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Merry Christmas, I Guess



Don't read this.


I have not slept in two days, my eyes are burning, I've watched all three of the Bridget Jones movies twice, and I'm too caffeinated to care.

Today's been good so far. I've drank seven cups of coffee (I almost hate it more than alcohol, and I loathe the taste of alcohol).

My girlfriend and I made a bet that whoever stays up the longest get $50 (the loser has to watch Love Actually). I may have employed some underhanded tactics, but when she wakes up she owes me some money.

My secret to staying up: Christmas songs. 


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Hungry Hungry Supermodels

Posted (edited)

No mention of me.

Was I not annoying enough? Damn it!

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25 minutes ago, Hungry Hungry Supermodels said:

No mention of me.

Was I not annoying enough? Damn it!

You were plenty annoying. 

And you were a great cockblock.

A+ work. I'd recommend your services to all my friends. 5/5 stars.

Fuck you, you asshat. 

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