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  2. 9876gwen

    My first convention was great~

  3. I love this. Makes me wish I was a skater .
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  5. As much as I love Forever Now, ditching JOS for it wouldn't be a very clever move in my opinion considering JOS was a single and as a song is probably considered superior by most people. I would personally be quite sad to lose that song but KFAD I could probably do without. I also think playing a full cover of one bands song instead of their little snippets would be better, and yes I have already taken Knowledge into consideration but as it was featured on one of the bands earlier albums I don't consider it a cover in the typical sense. It's been a while since we've heard "I Fought the Law" or "We are the Champions" and I think Green Day play amazing covers of those songs.
  6. Insomniac has the absolute greatest three chord songs ever. They all have their own special heavy sound. I just love the angry shit!
  7. I love their new album. I know it's been out for a while but I have been listening to it nonstop lately.
  8. I know they already play it, I was at the o2 gig too what I meant was they could drop JOS and have Forever Now as a replacement in the set, instead of playing both. I don't really think it's a top live song for most people, but I know it's Billies pride and joy and it probably won't get dropped. But it's so long, they could put three more songs in its place! KFAD is shorter than its been in the past so it's an improvement How dare you
  9. yeah I found that too. I normally go XS with band or graphic t-shirts because they're always a pretty baggy fit. But these were so slim!
  10. @Emilie Im glad they didnt have XS t-shirts in stock - the one I got is really slim fit - I couldn't have gone any smaller.
  11. I don't get it, you want them to play the same song twice? As I've already pointed out they already play Forever Now
  12. Maturity is no fun
  13. This made me laugh and I now feel very immature.
  14. Similar they are both unlikely to happen
  15. Is that Adriennes brothers place
  16. Wallet hates me
  17. This one looks so cool! via Familia Skateshop ‏@familiask8shop Fam x @SENDxHELP "BLUE" board for Billie Joe Armstrong each purchase entered in raffle for VIP tix to Green Day show April 1st (at Xcel Energy Center, St. Paul, MN) http://familiaskateshop.com/familia-skateshop-familia-bj-blue-deck.html $45.00 Availability: In stock Familia x SEND x HELP Inspirational Series Billie Joe Armstrong Blue Deck 8.5" Art by Todd Bratrud http://www.familiaskateshop.com/familia-skateshop-familia-x-send-help-bj-blue-deck.html Vía Green Day Live On Tour *sorry if the tittle it's wrong.
  18. I'm starting a movement #dumpjos
  19. Yeah! KFAD/Shout doesn't take that long when you consider it's two whole songs plus covers, and it's different to everything else in the show. When there's seven American Idiot songs (over half the album) on the setlist I think it's clear which album should be first to have a couple of songs sacrificed
  20. Alright I got one. On the 39/Smooth cassette track one is entitled "At The Library With Waba Se Wasca". Anyone know who that is? Or have they ever seen or noticed this?
  21. Mass Hysteria
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