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Lyrics - Warped Perspective



New lyrics. Enjoy.


Warped Perspective



What is your antimatter?

What is your truth?



Warped is your shatter

Warped is your youth



And the foil

to your recoil

We are connected

We are subjected


Nothing really matters

unless it does to you

Infinity does expire

and life begins anew


Young man

What is your view?

What is your goal?


Young woman

What is your ideal?

What is your soul?




Our warped perspective

it's unnecessary

The turmoil we feel

is so ordinary

One of a kind

when we are not unique

The subject in you

when we critique


One in your mind

we save our importance

Under the line

we're so unimportant




All of your worries

will fade in the light

Whatever you feel

the future is bright


All will encompass

just like your fear to you

There's a mirror to be

just like the mark in view




We are connected

We are subjected

We all remiss

We all exist


We simply remiss

We simply exist



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