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  2. yea bc i already have one we're literally going together wtf
  3. hey dudes i'm selling one of my GA pit tickets for this show let me know if you're interested! :-) @Neutral Milk Hotel you're not gonna buy my ticket
  4. Yo guys i'm selling one of my GA pit tickets for the Tampa show on 9/5 let me know if you're interested ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  5. Ah Rey. Finally we get to hear from the lovechild of Lady Cobra and Billie
  6. OMG what have I started
  7. Does lip balm count. Now back to the unpopular opinions...
  8. Today
  9. Thank you! Found it now, haha. Yeah, that site is unbeatable when it comes to usability
  10. I was not expecting that part. Killed me too
  11. Cool! I'm not paying for a subscription. I've actually managed to find this magazine with Flexis for free, so I can hope. Otherwise, I'll wait til I can just buy the issue.
  12. Yay Makes you wonder whether that timing was intentional, or if they just remembered that they were putting the old ones out as this happened to be finished
  13. http://www.gdidiotnation.com/video/dog-party-jeff-matika-show-season-2-episode-1-green-day-612296 It's behind the small picture of Dog Party on the front page, took me ages to find it too. They could at least have put it on the news page But omg, that was pretty funny So if this was recorded in october and next up is Against Me (?) we should have that some time around... october? lol
  14. Please don't, especially after what just happened in Manchester. I can't help but worry that terrorists might target Hyde Park this summer, and I was thinking about that before the Manchester bombing, so it's worse now.
  15. Can anyone post a direct link? The "Video" menu item always links to my profile instead of showing any videos. I've actually never been able to access the video page since I've joined Idiot Nation. It's such a pain.
  16. Jesus, I go away for 2 days and y'all talk about Billie's amazing figure, his pee pee hands and his crack. Also, if we're still ordering Billies, I'll have a Woodstock '94 Billie (clean, before the mud fight), a mini-dreads Billie from the waiting video, a Fink, a Rev, a BIAB Billie and a GMA 2017 Billie. I got the shock of my life! Was not expecting that.
  17. Mmmm crack
  18. It's comforting to know I'm not alone in the dark re: Rey, ha. Google is pretty useless too. Corbett Redford seems pretty responsive on instagram, tempted to ask
  19. I really like Youngblood. I don't understand the criticism for it. The lyrics aren't that bad. It's one of my favourite songs from RevRad. I just think, with so many heavy songs on the album, such as Still Breathing, Bang Bang and Troubled Times, it's nice to hear a light-hearted, upbeat, fun, bouncy song that doesn't need to be taken seriously and Youngblood fits that perfectly. I think it's a really cute song.
  20. priceless
  21. They should add a Louis Armstrong sample.
  22. The fuck marry kill part OMG.
  23. Oh no that's too true
  24. Photo of said crack
  25. I also have no clue who's Rey But this is so cool, can't wait to see the cover and hear the full song!
  26. Why do I have a feeling "Rey" is a code word for someone else who isn't actually an Armstrong
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