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we create chaos



We need to check our own selves in the sparkling waters of self reflection of our behavior from time to time to see what inner beauty we hold so that we can behold our own thought and consider what is reality and what is twisted and what does do shine..... is it our aspirations, our inspirations or negativity that takes the center light and what is it that we choose to bring out into the spot light on our perspective of a perfect stage. It is not quite so simple as what we physically view and what we hear...... we really need a combination of all of our senses to get pieces of a part of creation.    Remember.... we are ALL God's creations and as such we should treat each other with the respect due to ALL of God's creations.   When we respect God by showing respect for ALL of God's creations.... only then will we be on a path toward a peaceful life.   Yes , everyone has their own point of view on what is positive, but if we waste our time on trying to make everything into what seems perfect we create chaos.


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