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You can shout all you want,

elites will not hear your call.

They know just one language—

the dollar owns them all.

So while I think we agree apathy 

is the enemy of progress and progress 

means a revolution looms, I also

believe there’s a cycle we need to break,

and we’ve gotta do it soon. 

We have words on paper and words 

on our screens, but what do those words

really mean if they’re shouted at a wall?

Words won’t win a war and they won’t make empires fall. 

Radical action takes more than 

writing “Anonymous” on a bathroom stall. 

Anarchist aesthetics and angry posts on Reddit 

are a start but I believe we’re thinking too small.


How do we bring about change?

It’s an honest question. 


I appreciate the radical idea but 

what happens the day after an empire falls?


I think the writing’s on the wall,

anarchy isn’t a plan at all. 


If anarchy is really what it takes 

then what kind of place would we create?


I don’t know what your vision is. 


I’m open to a conversation on how we take on the state,

but I personally think the better way is to beat 

them at their own game. 

They know one language,

I don’t know if rebellion is the way. 



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6 hours ago, Trotsky said:

Is this another "response"? 

I s'pose. Can be whatever you'd like though. 

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2 hours ago, Z J said:

I s'pose. Can be whatever you'd like though. 


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On 5/21/2016 at 1:18 AM, Ryan said:


those aren't meant to be shots!

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