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2024/06/15 - Greenfield Festival, Interlaken, Switzerland


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Please use this thread to talk about the June 15th, 2024 show at the Greenfield Festival in Interlaken, Switzerland.

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Anyone else going? If so feel free to slide into my dms :) 

this is gonna be great

cant believe it’s been 7 years since they were here last though yikes!

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1 hour ago, MillenniumFan said:

Man it’s only standing here by the catwalk, that the excitement of seeing my favourite band again after 7 years, knowing that there here somewhere, backstage, is starting to mount. Good stuff!

Did you live under a rock during the Hella Mega Tour?


Anyways: have fun tonight!

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On 6/16/2024 at 5:48 AM, MillenniumFan said:

Thanks, t’was a great night. No I mean I was following along, especially on GDC, but they didn’t come to Switzerland at the time and for various reasons it was hard for me to travel during 2022; plus the whole album tour cycle was not my favourite, not least a very rigid and unsatisfying setlist. Have to say, it feels really good that I see them now again, promoting an album I really like (they played OEB btw!) Crazy thing is, Billie almost seems younger now, than 7 years ago, madness… might be the hair.

I had the same impression, Billie (and all the boys) are in fantastic condition and seemed younger, it's not only the hair I guess (although I have become a fan of the blonde, it took a while😆). Also, I don't know what he did with his voice, but he sounds stunning, better than the last two tours, maybe even the best I've ever heard him since 2010. I think they are in a really good place right now, they have fun and they love it and you can feel that every single minute of the show. I've been to 3 shows so far, 1 still coming up, and this is already one of my (or the?) favorite tour.

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