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  2. Trilogy Discussion

    I always felt it was extremely evident but if I mentioned it even in passing as a possible meaning to a song (not just on here) I'd be pounced on by people who seemed completely oblivious to the lyrics of whatever particular song about substance abuse or mental health struggles and the continuous pattern of songs that include similar content. Then there's the age old fan issue of attributing all songs that are anything slightly erring on uncomfortable territory as being about a character instead of Billie writing from his own point of view leaving only a handful of political songs and (only happy not unhappy or potentially about cheating or anything) love songs. It's just so dismissive and has always annoyed me particularly when Billie had given an interview (with Nimrods release) stating that he always writes from his own point of view/the songs are about himself. I'm not sure if fans were really so unaware of all his problems or had somehow convinced themselves he had a happy clappy life despite the words coming out of his mouth every time they press play on their devices.
  3. The Green Day Fangirls' Confessions Thread

    I'm pretty sure I've found and saved every photo of Billie on Pinterest, haha. I always find photos there that I never see anywhere else, along with the usual ones so that's the best side for this purpose in my opinion.
  4. New shows setlist discussion

    I would imagine that some of the songs he's played a million times have taken on different meanings for him at this point. Like when he wrote Basket Case it was more about his own confusion with his mental health, but now that he has a better understanding of that side of himself, it's probably more of like a communal thing like all of us (crowd and band) are a little fucked up but we can sing about it together. A song like Hitchin' A Ride has a fun vibe regardless of the subject matter and while at the time it might've been about his drinking being out of control, maybe now it's more or a reminder that that side still exists but he can keep it in check and still have fun. I'm just speculating but, based on what I've heard from other artists and a bit from Billie, it seems like songs that rarely get played sort of stay in their old meanings/feelings, but ones that get played every night for years, can evolve.
  5. The Green Day Fangirls' Confessions Thread

    Speaking of searching for pictures, when I get bored it’s a favorite pastime to look for ones I haven’t seen, but I don’t have a tumblr so the only ways I do it are Google search (and from there sometimes follow Pinterest links and tags) and instagram tag search. Are there any other favorite and effective search methods you all use?
  6. New shows setlist discussion

    i would nothing more to have them play through all of 1039 and kerplunk including no one knows
  7. What are you listening to right now?

    Before the Lobotomy ... God, I'd love to hear it live again. One of my favorite GD songs and I didn't appreciate it fully until after the 21CB tour.
  8. Trilogy Discussion

    I honestly didn't know a lot of people were so unaware of his alcohol/substance/general mental health problems before iHeart/rehab happened. Not only has he always written about it in his lyrics but he's also always openly talked about it in interviews. He talked about drink and drug problems and feeling troubled/miserable in pretty much every interview he did in the 90s. I guess listening to the trilogy or watching shows from that time could be more affecting since everything came to a head right after but I didn't know anyone was under the impression that everything was hunky dory or a secret until then. You can hear dark, real stuff on all their albums not just the trilogy, he just carried on writing as honestly as usual and I don't have any extra trouble listening to it. We really don't know the details about exactly which substances were the main problem or how each affected him though since he's chosen not to go into it, not much point in speculating about that.
  9. Today
  10. The Green Day Fangirls' Confessions Thread

    You're not the only one. Someone photoshoped Billie running in some weird pictures: Anyway, I think I just spend the last 45 minutes looking at pictures of Billie on Instagram. There is one I never saw before, but I'm not sure I can post it here because I think it might have been stolen from his personal account. So, I'm just going to describe it: Billie is doing the sad face wearing a very weird outfit (this include pyjama pants and winter hat) in his house.
  11. Trilogy Discussion

