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Always is a Fleeting Statement

Lady Darkling


    Like wind it came, enveloped, blew away. Tightening arms around the vanishing love, shivering from fervency. Plead and wail whilst the world hails down, down, down. Down to the earth that takes all, yet gives none.
    Like wind it came, brought leaves: love, life, appeasement; it blew away, so did the leaves. Grasping at the rueful void, endeavoring to hold on. Scream and scratch whilst the latch traps, traps, traps. Trapped in the obsidian that kills all, and leaves none.
    You never know, constantly left in agony, wondering when happiness will return to you, and some days, it arrives like the wind, euphorically rushing through before it abandons and you fall, feeble and fragile.


Stay Dirty


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