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Well... it's been a while.



So... it's been roughly 6 months since I posted anything on GDC. (Okay why is this starting up like a statement video on YouTube?)  You wanna know the reason? Well... I CAN'T STOP PLAYING SUPER MARIO ODYSSEY. It's like an addiction, man.

Well, okay, that's not the actual reason. The real reason is that I just haven't been on GDC that much. It's not that I don't like it anymore, it's just that I haven't been on GDC that mu-- okay, I gotta stop repeating myself here. Okay, I gotta stop repeati-- GODDAMNIT

Wow, the jokes are even dumber than before. That's the way I like it. ;)

Aaaanyways, things are gonna start back up here tomorrow! Just the regularly scheduled program (well, schedule isn't a word I can use for this considering the long break), maybe with some new stuff here and there.

By the way, I lied about starting tomorrow. We'll start TODAY... in 6 months. See ya!

Just kidding, of course. Tomorrow at 3pm MESZ (= 9am EDT or 6am PDT) a brand new NTAS post will be published on GDC! (kinda dumb to say that even though I haven't thought of anything to talk about...)

With that said, I'll see you guys tomorrow!


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