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    Wow DAMN is trippy . It has a dream like feel when I listen to it. And lyrically so complex! I can definitely see that it'll benefit from multiple listens, there's layers and layers to each song and I feel like I've barely scratched the surface hearing it a few times. Not as easy to get into as TPAB or GKMC but I like it, it's compelling and feels like his soul being bared.
  3. Tips for what I should see/do in Dublin? I have been once before, but that was for St. Patrick's day. So I basically just saw the parade and Dublin castle.
  4. You've won me over . I want to see dreaded Billie.
  5. WE are lucky to be his ladies fan..or he is lucky to have Us..but he doesn't know it yet or he will never KNOW!
  6. I don't really think O.W will be out as single anytime soon. That song is not really "Green day's Song" it is Billie solo's kind of thing for the film. It is just one those special song that just add to album. but you never know.
  7. WHY NOT BOTH. Geeze, Liam, dream a little bigger
  8. Yeah but I actually have the days off so I can make a 100% commitment
  9. General rule of thumb is to avoid YouTube comments
  10. This is the Idiocy I have been fighting on youtube for 4 fucking months. The song is Rotting. (And I'm schube98, by the way) g68unit 4 months ago If you don't like this song, you have to be gay. That's the only possible explanation. "Kiss me one last time", hear that? That's referring to heterosexual love. Faggots hate that, because they know they will never be able to have kids. Losers. schube98 4 months ago moron. g68unit 4 months ago +schube98 Faggot identified. Broken. Clique 2 months ago g68unit tf is wrong with you?? g68unit 2 months ago +Broken. Clique What's wrong with you? Are a faggot too? Broken. Clique 2 months ago +g68unit Yup g68unit 2 months ago You are a mentally sick pervert. Umwemto 24 2 weeks ago Kill your self please no one will miss you homophobic cunt you don't deserve to be a green day fan g68unit 1 week ago Go get AIDS and die, faggot loving pervert. Umwemto 24 1 week ago g68unit are you Christian? you twat Umwemto 24 1 week ago g68unit they can have kids they can adopt Dick ed Umwemto 24 1 week ago g68unit I'm bi and I will go round you house and sit on your mom until your dad turns to concrete I actually hope your parents watch you get murdered schube98 1 week ago Ya do know Billie Joe is bisexual, don't you? g68unit 30 minutes ago You know that he actually isn't bisexual, and that he's been married to a woman for 20+ years? Billy joe is a total cuck and libtard and he will say anything to try to be PC schube98 1 second ago +g68unit k, and you do realize that you can be - 'dramatic pause' - bisexual AND married. Also, its Billie
  11. You still have plenty of time to decide
  12. Wow theyre really grasping at straws here
  13. That Chorus was a tragedy. Sounds like some shitty 80's song that I can't put my finger on at the moment. Drumming needed some work too. Only positive was the loud bass on this track. So far some of these covers have been pretty good. My favourite is Burnout by Bayside, and Coming Clean is pretty good too
  14. Soooo should I come to Sydney or Melbourne?
  15. Great post, and you last sentence is 100% correct. They have a rare luxury in music that they're clearly enjoying: put out as good an album as you can and have no regrets about it. Check. Hope the fans will enjoy it. Check. And not care about the album sales financially supporting you anymore (since they're already financially secure) but just make sure you put on a great live show and the new stuff resonates enough with fans so you can play some of it but not totally tailor your setlist to greatest hits only. Check. And, as a fallback, you can still fill large clubs/ arenas if the album totally flops just through playing your hits and deeper tracks in front of your fanbase. Because you are a beloved legendary band and you've earned this status. Luckily for us, they didn't go this route because the new stuff is so good, but that's a hell of a fallback plan. I'd say they're in a great position and even if RevRad hadn't sold a single copy except to their most diehard fans they'd still be on top of the world. And since they aren't going to release an album that they don't feel 100% great about at this point in their careers, they never had to worry about the worst case scenario anyway. They've earned this with 2-3 decades of excellence, and boy is it enjoyable as a fan.
  16. I agree with this. I'm not a huge fan of All Time Low, but this is a decent cover. Definitely needs more guitar though.
  17. It sounds cheesy compared to the original. Totally lacks the passion and rawness of Dookie.
  18. You guys are killin me with these pictures. All I can think is what a lucky woman Adrienne is.
  19. I can't love your post enough to represent my true feelings- so I hope my one "like" helps though. These are side real estate investments. If Mike and family actually spent a half dozen nights at either place I'd be shocked- possibly at one while spending time in the area, but like you said, if it were his primary home it would be a much more expensive place. Just running some quick rock star math with all their album sales and tours, etc. his primary home could be $20-30 million if he wanted (and I don't think it is- last I checked many years ago they were all living in $5-10 million places in the Bay area). So, if he wanted a second LA home for the several weeks a year they spend there, I would think he'd go for a waterfront, 5,000+ sq. ft. place, which would be about $10million. If I had to guess- I haven't checked CA land records or anything, but it's all publicly available- I'd say they would all comfortably afford $40 million of houses apiece, and between the Bay, LA, and NY that leaves them about $10-15million to spread around in each location. And of course you'd spend the most at your primary home, so they could easily spend $20million for their primary houses if they chose. But I don't think they have- I haven't seen any news about them building mega mansions like I have with other celebrities and business "rock stars". If those numbers seem outrageous, well, hopefully it's inspiration to work hard and achieve your dreams. You don't need to be a mega rock star to afford a $4million place like the one advertised here- you just need to do something well, work hard at it, and hopefully get a little lucky along the way. And that equation is fungible for sure- some have more luck than others, and some just outwork everyone else. And getting there through hard work (like these guys) is obviously the more fulfilling route.
  20. i love his angry face when he sing..at last one.. I hope Billie doesn't come here at GDC looking at this thread. I would be dead..and he would be laugh because what I am posting about him.
  21. it's alllllllllllll pop punk
  22. I like their old stuff, not the biggest fan but was always able to find songs on each of their albums. However this is pretty fresh
  23. Super sad that I got upper bowl tickets (I really hope I can see them) and then they released the 2nd show dammit.
  24. This song is surprisingly listenable. It's a lot better than their bubble gum pop punk thing that they do. It's refreshing and something different.
  25. T-shirt Billie! And I'm posting this one just because
  26. Aren't they a cover band? I've heard some of their stuff, it's not bad, I just don't really like the idea of a cover band opening up for Green Day.
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