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Nico Talks About Gaming Myths #2 - Cursed Cartridges and Diabolical Messages!



Okay I should definitely stop saying I'll start posting regularly if I just can't make it happen. But hey, it's Wednesday, time for a new post... after two weeks. I wanted to post twice a week, not once every two weeks!
Oh wait, it's actually Friday, not Wednesday. God fucking damn it.

Well, moving on... welcome back to Nico Talks About Gaming Myths, where I tell you about three video game myths and you have to decide if they're true or false. Speaking of that, here are the results of episode 1:

  • The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (SNES): "Chris Houlihan Room" - REAL - For a long time, no one was able to find this room. But it actually exists, and there's five ways to get there. But they only work on the SNES version, not the GBA remake. Here is a video of YouTube user "thartwick" demonstrating one of the ways to get there:
  • Pokemon Red and Green (Game Boy): Lavender Town Syndrome - FAKE - So, the part of the song where the Unown are shown in the spectrogram are not there in the original game. Also, suicide rates didn't go up in 1996, they actually went down in Japan. However, Nintendo/Game Freak actually did change Lavender Town's theme for the American/European versions, but that wasn't a big changes. There were just a few little notes taken out.
  • Minecraft (PC): "Herobrine", the ghost of a dead miner - FAKE - Minecraft's creator Markus "Notch" Persson has spoken about this myth a lot, saying "Herobrine isn't real in any way, no. I never had a brother (well, there's a half brother I never meet..), and he's not in the game." on Twitter in January of 2011. But some people actually brought Herobrine into the game with the help of modifications.

So, with that out of the way, let's get to today's three myths!

1. Tiger Woods 99 (PlayStation): The Hidden "South Park" Episode

According to this myth, an EA Sports employee accidentally copied a South Park episode onto the golf game "Tiger Woods 99 PGA Tour Golf" for PlayStation.

The first South Park episode was called "Jesus vs. Frosty" and was made in 1992 by the founders Trey Parker and Matt Stone. It was first shown at the "Student Film Screening". In 1995, they got $2,000 from FOX to create a similar short film as a Christmas episode.

The episode got the name "Jesus vs. Santa" and it was about Jesus Christ and Santa Claus arguing about whether presents or the birth of Christ was more important on Christmas. This animation was sent around a lot. It was also sent to an EA Sports employee, who liked the short film a lot and accidentally copied it onto Tiger Woods 99. But can such a mishap actually slide through the final game check? Well, that's for you to decide!

2. Sonic CD (Sega CD): The Diabolical Message

This myth is about "Sonic CD". Apparently, you can find a hidden message from the Prince of Darkness in the game. How, you may ask?

In the title screen, you can reach the Sound Test menu by pressing down, down, down, left, right, A. There, you can hear songs from the game by putting in various settings. If you choose the settings "FM no.46, PCM no.12, DA no.25", you'll become a witness of a strange event...


You can see a background of many Sonics with bizarre faces. In front, there's some Japanese text, which means: "Fun is infinity - Sega Enterprise - signed: Majin". Majin means "devil". Also, there's some very outlandish music playing. But who would put such an absurd message in a game made for kids?!

3. The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask (Nintendo 64): The Cursed Cartridge (Ben Drowned)

This one's a big one, so get ready.

In September of 2010, a guy bought a Zelda: Majora's Mask cartridge. However, the things that happened in the game followed him into reality and drove him to the edge of insanity. He documented his adventure with a diary as well as videos.

The story begins with a young man named Alex, also known as "Jadusable" who just got an old Nintendo 64 from a friend. Because he doesn't have many games, he decides to look for cheap games at a house flea market. He meets an old man there who presents him with a Majora's Mask cartridge. In the end, they say goodbye to each other, the old man saying "Goodbye then". When Alex starts up the game and finds a single save file with the name "BEN", he realizes the man might've said "Goodbye Ben" as well.

Even though Jadusable creates a new save file called "Link", the NPCs still call him BEN. That didn't even change with deleting the "BEN" save. After a few hours of playing, the game suddenly starts to communicate with Alex. Strange glitches get him even more sceptical. He doesn't believe that the game is broken anymore. It seems more like cursed.

The strange things pile up. In the game, he often meets the Mask Salesman, the Horror Kid, and also BEN's embodiment in form of a statue...


If you don't know, normally you summon this statue to trigger switches with its weight. Well, this statue doesn't only follow him in the game, but also into his real dreams. Also, all NPCs just vanish after some time, and the background music is playing backwards. The most notable example for this is the so-called "Song of Unhealing", the reverse version of the Song of Healing.

At this point, Jadusable decides to document these events in video form and upload them to YouTube to not stand as a liar. His channel name is Jadusable, if you want to check the videos out.

To end the horror, he decides to look for the seller's house again. However, he finds that this house is empty now. Shortly afterwards, Alex meets a friendly neighbor who gives him some information. Apparently the old man has moved and was never married. He also asks him who this Ben guy is. The neighbor tells him that about eight years ago, a child with that same name had a horrific accident.

Jadusable starts the game up yet again. He's brought to a beach as a Zora. There, he finds that damn statue again in the water. It drowns Link, which should not be possible considering Link can breathe underwater as a Zora fish.

Now, underneath the "BEN" save game, there's another one with the name "DROWNED", which lets Alex think that Ben's cause of death was drowning. When he starts up "DROWNED", messages appear...

"You shouldn't have done that..."

"BEN is getting lonely..."

He gets a final chance to solve the riddle. So, both save files are reset.

Days later, Alex finds a text file on his desktop. It says "Hi... cleverbot.com". Cleverbot is a website chat where a bot answers you. Well, he opens the site and finds that Ben is talking to him, not Cleverbot. Apparently, Ben is controlling Alex's PC.

It's no wonder that he needs a little break from this game and from BEN specifically. His roommate uploads a video for him, where Alex solves the riddle. He realized he didn't get the song "Elegy of Emptiness" yet. You normally summon that statue by playing this song. So, he goes to Ikana Canyon and gets the melody from the King of Ikana. After playing this melody, the screen turns black, and another message appears.

"It'll be our little secret, okay?"

After a short playable scene, Link suddenly stands next to BEN and the Mask Salesman. Once again, the screen turns black with one final message...

"Please... help me..."

He gets thrown into the title screen and realizes the "BEN" save game was gone and replaced by a file called "MATT".


Wow, that one was way longer than the other two myths combined! Well, that does it for today's episode of Nico Talks About Gaming Myths. Once again, you have to decide, which are real, which are fake? Post a reply with your thoughts on it, if you'd like to. I'm not forcing you, but it would be nice. :D

Before I end this post, I just want to say R.I.P. Chris Cornell of Soundgarden/Audioslave. He committed suicide one year ago today. He was an amazing artist who was gone way too soon. Just wanted to let that out.


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