuitarPunk94


    I'm getting this error when i want to open a forum-thread pls help:

    "[[Template forums/front/topics/topic is throwing an error. This theme may be out of date. Run the support tool in the AdminCP to restore the default theme.]]"

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    2. herewegoagain


      Change to the other theme ("4.2") down the bottom and it works. Hopefully they're on the case to fix it.

    3. Joe.


      My god 4.2 is ugly

    4. Hermione


      Same for us, Fuzz did an update earlier and will have to fix it

  25. Yosuke Hanamura

    Yosuke Hanamura

    I suddenly have an urge to clobbah dat dere Kirby.

  26. Little Boy Named Airplane

    Little Boy Named Airplane

    I'm literally screaming of JOY! Still can't believe I'm going to Toronto in August for the HELLA MEGA TOUR and in the FUCKING PIT!!

  27. kaylubd


    Tfw you're so wrapped up in Green day shenanigans you almost miss your stop >_>

  28. Earlier
  29. herewegoagain


    Me: I am definitely only going to one show this tour

    Also me: *gets heavily (back) into Weezer*

    Me: oh no

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    2. herewegoagain


      (flying domestic in) Norway is CANCELLED

    3. Nightlife


      @Beerjeezus Å-le-sund Å-le-sund Å-LE-SUND

    4. Beerjeezus


      :cry: i can't decide 

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