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Latest update on my dad



Hello, GDC.

For those keeping up with the never ending saga that is my dad's health and my current family situation here is the latest...

He had finished treatments for throat cancer back in October. Yesterday, we went to have some scans done on my dad's lungs for a spot that noticed back in January.  The nurse practitioner came in and went over the scans with us and told us probably 10-15 times that everything looked good and that she wasn't seeing anything worth worrying about. We were elated and relieved.

10 minutes later, she comes back in the room and tells us that she was completely wrong and that there is in fact something developing on my dad's left lung. I never wanted to yell and attack someone more than that fucking nurse. Who the fuck does that? That shit only happens in terrible movies.

So, now we have to schedule another PET scan and have a biopsy done on his lung to see if it's cancer.

Yesterday was awful. Hearing my dad say, "I'm going to die. I just want to see my grand kids grow up," was probably the worst moment of my life. His attitude and outlook did improve once we met with the actual radiation doctor and he's ready to fight cancer again for the 3rd time.

Fuck. Positive thoughts, vibes and prayers are welcomed.


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Chin for a Day


I'm so sorry Jardy. That is awful what the Nurse Practitioner did. I'm thinking of you, your dad and your entire family.  

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That sounds terrible. I hope it goes well, sending good luck your guy's way!

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Oh wow, I just saw this... I'm really sorry for you and your family. Thinking of you. :( 

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Jesus :( Sending all of the good thoughts to you guys, hang in there. 

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