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Got Punk?



Maybe punk's not the right word but... This is just weird.

I went to lock my phone and remembered that I had stored a piece of paper between my phone case and my phone for safe keeping.
A few days ago I had worn my Rancid shirt to work. We were getting a delivery of milk to the store and the guy who was bringing it in had recognized my shirt and knew who they were. Bonus points for him, now he's cool.

Before he officially left he came back in and gave me a little piece of paper and said they were bands I should check out on Facebook. Gon Publik and One Last Crime. Why not, right? So I put that little piece of paper behind my phone. 

Figured I'd look them up tonight, and lo and behold, the milk guy is in both of these bands and singing. Holy shit??


I'm just at a loss for words and thought hey why not post about this here?

Rock on lil milk man \m/

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