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Lyrics - On Your Warning, My Dear



New lyrics. Enjoy. Samples music from "Bang" by Anitta.


On Your Warning, My Dear


You got me on an island

defiantly moving to the groove

You saw me at the pretense

to defend words you use to sooth


You take it to the crosshair

where the beats are just an interlude

You seek me for what I am

understand that's not true attitude



It's an affliction

It's and addiction

One that crushes

the body and the soul


On your warning, my dear

I'll reclaim all that you smear

No more living out of fear


It's a form of silence

Crying won't make it go away

It's a form of violence

A synergy where I never have a say


Running to the track line

Collapsing lung in the blatant

lies as you bury the media; fine,

kill me; just be swift and potent




On your warning

On your warning, my dear


On your warning

On your warning, my dear


Your control is a vice

Perhaps they won't believe me

Your numbing ways are the price

I wasn't paying for at all




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