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  2. Jakob Danger Armstrong

  3. Project Chimps

    For those interested, there is a Project Chimps event in Boston on April 12th. You can register through the Project Chimps website. As you likely are aware, this is a charity that the band supports dearly. It is free and if you are near Boston on this date and interested, please take a look and RSVP if you would like to attend. Thanks.
  4. The Longshot

    I subscribed to the newsletter of the venue in NYC JUST in case... Or rather it would have went through but told me an error message
  5. The Longshot

    A rockabilly album?
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    No, it never does
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  8. The Longshot

    Side project with Elvis and Johnny Cash?
  9. The Green Day Fangirls' Confessions Thread

    I missed the two live streams with the puppet by 5 hours each, he does them in the middle of the night for me, and I'm beginning to ask myself if I let my phone turned on during the night so I can maybe catch one of his streams (which hasn't happened to me yet!) although, it has been a great way to wake up: both times I turned on my phone while stopping the alarm, saw the instagram notification, watched his livestream and had a huge laugh as first thing of the day it' amazes me how embarrassing he can be. Can't wait for next Monday (sorry, Joey!). But it's a shame he didn't show his face once! I could stare as his smile forever :
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  11. If you could ''change'' a song...

    In Still Breathing, in the album version we can hardly hear Billie singing the chorus during the guitar interlude, while he signs it loud and so beautifully live. But since I got to hear it, in real and in several other live versions through videos, don't now if I want it to be like this on the original version as well ? I generally love all the vocal variations of Billie's compared to album versions of songs, but I also like that they are variations, precisely. Apart from that, I love No One Knows, but not too much the end. But I don't really know what I would like it to sound like. Agreed that Back In The USA is too short, but leave Brutal Love and Outlaws alone
  12. Sofouska


    1. Smoldering Panda

      Smoldering Panda

      SOFO! <3

      It's Liam, otherwise known as 3's/Garfield/Liam333333

      How are you? It's been ages. :wub: 

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    All I can think of is when Ron Burgundy gets promoted to be a World News Center reporter.
  14. Green Day Instagram Photos

    I'm a bit late, can someone post for me a link to the Mt. Eddy livestream?
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    no u don't and no u aren't.
  16. I agree he is a very good back up vocalist, but as a lead singer, I just don't find his voice pleasant.
  17. Blasphemy & Genocide: Unpopular Green Day Opinions, Part 2

    I like to hear it every now and then but he's a much better back up vocalist. I think in terms of lead vocals, he sounds great on American Eulogy but on Governator and Homecoming, he's alright... Nothing spectacular.
  18. If you could ''change'' a song...

    This is more of a guitar nerd thing, but I would've recorded some of the Kerplunk songs in standard tuning. Eb works fine on some of the songs, like One for the Razorbacks, Christie Road, 80, etc. But certain ones, like Private Ale, would work SO much better in standard! I'd do 2,000 Light Years Away in D too. There's performances where they're playing it in D (like on Radio Daze) and I think it sounds way better that way.
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    I guess you can say that.. masturbation has lost it's fun.
  20. Here is an unpopular opinion. I really don't like Mikes voice at all. I find it to be a strange pitch and monotone. I actually think Tre is a much better singer. However, Mike's voice does lend itself to a good back up vocalist for Billie. But as a solo singer, I would rather listen to Youngblood on repeat.
  21. Overrated bands

    This x 10,000
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    New members do not have access to it (to keep lurking creeps out)
  23. Operation Ivy

    I try to know everyone! That's how you find recordings
  24. The Longshot

  25. The Church of Green Day - Now that we are ordained...

    ^this is beautiful
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