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Lyrics - Stilts On Water



More lyrics. Enjoy. I envisioned it sampling the theme of "Welcome To The Machine" from the Genesis version of Ecco The Dolphin.


Stilts On Water


The peripheral vision

cuts through the mist

We fear when our homes

are sunk under the abyss


A beautiful mirror vista

with the dead submerged

A pristine new life hangs

over the remnants of the purged



Through the flood

Your iron lung rusts

Decayed and forgotton

Your body erupts


No one cares

when you've fucked us all up


It's not simple enough

to stand up to the accused

when the ice completely melts

the mother realizes she was used


The clock only knows

that the only thing you can't breathe

is a layer of your

own selfish greed




I feel for us all

a virus trying to survive

But the temples give too soon

and no one is left alive


The coast of the neo

primordial sea

is paved with the cataracts

of what used to be




We drift,

alone and afraid

70 meters above

the mother we used to love


Welcome to the contrivance, my friend

Get in line, do your time, stay alive


Welcome to the automaton, my friend

Stimulate the mind, stimulate the grind


Welcome to the machine, my friend

Weep into the world estuary

Sink into the burden we carry

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On 7/17/2018 at 11:43 AM, E X H A U S T E D said:

Damn, that’s great.

Thank you!!

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