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  2. After 10 years

    Hi Sylwia, welcome to GDC! I've been a Green Day fan for almost 13 years myself.
  3. First Green Day song you heard?

    Oddly enough it was "Espionage", I had the Austin Powers soundtrack when I was in grade school.
  4. Green Day Fan Photos

  5. Today
  6. The Angry Thread

    That’s good you’re getting a new therapist cause that one sounds like they’re aren’t good
  7. Just got to Union Station... Gonna Metro to my Airbnb for a quick nap. Hope to be at the venue around 5... Have fun everyone!
  8. Which perfume?

    I would take a wild guess at Fierce by Abercrombie & Fitch
  9. You know you're a Green Day fan when...

    You know they're a fan of their entire discography when they have a 39/smooth shirt. There's probably countless amount of people who own American Idiot shirts that don't know any more than 4 Green Day songs.
  10. The Angry Thread

    Nah it's not that much of a big deal. The damage is already done and I'm supposed to be getting a new therapist soon anyway. Thanks anyway though.
  11. The Angry Thread

    I’d look under the laws and see if you could bring action towards the therapist I know you’re not in the US so I’m not sure how the laws are there but they’re usually bound to a clause that doesn’t allow them to reveal anything to another person unless you threatened to harm yourself or others or have a court order in court
  12. University/College

    That’s amazing! Come to Guelph!
  13. The Angry Thread

    My therapist sent a letter to my mam which included some stuff that was supposed to be confidential and she said she wouldn't tell my mam about. So now my mam knows stuff that I didn't want her to know and she keeps asking me questions about it which is the whole point I didn't want her to know. I just don't get how people can be so incompetent. But anyways, the damage is done, no point in dwelling on it now.
  14. Apparently I fucked up... of course. Whoops. Fixed?
  15. The Green Day Fangirls' Confessions Thread

    Ooh yes, the leather pants and white jacket was a good look.😍😍😍
  16. Which perfume?

    I just had to thought about the part of this one interview where he talked about being a parent when this toilet paper issue came up . "You have to clean up puke, change a diaper or wake up incredible early." Can't help. Just picture Billie like this right now. Cleaning up his sons puke or changing a diaper when his kids were young.
  17. The Green Day Fangirls' Confessions Thread

    Such a look! They totally owned the show too, rolling up in the BOBD car looking like that, winning like 7 awards including video of the year, and topping it off with an awesome performance. One of their finest moments.
  18. Doors are at 8, according to their website. The venue isn’t open yet, which may explain the dropped calls. I think I see you guys. Is one of you charging your phone?
  19. My sister and I are on our way! Got pushed back with time due to a flat tire 😭 but hopefully there before the show starts! Still in Ohio lmao. Anyone know what time will call and doors open? I tried calling but my calls keep dropping!!
  20. I'm on the red sleeping bag with @AlissaGoesRAWR and @Lindsay There were people sleeping on the street when we showed up with blankets and pillows, which is why I said they camped.
  21. This venue is next to an animal hospital and I’m 100 percent OK with spending the day watching all the doggies coming and going.
  22. All the proof you need is the look of despair on their faces
  23. Just got here. For anyone worrying, it’s really not that bad. Where’s all the camping stuff then? Khaleesi, where are you?
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