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Doc Attridge- bass boy is finally in a band!

bass boy


Kinda wish we still had the other subforums up  so  I could make a topic, but check it out yall- I finally got a band up and running.

We went into the studio 3 weeks back to record our first track (with this lineup, these guys have been going on and off for 2 years) and now its available for streaming. We did our first gig two weeks back, and have another coming up this  weekend. Its been a hell of a ride. Gonna use this blog to keep yall updated on whats going on if anyones interested. Plus i think it'd be fun to have a journal of sorts if we end up taking this somewhere. Ill leave links below for our accounts for anyone thats interested in checking us out. Lots more to come hopefully.


And since its the Green Day Community, heres our cover of Brain Stew. Really fun song, I think you guys will enjoy the added solo. Drew shreds. 

So yeah, lookin forward to keeping you guys updated on whats going on. Cheers. 

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