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La la land is fun so far. It’s just like the real word, except for the fact that I enjoy living.

In my mind, I’m just an average Joe with a shitty job and miserably single. I live in a dull routine. But I have dreams, aspirations, goals... a will to live. While the life I’ve created is not one that I want in reality, it’s one in which I’m happy. Happy is a start. 

I can’t keep track of time. Hours feel like days. Days feel like months. I feel like I’m sleeping half the time I’m awake. I’m so messed up.

My parents have caught on to what’s happening. They tried to have a conversation with me the other day. I can’t say when; I don’t know. They kept calling my name for hours, but I was in a catatonic state. I was completely unresponsive. It was almost as if I wasn’t there. As if I wasn’t in my own body. It took me four hours spot to snap out of it. 

I can still separate fantasy form reality, but the lines are getting a bit blurry. I’m fading much faster than I expected.

I talked to my therapist earlier today. I told her what’s going on and shit. She gave me a face that was like 😯. I don’t know what that means. I think it was a “oh, wow, this girl’s off her rocker” face. I don’t understand humans. Humans are difficult.

In summary, my world is imploding and everything’s falling to pieces. Soon enough, I’ll be put in an asylum. I don’t like the asylum here. The nurses there are mean (and I’m pretty sure they’re ableist. One time they made fun of a PTSD patient because she couldn’t be around people with tattoos; tats trigger her trauma). I hope I get put in a nice asylum with some pretty girls that I can flirt with.

I like pretty girls. 

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Hungry Hungry Supermodels


Girl, I cannot. You're thinking that you're gonna get out in an asylum, but you're thinking about girls. 😑 That is so like you.

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