    He's been singing about/writing about drugs and alcohol his entire life and nobody was listening to how desperate the lyrics were. We jump up and down to songs like Hitchin A Ride and Geek Stink Breath at gigs because we love the sound of them. How many of us listened to Suffocate and said oh shit, that sounds like a cry for help? Probably none of us. I could go on forever. He has endless songs about alcohol abuse and drug abuse. Clearly this has been a decades long battle. Songs like Uptight and others about depression and self harm (thoughts about it) continue to get overlooked however he admitted back at the time of Nimrods release that Uptight was about himself. It's sad to me that we gloss over his lyrics as we choose until something like iheart happens and then we have him telling Rolling Stone magazine well I've been writing about my struggles for years. It's like yeah Billie but nobody wants to believe you are anything but shiny and happy so we ignored everything you've been actually writing all this time. As for the idea that if it wasn't for pills he might not have quit drinking. I don't feel we are in any position to guess about that as it seems he has used pills/drugs most of his life and there have been numerous photos of him with alcohol since rehab. He stated in Rolling Stone mag he had felt if he gave up pills he could return to drinking. I don't think being fucked up on two substances ever helped someone quit one. I understand you are suggesting it may have increased the urgency for treatment however it still means that he has to quit two separate highly addictive substances rather than one.
  12. The Green Day Fangirls' Confessions Thread

    Aww why? We danced to When It’s Time and I liked the fact that nobody knew the song and it wasn’t cliche as fuck (maybe among Green Day fans but not in real life ). I think Last Night on Earth is a little dreary-sounding though, but that’s just me personally. I know most people think When It’s Time has shit lyrics, but I like that it comes from a genuine, vulnerable place from when he was younger.
  13. New shows setlist discussion

    I'm really attached to those two songs because they got me into Green Day, but if I had to do a swap I'd swap Holiday for EJN just so we can have more 21CB in the setlist. I'll take the safer and more convenient option thanks
  14. I don't care

    Going to FLORIDA today! Then NYC! So excited! :wub::wub:

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      I don't care

      BUT I'll be in NYC the 23rd to the 28th!

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      I have school during the week (in Philly) :(

      So make that pit stop!

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      I don't care

      I'll see if we have time!!

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  16. Random Green Day Thoughts

    I have strong and sad feelings too about this song, I relate to it so much and I love it so much. Somehow I wanted to tackle it, especially knowing Billie himself has had hard times playing it live. So Lazy Bones is one of the two first songs I've learned to play at guitar, and I have to say it's great to play. Energetic and not depressing at all. It's my favorite song to play (among 4 songs, since I'm a beginner ) and I've learned to sing along playing with that song. It's so fun!
  17. A Banana Singing a Green Day song?

    Btw, I love the thread title. "A banana singing a Green Day song?" as if you're not sure.
  18. A Banana Singing a Green Day song?

    Fucking! Brill! Lololol
  19. You are right, we have veered well off topic! I wonder if any of the bundles will be available in stores, I remember seeing the Tre t-shirt bundle in my local HMV?
  20. The Green Day Fangirls' Confessions Thread

    I love pictures of Billie running around on stage. He always looks so dynamic
  21. Random Green Day Thoughts

    I remember hearing the preview of it and thinking it's a pretty cool angsty song. Now it's one of the few always make me sad. I can't distance myself from this song. There's something about it that's simply heartbreaking. Anyway, it's interesting to read about your "adult" thoughts and feelings and comparing them to mine. Makes me realize how different it was to experience stuff as a child. (I was 14 at the time, fyi)
  22. The Green Day Fangirls' Confessions Thread

    I finally decided to join the world of Tumblr and found some more cowboy Billie. #noregrets
  23. Green Day: Nimrod Feature.

