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Lyrics - Bottleneck Hour



It's been a while; I have a lot of lyrics tucked away since last time. Figured I'd still post them here since I've gotten support/a few followers here. I'll try to post once a day until I'm out, if I have time. Enjoy.


Bottleneck Hour


Rituals begun in survival of the fittest

Trip in the ditch before the race is finished

Cut through the gut in the screen supreme

Down my venom; what the fuck you mean?

Duopoly under your data-filed contract

Microscope subversion in your foreign contact

Meddle in the ways of the laws of the wild

Suck on the coast of the same old style



Some people fall to the floor in the street

the blocks of where the nations meet

Stairway to the top, empire in hand

you're a stepping stone to your fellow man


Bottleneck hour, the time has come

the element is treated more than its sum

With a wrench to fix and dismantle at will

rock the boat until it's time to get ill

Crystal cave reflections, the monarch hides

from the cattle he knows are way inside

Fear the cornerstone, enter the frame

when you rig against who owns the game




Survival of the fittest

Origin of your finest

Paragon of your witness

Who climbs the highest?


The reach of your vibe combines the rules,

the equilateral nature vaporizes from your tools

Area of effect, the ambivalent steam

Monopolize the act of living and what life means

Blackmail the sockets then vanish in the sun

make the coin then vanish at the end of a gun

It's all for one, the rest have none

Every skydive into your dreams is a race that's begun




Survival of the fittest

Survival of the fittest

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