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"Don't Let Me Down"



"Don't Let Me Down" 

I want you to be safe

self destruction is a huge mistake

take it from me I tried it myself

In my state of mind

man that time was rough

I thought there was no way out

of the establishment

that I put myself in

that's right I quit

I quit wondering why things happened the way that they did

it was all my fault

I was a grown-ass kid

Don't make my mistake

don't slow suicide

I ate too much sugar 

that I cannot deny

now I am fighting extreme nerve pain

In hanging myself there is nothing to gain

but in telling my story

perhaps I can help

to keep this from happening to someone else

I created my situation

that truth is a lie

it is way more complicated

that I cannot deny

I lost my mind

I twisted my thought

I believed things I shouldn't

I messed with a lot

I'm broken , I'm broke and I keep breaking things

I am tired of hurting

and I want to scream

In silence I sit 

it all is an act

there is no truth as long as the lies all exist

except that they are lies

the truth is they are lies... don't you see

this is what is disturbing me

I have no hope of singing with you

I am way too late and you might be through


all of my hope is now gone

but is it a lie

or is it insane

why do my memories cause me so much damned pain

I am told that everything I believed is not real

that false memories have been allowed to congeal

I am told I am loved and yet I felt left behind

told I'm not real that I don't exist

was only just the beginning of it

how long did it take me to write this? I do not know

but I have just done it

perhaps way too slow

for you to remember 

why I am me

I know too much for my own good and it is causing me grief

too many lies are my disease



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