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Poetry (again)



Hello GDC, :)

I've started writing again lately. Not as much, and maybe not as well .  but I've decided to get this blog started up again. Apologies if they're not very good. And feel free to go through some of my older stuff, if you've never read my work before.

I hope you enjoy all future posts!! 




I didn't intend on invisibility 
But that's how I feel when you look at me
I've gone back to the comfort.
Of a cold empty room
Ridden with stories
Ended too soon.
I've curled back into my shell
Of feeling like everyday alive
Is a day in hell.
I've retreated into the safety 
Of my mind like a hurricane.
With only the slightest
Memory, of when I was sane. 
I know I'll never feel that way
And I curse your name to this day
For making me this way.
Hollow, empty, broken, insane.


Where did you go?
from what I remember, 
You were supposed to be here forever 
Will you ever return?
If so, what's your excuse
You needed to run away to see my use
Will you ever stay?
The forever you promised.
Will remain worth the dirt.
You're buried under 
With my tears and rose petals 
Over, where I deserve to be. 
What's my excuse?
For crying over someone 
Who was never mine to lose.
For making the same mistakes
I've been taught not to make.
I could cry in the pouring rain
Hoping I turn as cold as you are now. 
My blood as still and eyes as dim
As yours will remain from now on. 
But what's it worth to know 
If I'll never know where you really did go.

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