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Lyrics - Let The Darkness Come



More lyrics. Enjoy.


Let The Darkness Come


I can't do anything, I'm powerless

All I can do is sit alone and confess myself to no one

Endless echoes pass by and each one grazes my hand

Lit by the phone screen, thinking over and over until I'm done

It's always 4 AM, there's no time for love

The same design, the same skyline, the same sense of self-decline

It's something that never was for me

I've barely felt it before; I can continue on just fine


I don't aim for positivity, just stumbling around reality

Switching the little pleasures with bigger pains

I'm not lonely, not afraid, I can't hit the bullseye

It's a force from the afterglow that grounds me with its chains

Too many nights awake with sorrow singing to me

This wretched world where survival's the only goal

The light comes but the dark is where I belong

There's nothing to save, no image of god or tortured soul


But I guess it's not so bad in the end

I control the darkness despite the chaos I bend

Soon the rifts will pass over once more

and the elements find their platform on the shore


The future is not set in stone, the paths drift between

Though sometimes the haze swallows whatever they mean

As the horizon pulls on the break of day

we always seem to find another way


The grace of the morning brings the sigil of flesh and bone

A mark of solace that you aren't going through this alone

The cacophony of carnage and disease

is balanced by the charity and the prestige


Whatever happens, I'm glad I got to know you

Love strays from both of us, it seems

but at least it shines in someone to talk to


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