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Tracklist numbers' connection


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Has any you noticed that in Green Day history, many songs which share the same spot on their respective albums share many issues with each other? For example, as most people here know, even Tré Cool himself has said that songs in 7th spot are mostly ballads, with a few exceptions (they had to exist, "Troublemaker" cannot be a ballad). But the 13th songs in most albums also have the similarity of being slow, sad and usually depressive, dark and moving ("Walking Alone", "Whatsername", "Restless Heart Syndrome", "Amy", "Father To A Son"). The 11th songs in most albums define their total reception; "American Idiot" was connected with "Wake Me Up When September Ends", "Warning"'s "Minority" has created for most fans the idea of that album being energetic and fast-paced while it is the exact opposite, "Forever Now" gave "Revolution Radio" a sense of epicness which was not really present in the previous songs, "Jinx"'s nature is the protype for all "Nimrod" songs for most people and "Nightlife".... let us say it gave a certain picture for the entirety of 2012 albums. Finally the 5th track is usually considered amongst the weakest of each album. "Private Ale", "Pulling Teeth", "Scattered", "Are We The Waiting?", "Kill The DJ", "Wild One", "Outlaws" and one of @That Dude's favourite songs from "Father Of All...", although this year's "Dilemma" broke that cliché and became instantly a fan favourite. (And since i mentioned him, i still recall his statistics that tracks with numbers 9 or 6 have never been singles.)

Have you noticed other similar motivs in songs' spots?

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  • TheMostExpressivePrice changed the title to Tracklist numbers' connection

Of all my crazy Green Day thoughts, I've never pursued this particular avenue of thought.




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Dos! will forever be the most misunderstood album of Green Day's catalogue. People look and listen at the songs separately while being sober and think those songs are the worst when in reality it's the only Green Day theme album that has a clever and simple storyline from start to finish. It's a party album that is meant to be listened when you're drunk as fuck. You start off with innocence (See You Tonight) that is quickly thrown away due to horniness (Fuck Time), you rock the fuck out (Stop When the Red Lights Flash), party gets stopped for brief second due to you questioning your existence (Lazy Bones) but then you say fuck it and you try all these kinds of drugs, truth or dare games (Makeout Party) and keep drinking and rocking (Baby Eyes) until party is crashed (Wow! That's Loud) and the hangover officially starts with reflection (Amy). There is whole another story going on at the same time about other woman, later revealed to be Lady Cobra. Nightlife will never work as a separate song and needs context and theme because song isn't that good, but god does it work well with that record. It's perfect stop before loud finish to the party. I will always love that album to death.

Oops, sorry about that. Got kinda carried away there. No, I haven't seen any connection with tracklist numbers other than Wake Me Up When September Ends being on 11th as a reference to 9/11 attacks. Otherwise tracklists tend to follow the same shit; lead single is 1st track on the record, ballad is usually on 7th and somber song is in the end before closer. I haven't analyzed tracklists that deep to know how true it actually is, but that's the feeling I got from Saviors.

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Scattered among "the weakest"?  

It's been one of the band's most beloved songs since forever and considered a classic by the vast majority of the fanbase. 

Sorry, I'm not sure there's anything to see here TBH. Ballads tend to be towards the end of album. The rest are tenuous links at best. 

The band tend to follow a pretty well established track list pattern. 


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My only theory is that they probably made "80" track 8 on Kerplunk on purpose

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3 hours ago, Saviour said:

Dispersés parmi « les plus faibles » ?  

C'est l'une des chansons les plus appréciées du groupe depuis toujours et considérée comme un classique par la grande majorité des fans. 

Désolé, je ne suis pas sûr qu'il y ait quelque chose à voir ici TBH. Les ballades ont tendance à se situer vers la fin de l'album. Le reste sont, au mieux, des liens ténus. 

Le groupe a tendance à suivre un modèle de tracklist assez bien établi. 


i only defend the 13th song motiv, because after "Insomniac" all songs on that spot have similar issues. Others are, of course, debatable (and Tré Cool saying a joke about the 7th spot does not mean it necessarily applies in all cases).

i forgot to add that the 6th song in most albums has a faster pace and usually sounds more ''rock'' than the rest of the album ("Going To Pasalacqua", "All The Time", "St. Jimmy", "Christian's Inferno", "Makeout Party", "Stab You In The Heart" and definitely "1981").

