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Someone Look At My Shit, Please



I need someone(s) to look at this and help me fix my problems. Here it is.

My main problem is the fucking time change and making it sound fluid. It's kinda choppy, and it kinda disrupts the flow. Someone tell me what I need to do to make it better. (I hate writing in 6/4, but then 7/4 just makes it so much worse. The things you do for music 🙄). I've tried finding the beat division that would make it equivalent to 4/4, stretching the rhythm to adjust to 7/4, and then speeding up the tempo to make it sound like the time signature never changed, but it's still not good. I think the problem lies in the rhythm now.

Also, if anyone's got a different drum part to suggest, please suggest it. I want something darker; what I have sounds too light and fluffy. I've tried riding the crash, but that only makes noise (though I do like the effect it gives and plan to use the crash-riding technique when it gets to the breakdown). 

(In case you haven't figured it out by now, I'm not a drummer. Lol, if I sat in front of a kit, I wouldn't know the hi-hat from the bass drum. That's a hyperbole, but the point still remains).



Completely unrelated, but I love listening to drummers talk/brag about their kits. It makes me feel inferior (and very, very stupid). Guitarists talking about guitars is just boring. They use too many made up words (ex: guitar and strings. WTF is a string!? Come on, bro, we all know you're just saying shit to sound cool and smart). And bassists talking about basses is too chill. (Unless, of course, it's Mike. Mike could go on a rant about aged cheeses, and I'd hang on every word). Then there's the bassist that talks about their bass like they wanna make love to it. Those ones creep my out. I mean, it's weird enough that you play bass, but now you're talking about your bass like it's a human.

Why are all bassists really weird people?

Why do I play bass? (Wait, I'm weird too. Oh.)


Wow, this has gotten long. I didn't expect to be able to write a whole damn essay on something I know nothing about (looking at you, drums and cymbal shit).


Hmm, I almost reluctant to teach myself drums one day. If I actually learn how to play the drums, then I won't feel like an idiot anytime someone start talking about drummer shit. 

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Hungry Hungry Supermodels


Your time change problem is in the drum part. Try fixing that and see if it makes it better.

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