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  2. Random Green Day Thoughts

    OMG! Why did I never saw this video before? This is priceless! Mike and Tré were awesome even if they don't appear much.. And I agree with you about Billie's acting. He was good in Ordinary World and excellent as St.Jimmy. For the rest, he was terrible, but he improved over time. Everytime I watch the Nurse Jackie scene in which his character dies, I laugh. I know it isn't his fault the way the scenario was written, but clearly the writers didn't know anything about health/medical condition and the way someone dies. Billie did his best, but he didn't look convincing at all. By the way, I still have not seen Billie Joe in the role of Charlie Chaplin in Drunk History. I can't find any videos.
  3. British band Bastille release 'Basket Case' cover

    Why does it sound so freaking happy? Couldn't listen all the way through. Self indulgent cover that focuses on emphasising the guys vocal range and completely ignores the subject matter of the song or it might not sound so celebratory.
  4. New shows setlist discussion

    Of course they have a reason. They're choosing to cater to the more casual fans for the arena/stadium shows. Billie loves audience reaction and of course the hits get a more raucous audience reaction. I understand playing a lot of hits, but I like a balance too. I had no problems with the setlists of the majority of the club shows. I think it's wrong to just assume to only play a handful of deep cuts at the club shows because that's where the hardcore fans are. The truth is that it was so hard to get tickets to the club show due to scalpers and venue size difference that a lot of hardcore fans didn't even get to attend those shows. I'll see them at least once per album cycle no matter what, but I can't say it would have been incredibly different to see them more than once on this tour.
  5. 2017/08/20 - Riverbend Music Center, Cincinnati, OH, USA

    A quick list! KYE Bang RevRad Holiday Letter bomb BOBD Longview Young 2000 Hitchin Around Welcome Minority Are We Jimmy Knowledge BC She KFAD SB FN Encore: American Idiot JOS Billie Encore: 21G GR Forgive my abbreviation
  6. 2017/08/20 - Riverbend Music Center, Cincinnati, OH, USA

    Show's over. Nothing new tonight. I'm walking out of the venue and the first thing I hear a girl say is "This was the best day of my life." D'aww.
  7. Green Day Instagram Photos

    Billie, like all the rest of us, has every right to do whatever he wants when not working even if that includes getting fucked up and passing out drunk to be fair. He did drugs and excessive alcohol for decades and still did amazing tours and put out some of the best albums of their careers. If he is getting fucked up between every single show it's his business. It's not affecting the tour if it is the case so just like before iheart nobody needs to know. Pat obviously looked out for Billie over the years (or saved him when it went too far anyway in 2012) so one can assume if another disaster was brewing the new manager would step up and do likewise. Otherwise it's nobody's business but Billie's. He is the alcoholic. He knows what he can and can't do in relation to alcohol.
  8. British band Bastille release 'Basket Case' cover

    I was so happy when I found out Bastille covered "Basket Case"! I saw Bastille 3 times when they were touring Bad Blood in 2013-2014. I'm a fan of theirs and my mom is even a bigger fan of theirs (why we saw them that many times on one tour). I liked that they didn't try to do a straight cover of it or do it electronic. I loved the orchestral backing. I had no idea what The Tick was so I googled it, but I don't get what "Basket Case" has to do with a superhero. Regardless, when I get more iTunes money I'll definitely be buying this single!
  9. Green Day Instagram Photos

    Seriously, as long as it doesn't result in another cancelled tour or greater issue, he can fire away on the cocktails for all I care. He has earned the right to do whatever he likes. If the man wants to have a cocktail, more power to him. As long as I don't have to deal with another rescheduled tour or worse as a result! Plus, he's in a far better place now, I trust his and his close circle to recognize the healthy/ harmless (cocktail with friends) from the dangerous (traveling with narcotics and mixing with hard booze or a dozen drinks onstage). I don't need or even want him to be a saint, I just want to make sure he's healthy and still doing this a couple decades from now. A guy who writes and performs a song like Still Breathing every night hopefully knows his limits. In Billie and his close inner circle I trust. I'm just glad to see theyr're having fun.
  10. New shows setlist discussion

    Well they must have a reason. They have to be aware of their options and are choosing to keep the show the same. What do you suppose those reasons are from the band's perspective? What are the arguments in favor of not changing it up?
  11. New shows setlist discussion

