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Story Time



I've got a story to tell.

In 2019, I got to play some live shows with a band (not my band; I've never been in band). This wasn't just any show. There were scouts from some major record labels there. I'm not gonna say which ones. I did great, and I was even called back for an encore (in which we just played covers). After I was done, I had five scouts waiting to talk to me. I talked to all of them, and they all wanted the same thing: to buy my songs and employ me as a songwriter.

I turned down all of them.


I haven't played a show since then, and I don't know if I ever will. That was a once in a lifetime opportunity. I kinda feel stupid for turning them down, even if it wasn't what I wanted. 

But I know I would've hated it. If there's one thing that I cannot stand, it's artists who don't write their own songs. Especially if they want to call themselves alternative. I'd just be miserable.


Anyways, the reason that this is coming out now is because I got a call from one of the labels (the one I wanted to sign me the most). They changed their offer. They said that I can be in a band, write the songs with complete creative freedom, but I can't be the lead singer/lead guitarist. I'd have to choose between rhythm/backup or bass/backup. They showed me who the want to be the lead singer. They chose a white guy.

That wouldn't be a problem if I didn't have at least five songs about the struggles of POC and women. I'm not having a white cishet male singing lyrics like "they kill us niggers cause we're not worth a damn" and "I'm bearing your fucking children; the least you could do is pay me as much as Steve". 

Now I see why I wasn't offered a good deal. I wanted to believe that it was because I wasn't good enough. I was so naive.

I turned down that offer, too.

This is fucking ridiculous. I'm just gonna record my own damn EP and do this shit the right way. After I get a terminal degree from a good college, that is. 


There you have it. That's my first story time. Moral of the story is: don't fuck with the music industry; do it yourself.

I might share more stories, if I ever have anything interesting to tell.


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Good on you. Seriously, I'm happy you're not wasting your time with an 'alt band' that's not even bothered to challenge the status quo and employ a talented performer just bc she's a woc. that's not alt; that's just racist. you're better off. Can't wait to hear your stuff someday.

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