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Popular Topics: May 2016



10 Most popular topics for May 2016
1) Green Day in the studio 2016 - 524 posts
2) Green Day Instagram Photos - 244 posts
3) Random Green Day Thoughts - 161 posts
4) The Picture Thread - 155 posts
5) The Green Day Fangirls' Confessions Thread - 138 posts
6) Being Single - 136 posts
7) The Work Thread - 126 posts
8) Random Thoughts - 125 posts
9) Your ideal Green Day show/playlist - 120 posts
10) 2016 U.S. Presidential Primary Season - 119 posts

Top 5 Most Active Members
JJ1964 (254 posts)
Second favourite son (203 posts)
Steven Seagull (198 posts)
Jane Lannister (178 posts)
Hermione (175 posts)

Top 5 Most Liked Posts
This post by Jon Benjamin in My Q&A with John Kiffmeyer
This post by Maria Gloria in The Picture Thread
This post by Eva in The Picture Thread
This post by AlissaGoesRAWR in The Picture Thread
This post by st_trillie in Green Day Instagram Photos

Static Noise Episode(s)
Episode 101 - What in the world is #REVRAD?

Members active: 367
New Members: 49 
Total Visitors: 13,412
Most registrations in a single day: 4 (May 5th)
Single busiest day: May 31st
New Topics: 64
Total Posts: 4,834
Total PMs sent: 525 (replies included)
Blog posts made: 15
Most viewed blog entry: My Complete Poetry Collection! (208 views)
Total Rep Given: 5,221

Popular topics shows Green Day is one of the most talked about topics since they own half of the top ten topics and the top three as well! This has only happened one other time this year (March). However, all but the number of new topics created (increase of 2) have decreased in comparison to last month. Perhaps this is truly the calm before the storm? As far as the community goes, I'd like to give a shout out to the class of 2016! Congrats to those who have graduated and those who will this month as well.

GDC Tip #2: After you've inserted an image in your post, you can adjust the size of the image/thumbnail (any image larger than 500px by 500px will get resized to a thumbnail) by hitting control/command and right clicking the image to get this dropdown menu:


once you hit "Edit Image" this window will appear allowing you to adjust the image link, size, and alignment:


Happy posting!

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The Disappearing Boy


Somehow managed to miss that John Kiffmeyer interview! It was a good read.


As far as the community goes, I'd like to give a shout out to the class of 2016! Congrats to those who have graduated and those who will this month as well.

this makes it sound like there is some kind of GDC University that I have missed out on. Where do I sing up?

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I like that several topics about Green Day have the most posts this month too. :happy: 

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Green Day threads are killing it :happy:. Also this is my first time in top posters I believe.

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