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Recording My Own Damn Album (Day 10?)



I got through a song today, and it only took six hours to record. It just used some stupid robot drums (sounds terrible) in lieu of a drummer. I now have to learn how to mix and edit (or whatever the fuck producers do), but that should be easy. I have my work cut out for me. 

I absolutely hate the way it sounds (though I loved it when I heard it the first seven million times. Now all the little things that I thought added to it’s charm make me want to burn it all and start over). I’m just gonna finish it and put it out there; it’s not one of my best lyrically anyways. I might share it on my blog if when I finish I deem it worthy of human consumption.


I just wanna die in peace, man, is that too much to ask? 

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Hungry Hungry Supermodels


I wanna hear it when you're done. Or could skip the wait and hear the raw version because I'm your friend 😁?

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