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Feeling better today



Feeling better today

because I choose to come what may

I am not going to let you get me down 


I am not your clown 

to entertain you

I am not your puppet or your toy

to decide exactly how I should think, act or feel

when you are mean I have the right to scream

when you are cruel I don't have to stay

I do not have to isolate just because you say I am crazy

you are not even licensed to tell me that I am

You do not have the right to say what I am and what I'm not

I have the right to choose me and you have the right to choose you

If you want to be unhappy then keep doing the abuse

I for one do not choose that for me

I want out from this and I should not be sorry

Yet here I am trapped by Love 

with no way out

because you say

that I am crazy anyway.



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