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Green Day - Band Photos


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This is a thread to post pictures of Green Day

There's a few basic rules you are asked to follow.

1. Don't hyperlink the pictures. Meaning, unless they are a thumbnail, the images should NOT be clickable.

2. Don't post more than 10 pictures a day in this thread. It helps control the flow of the thread and ensures that no one person is taking up a single page all to them self.

3.Please place GIFS in spoilers or better yet post them in the Green Day Gif Thread http://www.greendayc...green-day-gifs/

4. Posts must include an image (rule will be added again if this freedom is abused)


  • No pictures of the band's family members unless they are official publicity photos or from Green Day related events such as concerts, award shows, public events etc. This means no paparazzi photos and no private photos! This forum is dedicated to Green Day, not their families.
  • Requests for personal or paparazzi pictures (non-publicity pictures) of their kids, girlfriends, wives, brothers, sisters, parents, etc may not be made.
  • No nude pics of the band members
  • Don't be a dick. If you think there is a possibility that the band wouldn't want the picture on the internet, please extend that common courtesy to them.
  • A moderator has the right to remove a image if they feel it violates the policy.
If you break this policy, you will receive a verbal warning, if you continue to break this policy you will receive a warning.
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Wow, I haven't ever seen that one before! :o

That proves you've seen fuckloads of Green Day photos.

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That proves you've seen fuckloads of Green Day photos.

I certainly have.

But funnily enough, I don't remember ever seeing this one before either! :lol:

Looks like Billie's got leather or latex pants. Hahaha!


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This might be a new favorite one of mine.

It is pretty captivating isn't it.:lol: They're just at you saying "Yeah, you know we're hot. You can't turn away from this."


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