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  2. Other than the fact that I thoroughly enjoyed their set on wednesday, I'd just like to say the Wolves album + spinning is an excellent combo
  3. The blackout could have happenned in another place or during another band's concert. It's not Germany's fault if the power shut down during the show of Green Day. I don't think the band is mad about what happenned. Billie Joe did try to save the show the best he could and he considers this moment to be a magical one. And anyway, Germany is a big market for Green Day. The band will never turn their back to this country.
  4. They can't! They can just fire me if I don't perform well or if I take too many days off. I don't know.
  5. I'm watching Ed Sheeran's Glastonbury set on the TV and I'm pretty sure I just heard them playing a tiny snippet of Good Riddance over the speakers before the set started.
  6. No need to bump on this site unless the post is days old Can you post pictures of the spine, inside of the j-card, and both sides of the tape? That will help figure out what this is. I can't find this version of the tape on Discogs, but I know I've seen it before somewhere
  7. *1995, so *Insomniac I dare say they were pretty huge in the UK at least by 95 and the second album. But anyway I wasn't comparing them, only an observation that Green Day were taking off in America just as that performance above was taking place. I used to follow Oasis, now I follow Green Day, it's fun to connect pieces.
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  9. I'm down for a meet up too! Hope it'll work out
  10. So, a week ago we were seeing Green Day It seems to me like a lot more time has passed for some reason... I miss them so much (really kicking myself for not doing at least one more show...), but just watching videos makes me so happy, currently on this one
  11. Only of You
  12. Also can't wait to meet you guys.
  13. his eyes..and yes he should wore stripe t-shirt more often..or just goes shirtless.
  14. gorgeous pic of Rain-billie and 21 guns..
  15. I would rather suggest that Oasis broke out in 1997, actually. Yeah, they released "Definitely Maybe" that year, but 1997 was the time when that ungodly song "Wonderwall" got released, while at the time, Green Day released "Nimrod". But, Green Day also exploded in 2004 with "American Idiot", while Oasis wasn't that special at the time since Liam's voice began to deteriorate.
  16. Those guys need more exposition for sure. I am in love with them, with all the chord changes and stuff... I don't know, I would just recommend listening to hear what's so special about them.
  17. I just came here to post the same picture. He's got the sweetest smile and the most gorgeous curls. I love them Exactly - his natural curly hair is even better than any straightened hairstyle and it would spare him a lot of time and effort. Agreed, though. I love watching the progress!
  18. They finally play 21 Guns, but during a power outtage. How badass is that?
  19. bumping this one up ^^
  20. GREEN DAY ARE IN DUBLIN!!! Check out Tre's insta story!
  21. pump it..pump good..Omg I having heart attack!
  22. Looks a bit like a bootleg maybe?
  23. Nimrod
  24. If you have no contract how can they hold you to anything?
  25. Order confirmation and the credit card that was used to purchase the tickets.
  26. Love that shit, he's so in his element
  27. Yes it was nice to see, do you think they were thinking, "wow, that little guy is awesome"
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