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PSA I guess

Lady Darkling


Literally everyday something tells me to go register to vote. A teacher, a school announcement, a classmate, an ad on the internet, etc.

When it's a person I can explain, tedious it may be. It gets frustrating after a while. No, I can't register to vote. No I can't register to vote when I turn 18. I won't be able to vote in this election, or the next one. Oh why you ask? Simple. I'm not a US Citizen.

I mean, I live here, but apparently some people don't realize living somewhere and being a citizen of that country are different things. I only recently got a green card man, I can't vote for like another five years minimum, and that's if I don't go on any out of country vacations.

It's really scary to know you have zero control over what happens to the place you live in. And not just because of your age. It's scary that my dad can't vote, my sister can't vote. So excuse me if I get angry when someone says "Oh I don't care". Right, sure. You were born here, you belong here. It's your country, and you don't give a crap what happens? Not even that, you fail to recognize that people like me depend on people like you. We can't vote man, but we have to bear the consequences of your votes. For fucks sake, if you can vote, go do it. Exercise that goddamn right because I can't, my family can't. And I wouldn't expect you to understand. You, every single person that has said they won't vote because they don't care. I fault you for your selfishness, but if it were me in your shoes, I don't know for sure that I would care. So here's a PSA I guess. There's people like me and my family. We're here, we're gonna stay here. But we have no voting rights, not yet. If you do, go take advantage of it.


Stay Dirty


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Brooklyn Baby


I see your point, but people also have a right not to care, or to show their disgust with the system by simply refusing to participate in the election process.

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Lady Darkling


26 minutes ago, Brooklyn Baby said:

I see your point, but people also have a right not to care, or to show their disgust with the system by simply refusing to participate in the election process.

Yeah of course. But that's not specifically not caring, that's making a conscious decision to not participate, one that I will respect. I've just encountered so many people that like legit don't give a crap what happens to anyone, and it's disheartening. I've encountered people that are against/for a candidate for one reason or another and really believe that they will help the country and the people in it, yet they won't vote because they don't see it affecting them personally. There's also the people that realize that hey this candidate could fuck up or this one could help, but again, if it doesn't affect them personally they won't do anything. For me specifically I have a very hard time understanding that, because I come from a culture where people are very tight knit and caring. Like if you can do something for someone without hurting others or yourself, you do it. It was just what you did, and so trying to adjust somewhere and feeling so helpless in a political sense, I really can't stop myself from getting angry at those people. But I won't hate them for it, I won't say you're a horrible person if you don't vote blah blah blah, because I don't know if I were them that I would care. So I guess the whole point of this was to say, hey, there's people like me and we'd appreciate it if you voted.

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17 hours ago, Brooklyn Baby said:

I see your point, but people also have a right not to care, or to show their disgust with the system by simply refusing to participate in the election process.


That's not a good excuse though. Even a person who thinks Clinton and Trump and the third party candidates too can all fuck themselves, every state has ballot measures and local representatives at stake. No matter how bullshit the two party system is, an up or down vote on something like legalizing marijuana or protecting the rights of people to use solar energy comes down to a simple majority, and there's no argument that can be made that those votes don't count. 

Yes, a person has a right to not vote, but it's a really fucking stupid thing to do. 

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You still participate whether you want to or not because even your non-vote matters. You can't take yourself out of the equation because you think the equation sucks. As a US citizen you are part of the game and your voice matters even if you choose to stay silent. Honestly people who don't vote remind me of children who throw a fit because they aren't directly catered to. Vote for people who can't. Not voting is the dumbest kind of protest I can imagine because you're not satisfied and you're still not doing shit. Don't think you're entitled to complain in the future when things turn out bad and not the way you imagined.

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