    Yes. You said what I was feeling. As you can tell, I like to hedge my commentary with "I'm still incredibly grateful for the lifetime of enjoyment and for enlightening me to unbelievable music and performances" since I can never speak poorly about these guys in a public forum- they've been so good to me in every way- but yes, I agree with you 100%. The frustrating part as you know isn't even us doing the standard entitled fan griping shit (yeah, why don't they play my song ever) but it's more of a brotherly thing: - I know you can do better, I've even seen it recently (NY in the fall, what a set) - Yet you take the safe and stale route every single night - You're still in the prime of your life, at some point this will all end- carpe diem, show us what you can do! It's like a brotherly/ parental type thing- spread your wings dammit and show the world how fucking good you are. You're one of the best fucking bands on the planet. Some of us have seen it in action, it's sick. And this comes from those of us who know a thing about shows and have seen the best of the best (LaughingClock, for example). Now show the world what you're capable of. You're that good.
  12. What Are You Currently Watching?

    CNN's The Nineties ... They didn't mention Green Day until the end when they played Good Riddance over the last clip/credits
  13. 6 hours for me. ((Color me surprised. This may be the msot hyped Green Day show of 2017. ))
  14. Today
  15. New shows setlist discussion

    You got that shit right! It is not because of pyro that they don't charge the songs. Stop the insanity on this notion. I will tell you FOR A FACT that it is not the reason. They barely have a pyro show. Trust me on this one guys.
  16. Green Day Instagram Photos

  17. 2017/08/05 - Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum, Oakland, CA, USA

    13. Green Day, Catfish and the Battlemen, Oracle Arena, Oakland, Calif. Aug. 5, 2017 $1,864,545 25,948 /37,5161 From Billboard
  18. 2017/08/20 - Riverbend Music Center, Cincinnati, OH, USA

    More streams: https://www.periscope.tv/brianruschman/1OwxWonlXwWxQ https://www.periscope.tv/EricFFKing/1lPKqwRNBqeJb
  19. No, I'm just gonna milk that stupid-ass meme for as long as possible I'm just glad it worked out! That's about what I paid for Wrigley and idt I'll have that decent of a view! I guess you can jist dance in your seat, that's what I did at the Joe. This is your first outdoor show, too (my mom pointed this out re: Wrigley for us, but obviously now this is your first outdoor), stay cool!
  20. @AlissaGoesRAWR check this out.
  21. Green Day Donates Original Tour Bus To Wheels For Wishes

    Hey everyone, Today I visited the rock and roll hall of fame and there was a bookmobile in front of the hall. There was no discription or any sign but i think it is green days bookmobile. I could look inside and there was a green streetsign with “longview blvd“ in it. Sorry for the bad english, but i am not a native speaker 🙂 Greetings Jackie
  22. Green Day tells Greg to "shut up"

    Greg is, as people have been saying, Greg Schneider. He's Bill's brother and the band's photographer. He's the one with the hoodie pulled over his face in the video.
  23. Green Day Instagram Photos

    Better Quality...you can actually hear the audio!
  24. New shows setlist discussion

    I saw them for my third time in March in Green Bay. Awesome show as always, but I was really hoping for "Christie Road", "Troubled Times", and "Scattered" songs that were played this tour, but dropped from the setlist. At least the show I went to had "Waiting" and "Ordinary World", because it looks like those are both dropped now. This tour has been really disappointing in terms of setlists, not changing at all nightly and only changing slightly from leg to leg ( in this case for the worse from spring to summer). They could change the setlist more, I don't buy that pyro is the reason they aren't changing the setlists. They don't even use pyro on every song. And their backdrops stay up for multiple songs each, they don't change them every song. I don't think they really want to risk it and change the setlists this tour. I don't hold all bands to that standard but compared to when I saw them for my second time on the trilogy tour and in terms of old songs I saw "Letterbomb", "Burnout", "Disappearing Boy", "2000 Light Years Away", "Going To Pasalacqua", and "When I Come Around" all for the first time, I was slightly disappointed in the amount of old songs I hadn't seen (2: "Waiting" and "Knowledge") for my third Green Day show. They're still one of the best live bands around, but I would have been happier with a setlist from the club leg of the tour, which for the show near me I was unable to secure tickets for.
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