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And Now for Something Completely Different



And now, a break from shoving my shitty songs down your throats. (Not that anyone reads these anways).

Also, if anyone gets the reference in my title, then you've got my respect.


Green Day isn't the Network.

Here's why.

The Network is from Switzerland (that's the narrative now, right?). Green Day is from California. How could they be the same band? Hell, The Network doesn't even speak English (unless you count the two albums they recorded in English).

The members of The Network are religious. They're members of the Church of Lushotology. Green Day's not religious.

If you've seen the Asphyxia video, then you've seen Van Gough's... dancing. Mike's a better dancer than that. And Van looks so bored (and tired). Mike would never give such a dull performance. (I dare you to prove me wrong)

There's twice as many people in The Network as there are in Green Day. You gonna tell me that they cloned themselves to start a side project? That's the only way there could be six members and they could still be considered Green Day.

The two bands sound completely different. Listen to Jerry Falwell's Pool Party, and then listen to Nightlife and Kill the DJ. The singers (and songs) sound nothing alike and have nothing in common! Such accusations are outrageous! It's almost like saying that Green Day is FBHT.

Lastly, the bands have even said that they're not the same people. They hate each other. They've had a 17 year feud. What people in their right minds would feud with themselves?


I hope we can put this crazy theory to rest. Green Day is not The Network, and I've given you indisputable, objective evidence. Only the facts here.

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Hungry Hungry Supermodels


You missed the part where Van Gough has no nose and Fink is faceless.

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30 minutes ago, Hungry Hungry Supermodels said:

You missed the part where Van Gough has no nose and Fink is faceless.

Oh yes, thanks for reminding me.

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