    Green Day – Nimrod: Feature. In 1997, Californian band Green Dayreleased their most underrated but diverse record in the form of Nimrod, an album bubbling with hooks and dark edged lyricism. The band had to prove they were still relevant after the disappointing Insomniac, a record which did have its hits, but never hit those meteoric heights. Dookie did so in 1994. That opus brought Green Day into the limelight, a light so vibrant and crucial. Dookie was a statement of intent, a colossal compendium breaking boundaries, a piece of punk layered with snotty nosed mellow drama. It truly rooted Green Day into the big time, overthrowing their past records. But, as they grew, tensions did too, and the band was banished from Gilman Street, a punk club where many acts nurtured their souls and tweaked their sounds. As Green Day prospered, many people became distant, fans who loved the band walked away. This is when Green Day became a goliath act, securing places at biggest festivals. But, as they put their pen to paper, their punk laurels were fading. Not to say that the band was forgetting their roots, they just had to grow, they had to burst and breakaway. Green Day was a major label band when they signed to Reprise in 1994. Some people think the band shot to fame with their seminal record American Idiot all those years later. So the act was making millions well before Jesus Of Suburbia was constructed, they were flying the punk flag through the flurry of scepticism. And Nimrod pushed Green Day into the light even more so with a ballad that shook the world. That melodic heart-puller is Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life). It’s a song many play at their wedding day, it’s a song which resonates and showcases lead singer/guitarist Billie Joe Armstrong’s impressive writing talent. Good Riddance sent Green Day onto the airwaves, although it angered the punks and estranged. They were blasting the band for their decision to put a ballad on one of their albums. They thought the act was selling out, nipping at the arms of greed, shooting for the pot of gold. But, Green Day didn’t surrender and moved on up regardless. Nimrod may contain one of Green Day’s most poignant scores, but the record as a whole is punk infused. Nice Guys Finish Last is a blistering, guitar driven masterclass. Redundant mops up the fragments of punk’s inner core, and cools it down as Armstrong sings with ease and great tone. Reject is a fast-paced pile-driver, it’s in your face. So many of these songs return to the punk days. And that shows us Green Day aren’t leaving their signature sound to rot, they never have cascaded into bubble-gum pop territory, they have tweaked it, adding more complexity. This complexity is heard on American Idiot. A record which saved the pioneers from truly derailing. It’s an album many hate, but many people love the diversity it showcases. American Idiot may be Green Day’s most popular and audacious LP. But there’s flashes of this magic on Nimrod. The true intensity it creates, the darkness it exudes is believable. It may not be Green Day’s magnum opus, but what it is, is something which strikes punk into veins of those seeking a thrill.
  24. BeachBum

    I think the award banners are pretty awesome this year!

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      Such a tease!

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      Billie Hoe

      Can't wait to see them :lol: 

  25. Green Day Dreams

    Had a dream that I was watching tv when a commercial for a new Tarantino movie came on (but looked more in the style of a Wes Anderson movie). Green Day was in it (including the big 3), but as claymation versions of themselves. Weird thing is that I recognized Jeff first. So I guess it was supposed to be like Live Freaky, Die Freaky, but good?
  26. What are you listening to right now?

  27. Totally. Admittedly, I didn't go deep with GD's music until this past March. I knew Dookie and AI were really good and that they had a handful of other good songs (ie Good Riddance) but I just figured the rest was relatively generic teen music and didn't invest further as I was leaving my teens (it didn't help that I didn't like the 21CB singles when they first came out). I think the emo thing comes from people my age who were in their teens when AI came out and bands like MCR and Panic at the Disco were huge. Everyone was wearing black, the guys in these bands all wore eyeliner and were angsty, etc. Green Day benefited in a huge way from this trend but I think the their identity as their own band was sort of engulfed by it. Which leads to a lot of my peers saying "Oh I loved Green Day and MCR during my emo phase." To be fair, The Beatles wrote their own stuff, experimented a lot, and churned out a shit ton of music in a very short amount of time. Elvis had an interesting voice and cool dance moves. I'm not sure but I don't think he wrote any of his music (or at least, much of it was not written by him including Hound Dog). I too thought Bohemian Rhapsody was hilarious (granted I was like 5 when I first heard it) though not rubbish. Maybe just weird as f*ck and I figured it wasn't something a lot of people liked. Boy was I wrong. I'm jealous that your peers were more fired up by the politics of AI than the emo side of it. I think I was the only one in my school who cared about the politics side. This is all still sort of on topic right? Weren't we talking about how the whole "God's Favorite Band" thing will be perceived in the grand scheme of how GD has been perceived over the years? It's a stretch but I think we're still on topic, haha.
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