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1st song always kicks a LOT of ass. At the Library, 2,000LYA, Burnout, Armatage, Nice Guys, even the slower more Kinks-like Warning, American Idiot, 21st Century Breakdown (I don't count SOTC as  an actual song but an intro), Nuclear Family, Brutal Love, Somewhere Now, Father of All (unpopular opinion lol), TADIKM. See You Tonight isn't really good tho.
2nd song is either something I remember only a few words of or a hit. Take into consideration Don't Leave Me, Razorbacks, Having a Blast, Brat, Blood Sex and Booze, Stay the Night (lol the irony bc I love it), Fuck Time, Missing You, Fire Ready Aim. As for the more-known, Hitchin, JoS, Know Your Enemy, Bang Bang, Look Ma.
3rd song is kickass a lot. I Was There, Kerplunk WtP, Chump, Stuck with Me, The Grouch, Church on Sunday, Holiday, Viva la Gloria!, Carpe Diem, Red Lights, 8th Ave., RevRad, Oh Yeah (which is sort of guilty pleasure mostly except for the Joan Jett sampling), Bobby Sox. And even then WtP, Stuck with Me, Holiday, RevRad, Oh Yeah and Bobby Sox did gain traction in a way that some are songs the beginner will know early and some are songs the casual fan will know getting into the deeper cuts.
4th song is always one which is a single or has slightly more traction. Except the one @TheMostExpressivePrice referenced in his name, the tired/bored song, the trilogy song that was supposed to be on 21CB and the song that has only been soundchecked and teased but not played in front of the audience of all kinds of GD fans but is very kickass. Disappearing Boy, Christie Road, Longview, Geek Stink Breath, Redundant, Boulevard, Before the Lobotomy (mentioned because it did become a live staple of the early 21CB tour legs), Let Yourself Go, Meet Me on the Roof..
5th song is NOT always the one that has weaker sound. But it alternates between singles, more-known non-singles and deepcuts and includes very major cases of kicking ass. Like REAL ass.
For the single category:
WtP Dookie
Kill the DJ

More-known non-singles:
Private Ale (sort of just became a medium cut in 2016-2017)
Scattered (was a staple of the Nimrod and early RevRad tours, maybe Warning but I might be wrong)
Castaway (a staple of the Warning tour)
Are We the Waiting

and deepcuts:
Green Day
No Pride
Christian's Inferno
Wild One
I Was a Teenage Teenager.
6th song is never a single. Going to Pasalacqua, DLS, Pulling Teeth, Bab's Uvula, All the Time, Misery, St. Jimmy, Last Night on Earth (Christian's Inferno if you count SOTC as a song unlike me), Fell for You (original mix), Makeout Party, Sex Drugs iirc that was the 6th, Concrete Dream, Stab You in the Heart and 1981 and the streak still hasn't broken. I do agree with @TheMostExpressivePrice on the fact that it's more centered around harder rock most of the time.
7th song is either soft or pretty rocky. 

16 (iirc)
Give Me Novacaine
Last Night on Earth (w/ SOTC)
Stray Heart (ig)
A Little Boy Named Train (iirc)

and the rest are pretty rocky. Goodnight Adeline is a power ballad and I include EJN using the no SOTC rule.
8th song alternates between rock, soft rock, basslinethatwillgiveyouhellallthefuckingtime, hardcore punk, Beatles-y stuff, kiss kiss Molly's Lips (Nirvana edition from Incesticide), acoustic rock (using the no SOTC rule), power pop, BOBD but FOAMF. It's pretty weird but bands change sounds with albums I guess.
9th song can be sort of shitty (Rest, Jackass maybe, Extraordinary Girl isn't actually a favorite because banging on bongos for like one minute, Walk Away because it doesn't grow on me but it will, Money and Crawl because it still isn't growing on me), awesome or I haven't listened to it but have hope.
10th song- okay I'm tired now here's to the end of yapping

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