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Lady Darkling





Eyes focused like a laser

Sun drips down your back,

Stale air rushed through your lungs

And you sing of the life you lack


Maybe the sky loved you

With the distance of the world

Maybe you've just lost all hope

Of finding a real hold


You run through cracked pavement

Wood splinters in your feet

You run away from the life

That made you toss and turn in your sheet


Are you running from someone, Blackbird?

Or are they running from you?

I know how sad you are,

But you scare me too.


PS: I just took a quick look through my old entries and wow was I cringe worthy. Not gonna delete the posts though, character development IS important.

Moods: Tired AF cuz it's near the end of the school, when teachers decide to slowly drive you insane via lack of sleep. Shout out to my Physics teacher who goes out of his way to not give us work because everyone else does.


Stay Dirty


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Lady Darkling


5 hours ago, Z J said:

In love with the last stanza! Awesome job 

Thanks a bunch! :)

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