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Hot Take: Black History Month is a Joke



Ah yes, the first day of February. Alas, the biased, incomplete history of a whole race people can be crammed down naieve people everywhere. 

I live in the grand ol’ American south, so maybe my experience with this dreaded excuse of inclusiveness is different than others.

So let’s start off with some universal truths. Who does this month service? Who does it educate? 

I can answer that. Black history month is just an excuse for white people to say that they’re woke because they know who MLKJ is. There’s no intent in educating anyone on black history and it shows.

When I was in school, we’d learn about the same damn historical figures every fucking year. Always MLKJ, Harriet Tubman, Rosa Parks... you get the gist. We’d never learn about people like Lewis Latimer, a very important inventor who actually invented the light bulb filament (the thing that makes it work). Guess who got the credit for that? 

Black history month is just white people doing the bare minimum (and even that’s done poorly). They tell their version of history and leave out the most important parts. And this fucked up system not only encourages it; it perpetuates it.

Why is there only a month dedicated to black history? I didn’t know you could educate me about the history of my people in the shortest month of the year. Why not make a move to incorporate true black history into the curriculum? That’s better than handing us this sorry excuse of progress.

Black history is American history. I honestly don’t know who white people think built this damn country, but it wasn’t George Washington. No, it was the POC and the European immigrants (credit where credit is due. This is just unbiased truth. When immigration was booming in the 1900s, the xenophobia was off the charts to all immigrant groups). I think we should teach more Americans history and not just their whitewashed, glorified version called “history for the ignorant white man” (I’m trademarking that). 

Here’s my last point and then I’ll get off my soapbox. While black history month is “great” and all, what about other POC? The only other month for a colored group I can think of is Hispanic heritage month. That gets overlooked all the time, and it’s outrageous. This is just another reason why we should incorporate colored history into school curriculum. I know how it feels to be a young kind looking for greatness in yourself but only seeing these aryan, toothpick, Jesus-loving white people. There’s not enough representation and education about/for colored people, and we have everyone in out power to change that. 

So why is that still the case?


Here’s something that is kinda random, but needs to be said. If you’re white and you get called a cracker, it’s only true if it offends you. Cracker is short for “whip cracker”, and it’s supposed to be used for racist whyte* people (though it’s often taken out of context because young people don’t know the history of the word). Slaves called the overseer a cracker behind his back. It was used to describe the oppressor. I’m sick and tired of the butthurt white people saying it’s a slur. It’s not. That word cannot be used to oppress white people because white people cannot be racially oppressed (anyone who thinks otherwise can PM me. I’ll be glad to explain).


*censored for the sake of the good white people who don’t wanna be lumped in with the crackers.

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Hungry Hungry Supermodels


You did not miss. Anyone who chooses to ignore the facts you've presented here is fucking stupid.

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