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Lyrics - Alleyway Rain

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More lyrics. Enjoy.


Alleyway Rain



I checked into my room today

the itch still gnawing at at my skin

A home away from home, perhaps

but the cage still resides within


Took a walk to the streets

illuminated beats, rumble fists

and fury mark the abyss

in the smoke and a cloud of vapor

paper being traded in the shadow 'scrapers

Alive in the drought of a homeless mind

turning from a ramen shop to a life of crime

And I sit

alone on the sidewalk

the gleam of the heavens raining down

Holographic ads indicate life

You make your bed but never sleep




My brethren are of a somber complexion

in the drain of the sonic aggression, session

of The Orchestra's new composition

The beggars are out on every corner,

every city but the pixels have no reason for pity

The Alarms out on the town for illegal activity

but don't concern themselves with naiveté brevity

Lowlifes are safe until the conductors rise

Never a sunny day under their symphonic disguise

Another day

Scenery's the same as the first

But living outside the law,

still beneath the call

Making a meaning of it all




It's pouring harder than before

In the pockets of the lights

Out of sight, out of mind

Coded in the sheets, confined

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