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Seeking: Sleep



Seeking: Sleep



This youth is forever fleeting,

so I ask myself: 

How do I make the most of life 

while my heart’s still beating?

How do I obtain all it is that I’m seeking

when time keeps disappearing with each blink?

It’s all I can manage to think about

as I stare at my ceiling appealing 

to whatever God will have me today. 


This feeling, 

this pit in my stomach,

is from fears I’ve long known

but long been concealing. 

Now my mind is reeling.

Time is stealing away my life and it seems

like all I can do is lie here and take it. 

But, this feeling is a trap.

It’s a code 

            I need

                     to crack.

It’s a wall that looms ahead,

and I have no choice but to break it. 

When it comes to freeing myself

from the burden of time,

I don’t have the means to fake it.


I know I’m destined to make it some day. 

(Yet still, I’ll pray I’m not mistaken).

Time’s a resource from which we never stop taking. 




I’ll never stop creating. 

But first, I’ll have to shake the shadow that time casts.

I can’t live in the past and I can’t allow 

myself to move too fast. I have to live

and love and make this moment last.


I run all of these thoughts through my head 

while I lay here in bed and it’s no wonder I can’t pass out.

I’m caught in the middle of a fifteen round bout

between myself and my head, but if Ali taught 

me anything it’s that I’ll have time pout when I’m dead.


So instead, 

I’ll shout my words at the wall.

I’ll bleed sharpie writings on bathroom stalls.

I’ll find scrap-paper so that I can scrawl my thoughts 

and I’ll still be fighting long 


      I’ve dropped 

                        the ball, 

but I won’t quit.


I’ll roll with the punches, I’ll take my hits.

If I want to be immortalized 

I have to make something that resonates,

something that flicks a switch 

in the audience’s minds. 

Something that can help them find 

a bright star on a cloudy night 

or an escape when they’re in a bind. 


Through words, 

I’d like to live forever.

I’ll beat the clock by living through every line.

I toss my heart in to the rhythm 

and my soul in to each rhyme 

and together they’ll

make a sound that echoes 

across the halls of time. 






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Ummmmmm...yeah dude...this was fuckin great. Love the place this came from and the writing is spot on :)

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