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5/22 and 5/23



Okay so I was one of the lucky few to have gotten tickets to The Longshot. Twice. 

The first ticket was actually bought by my partner and I gave him my information because I needed just one ticket for myself.

The second ticket happened Tuesday afternoon on the line as I was waiting to get in.

Let's recap with Tuesday 5/22:

  • Get up at 6:00 AM and I’m at the venue at 7:30 AM
  • There’s six people in front of me which was surprising but this is also the fact it was raining on and off today (and the fact it’s not technically Green Day despite Billie being the front man and Jeff being there too)
  • People behind me start showing up sporadically between 11 AM and onward. There wasn’t 20 people around until about 3 PM? Maybe even later?
  • Load in happens with the crew
  • Throughout load in, we get a notification that they released 30 tickets for that night and Wednesday shows. I get a Wednesday ticket. 
  • Black car pulls up about a hour after. Billie is the first to come out. An unintelligible yell comes out my mouth but also everyone on line is screaming too. 
    • Side note: Actually very good looking human being and the fluff is real.
  • Soundcheck happens and then Jeff comes out but walks down the block and away from us. 
  • Billie comes out and a few people in front of me are calmly and quietly asking for photos (and people slowly begin to notice). So I made myself seen by Billie and I said something of the fact “I’ve been here since 7:30 AM may I please have a photo?” And we did make eye contact and mini acknowledge that I was to be next. Then this woman who was a few people away shoves me and goes underneath the sanction rope and then everyone starts swarming and pushing him more to his car. And then he says he’s sorry he can’t take any more photos because he has to get laundry. 
    • Going to be bitter for a while about it. 
  • Get inside and I’m front row and made myself go in between Billie and Jeff because center was out of the question and so was the far side. 
  • Opener was The Trashbags and they were…decent. I couldn’t hear much because I became a certified adult and brought earplugs because I knew I would wind up next to a speaker. The lead singer kept weaving in and out of the crowd during every song. Which was cool because not a lot do that and he got the party going.
  • Longshot gets set up and my heart begins pounding because it hit me I am arms length away from Billie Joe fucking Armstrong. 
  • They were incredible live. A lot of bouncing. My side of the stage wasn’t rowdy and we had a bit of elbow room in the front row too. There were a few people in the front who weren’t jumping around. And there was this older woman who had her arm out blocking a small area where someone could stand and also her other arm holding on to her kids and her feet were literally on the amp. I was like “…this is not the right show for you, lady.” 
  • He skipped over Happiness and we called him out on it.
  • After a few songs, my arm was covering Billie’s set list and he bent down to look and I had to move my arm away and then he looks right into my eyes and sticks his tongue out at me. So I did it right back and then he laughed and then I freaked. 
  • Got a pick at the end of the show when there was one on stage and this other kid behind me lunged for it too but my hand was quicker. 
  • I did leave when it ended because exhausted and also because I was there for almost 17 hours with a mini nap now and then. Also it was a literal sauna in the room.

Recap of Wednesday 5/23:

  • Made it a point to not be there as early because tiredness and also that I had an interview at 1 PM and I didn’t want to leave stuff there and come back and then see it leave.
  • Get to the venue at around 2:30 and we have about 20 people in front of me. Tuesday it was pouring rain and a bit colder. And Wednesday it was bright and sunny and warm.
  • Met up with Anna from the Green Day group we had on here ages ago and on Twitter. 
  • Made friends with a few people on line too
  • The band doesn’t do soundcheck which was…odd. Or didn’t show up to the venue at all until after we got in. 
  • I get second row and get between Jeff and Billie again but people were taking up a lot more space so the amp was my friend.
  • Crowd was a lot more rowdy. A lot of pushing and shoving and jumping on all sides. Thought I was going to merge with the amp. 
  • Caught Jeff’s attention a few times
  • WILD ONE LIVE akjdsfhkldsjhgljkhdsjkahgdjklas
    • I will say Dos was my least favorite album of the Trilogy with Tre being my favorite. But Wild One is one of the songs I genuinely loved on it. 
    • The dork that is Billie had someone in the front hold the lyrics on a piece of paper.
  • We wait around and head outside and it takes about a hour and Jeff comes by. He does a few autographs and I managed a selfie with him. I thanked him for the show and hope he has a great remainder of the tour. He says it was great having you on his side of the stage because I was active and responsive. 
  • About a half hour later, I see Adrienne Armstrong and oh my god.
    • There are people I do get starstruck for. I did not realize she would be one of them
    • Her hair was pulled up in a high pony tail. She had minimal makeup on with black eyeliner/mascara and a red lip and she looked fucking STUNNING. Just such a beautiful woman that made me go “…oh my god.” Not only that but she has this aura about her that is welcoming and also you know she’s someone and want to be around her. 
    • I wish I could have told her she looked amazing and to thank her for putting up with the fans and that she deserves all good things
  • And then Billie comes out a moment after her
    • Now I will say a selfie with Billie is always goals and the dream. But the literal dream DREAM is for him to write down on a piece of paper “Better Thank Your Lucky Stars” from Waiting and it would be my next tattoo. 
  • Sadly…either didn’t happen. 
  • I didn’t want to scream and rush him but everyone did even though he said something among the lines of “selfies take too long and I will sign”
  • I asked about the lyric but he was getting rushed away by other fans and also his bodyguards saying he has to go. And I didn’t want to follow him down the block but fuck I wanted to do so because it’s a so close and yet so fucking far away. 

I am not going to the Brooklyn show unless I do get a ticket and even then, I did say I would pick up a shift at work and money is needed to me because of other things. I know my friend Caitlyn will be going so I may ask her if she can somehow get the lyric for me. 

Despite those so close moments, it was two of the best nights ever and two of the best shows I’ve been to. 

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I felt the same when j saw adrienne. Shes awesome. She said hi to me at the 5/22 show.

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I had the same reaction to Adrienne that night. And it struck me as funny because Billie doesn’t have that star aura around him but she does. Even Kevin did a little bit. It was like the two of them were the celebs not the little tattooed man that came out next. It felt like people were swarming around the wrong person, haha.

also it was great meeting you in line!

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