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  2. @Second favourite son I really liked that.
  3. Tinkle



    can't get this out of my head:lol:

  4. Song is boring, but cool video
  5. I got an email saying they now ship internationally but when I click of link it says its a corrupt dangerous website
  6. Man I love baseball tees. I hope that I'll be able to get one from the stockholm show!
  7. You, m'lady, deserve a cookie!
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  9. lol really? Omg that's so weird!
  10. Excellent first picture for the new thread!
  11. The video was actually started before he won and it wasn't going to be Trump-oriented until after. Some interesting pieces from the director from these sites: 1, 2, 3 Since October 17, the producer from A Coruña Manu Viqueira hasn't ceased to be amazed. Nor to work. That day, ten impressive lines arrived to his email box. They were signed by Devin Sarno, supervisor musician who is Warner Bros' boss of video clips. Would you be interested in making Green Day's next video? They did not know each other, Viqueira had never contacted him, he hadn't sent him any of his work. His creations posted on Vimeo (a network like YouTube for professionals) captured the attention of a guru in Los Angeles who has worked with Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Linkin Park, Smashing Pumpkins... Manu Viqueira works for the TV and for commercials and now can boast about being the director, producer and screenwriter for Green Day's video. David Rodriguez Simón took care of the texts and the graphics. "A few months ago I received an email from Devin Sarno, who presented himself as the head of video clips for Warner and was interested in my work. I couldn't believe it. I looked him up on Linkedin and saw he existed. He added me to his Vimeo profile and I slowly realized he was serious". How did they get to him? Suporting talent. Devin Sarno stated in an interview that he usually "surfs in people's likes". Manu Viqueira had "liked" several videos of an American director, Chris Curtis, who ended up directing a piece for Green Day. Curtis returned the "like" and this was the track that the head of Warner followed. He was looking for a style just as the one of Viqueira: animated collages, photographs and illustration. A "more is more," defines the director, which fits with what he and the group had planned to do for the single Troubled Times. "It's what I've been doing for ten years, what happens is that now ... I did it for Green Day!" At first the song was about the nonsense of wars and in the end they changed the subject a little because of Trump's victory. They decided to address more civil rights and the problems that American society faces", he explains. He and David got down to work and did what they know best, assemble images, visual collage, attach messages... for two months. "They gave me total freedom. The truth is that it was a pleasure to work with them. I had never done it for Los Angeles". Sarno was so convinced that he wanted him to do the job that, despite thinking of a quick production, he let Manu Viqueira enjoy a sort of planned honeymoon in the Philippines. The weeks before Viqueira took the plane, he hardly slept to send them a part of the work. But that work remained in a drawer. Didn't they like it? Quite the opposite, only that the circumstances had changed. "Actually the song was related to the Bataclan and they asked me for a videoclip about war ... but Trump won," he tells. Thus, the intuition that the electoral result would affect the order, that he already had when he found out about the results at a Philippine airport, got confirmed when he returned. Billie Joe Amstrong's band decided that this chance couldn't be missed: "the theme changed to civil rights, suffragists and Trump's victory." Now to start over. "Do you see yourself prepared?" Sarno asked when he told him about the sudden change of plans. It was his turn to talk about another country, another story ... He thought about it. "I feel identified with strange voting" (Idk what he means) he concluded. So it was his time to study, to see movies, to read ... and to put himself in front of the computer. On his side in the process was David Rodriguez Simón, his "spiritual guide." Viqueira was in charge of the direction, the effects, the animation and the script; And Rodriguez, also an illustrator, collaborated with the design and composition. For the final result it helped, he acknowledges, that he found "total freedom" to direct, something else to add to the list of surprises in his story. "I have worked here and they have given me thousands of indications, for Green Day they saw something they liked and left it in my hands," he says. It is a very good thing, he considers, but also "that puts pressure on you," a "feeling in the stomach" that has not yet gone. "And it freaked them out!" He laughed again, still nervous. He took the job so seriously that, instead of sending them a sketch, he sent them a minute and a half. It was four in the morning and he couldn't wait. So he took the bike - he rolls at night - and went to the Tower. Under its light he saw on his cell phone an email from Los Angeles from the producer and the band, one of the most important in his life: Best I've seen all year. Thank you so much. " This work, made in collaboration with David Rodriguez Simón, was released yesterday, on the day of Martin Luther King, according to express wish of the band. Yesterday, shortly before the premiere, the video had already been reproduced thousands of times and the comments on the content of the work are multiplying in social media. "It's killing it, it's incredible. We're a bit overwhelmed and in the US it's still early [the release time was four in the afternoon Spanish time], you'll see when more people see it, "celebrated Manu, who allowed himself the treat of including his image and David's in a few stills.
  12. Those rules have not changed and it has now been clarified in the OP. Thanks for pointing it out
  13. Hang on are we posting all pictures that are posted by immediate family members now? As in all photos posted by batmansmom, mnnesotagirl, bubukittyfk and jakob and joey? That seems pretty bizarre. I assume you mean photos they post that directly relate to or feature band members? I ask because already on this page there's a random picture of a bridge posted by mnnesotagirl.
  14. RougeRogue

