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Hi guys, its probably been FOREVER since I logged in to this forum I finally crawled out from under my rock but yeah im about to start college soon (only community) and im kinda freaking out a little I guess. I mean like yeah it's just more school, just not free. Just....what should I go on to expect? Since it's community college should I expect everything to be more quiet than a University? Will the professors be just as douche like as high school ones? Will the food still be shit? Is it bad im signed up for like..7 (may test out of 2) classes for my first semester? Gah im just so terrified of it all! What are your guys experiences during college? 




-Terrified smol student 

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It's going to be a good experience, I promise! It can be a bit chaotic the first few weeks, but the professors, the people, everyone's just more mature/accepting. Are you commuting? That would take away from some of the chaos. I go to a small private college and things were still quite hectic, but at community college, depending on whether or not they have dorms, should be quieter. And 7 is a lot! I would say take your first semester a little bit slower academically cause socially it's a whirlwind and you should be able to take a breath every once in awhile and relax. But, if you are commuting and have a command on some of the material, you'll be ok either way. Idk if this is gonna help in anyway, but I had similar feelings to you upon college entry 



--ah hah! I blogged about it, I was similarly terrified. 


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@Z J Yeah It'll be about a 30-45min drive to the college since they sadly dont have dorms. The only reason I have 7 classes is most likely because im in competitive admissions and how many points I get determine if I get in the program at all. But since two of my classes are basic computer classes I can probably just test out and make it where I only have 5 or 6 classes. 

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