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Slang, Trends, and Other Confusing Things: A Boomer’s Guide to Gen Z



I’m gonna use this entry to explain some dumb shit that the TikTok generation (mostly Gen Z and young millennials) have created.

Suggest shit in the comment and I’ll edit this entry explaining it for you.


I guess I’ll start of with “boomer”. Boomer is hardly used in the literal sense. If someone calls you a boomer, it means that you’re old or you act old. 


“How do I works these damn cellphones?” 

“Everyone knows how to work a cellphone. You’re such a boomer”.


My personal favorite: [enter word/phrase here]. The sparkle emojis are used to indicate sarcasm. They can be used genuinely, and it’s very easy to tell whether the user is being sarcastic or genuine.

Ex: “Don’t you just love standing in the rain for five hours because your date forgot to pick you up from the bus stop?”

Ex: “That comeback was hilarious.


👉👈 is the shy pose. It’s used to indicate that the user is timid. It it typically used in a flirtatious sense by girls. It is also commonly accompanied by 🥺.

Ex: I would talk to that guy, but 👉👈.


No❤️ is an alt tiktok thing that straight tiktok uses incorrectly. It’s a condescending, passive aggressive way of saying no. It’s like saying “no, but okay”. The same thing goes for yes❤️

Ex: “Don’t you just love it when guys don’t use deodorant?”

”Honey, no❤️“. 

Ex: “Am I the only one that likes making fun of the less fortunate?”



A bruh girl is a tomboy. I don’t think I have to give an example for this one. Old people know what a tomboy is, right?


Shitting on Nickelback is a trend enjoyed by Millennials and Gen Z alike. The joke is that most people don’t even know why they’re not supposed to like Nickelback, and they just go along with it to be cool.

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2 hours ago, Beerjeezus said:

I'm silently nodding.

You know the weird Gen Z slang, right?

You’re not that old. 

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Just now, MarriedtoMikeDirnt said:

You know the weird Gen Z slang, right?

You’re not that old. 

I’m not old but I’m not on tik tok, so I’m behind :lol:

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