    Adding another concert to my list! Goo Goo Dolls is playing at Busch Gardens' concert series and I have a pass. How could I pass up a free concert? And it's a mere week before my Green Day show. :lol:

  15. Thank you for sharing this! Your view got the production so amazingly - it's one of my top RevRad tracks and I definitely need to capture it when I see them in March!
  16. I'd put it more to YouTube putting it on their trending page when it had 200,000 views. This is my favorite song but views are a tough way to tell if something got traction with people naturally
  17. Especially with their first USA and EU tour they could have experimented so much. They play so many small venues, it's the ideal moment to try something new instead of repeating the known formula over and over again. It's one that works, I'll give 'em that, but you can always try and up the performance even more. Or give the die-hard oldskool fans a treat or two.
  18. Tanner Patrick is the only one I have interest in. He didn't originate from YouTube, as I had discovered him in his previous band (Disco Curtis) years prior to him using the site as a platform for being solo. He uploads covers, which get quite the views! They are mostly what you hear on the radio today, but his videos make me actually like these songs with his own recordings. Check it out for yourself: https://www.youtube.com/user/TannerPatrick
  19. One of the best ones yet from RevRad era! Good use of platform to put the message out. It's even created a stir, as someone commented on a post about the video saying they are not going to support Green Day or buy their merch anymore.
  20. I wish they were selling the glow in the dark scribble mask t-shirt design on this tour with dates on the back, but I think I will settle with the RevRad cover tour one! Also, having the masks there is temping since 2/3 are currently unavailable online. I have lots of time to decide, anyway, since my show will be in March.
  21. Top 5 Best Pop Punk Bands GREEN DAY– Best Pop Punk Bands Continuing where the Ramones left off, and adding their own flair, Green Day has clicked with a younger audience. Twenty years later, Green Day have become more commercial. Generally recognized and popular, but still rocked the establishment even more fiercely than before. Green Day remains leaders of this musical genre. From Dookie to today, everything is great! https://jambothompson.staging.wpengine.com/best-pop-punk-bands/
  22. This is true, but I do think they underestimate how many less well known songs they could play and still have everyone into it. It also isn't necessary to play 7 songs from American Idiot (half of which aren't even hits) every night. I think they do it because they value the crowd reaction over everything and probably just like playing songs from that album, but I think they could be a little bit braver and still achieve a great show with great crowd interaction. I love seeing the well known songs that have fun traditions that go with them etc, but there's no reason why they couldn't switch up some of the less well known of the well known ones that don't have traditions attached and aren't integral to the show. But saying that I'd still rather see a totally standard setlist with no deviation than them just rip through random songs without all the extra fun stuff and things to look forward to that come with the structured show they've evolved over the years, for the most part I'm a fan of it.
  23. Billie Hoe

    green day were in my city today while i was gone fuck me sideways, i hate my life

    1. Ellen Caulfield

      Ellen Caulfield

      Lucky one :D 

    2. Billie Hoe

      Billie Hoe

      "lucky" yeah right lol

  24. I think this video might be GD's most disliked music video. It has more dislikes than Kill the DJ which I believe was their most disliked before. It doesn't matter though because they're just butt-hurt Trump supporters
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