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I apologize for thinking too hard



It's what I do.

and it's so uncool

thinking about everything including for and against you

I'm supposed to be an obsessed fan poet wouldn't ya know it

But here I am nothing more than a rhyming slow person making nothing much sense

when my opinion is out there it is entirely worthless

hey now self you really don't deserve this

what do I deserve then 

strike this thought

down into the underbrushes

its going nowhere positive

Love and Depression is who I am

an obsessed monster being that still walks the land

confused as F*** so just shut the hell up

because of all the lies that were told to her

and now she's blowing off some steam

not even trying not to scream

and though its very quiet

this thought is a riot -ing revolution that is out there

where no one has a thought or is even to care

when someone asks for help by telling their story 

all they get is a smile face written on their hand

a hand puppet

no one takes them seriously no one considers that the story is about chaos

they hear a complaint and to them it is fake

because everyone they hear complains too much

the cries of the wounded get lost in the sounds of the battle until they are quiet



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