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Zero. (Response Poem)



Zero. (Remix)




What’s a word mean without action?




What’s a cry for change worth when it’s yelled at rebel factions?




But, we should honor the effort.

Let’s hear a standing O for the keyboard hero. 

Want to know how many minds you changed with that post? 

(I’ll give you a hint: the answer’s always zero).


I’m not saying we disagree. 

As far I can tell, you feel the same as me.

However, you can’t possibly take yourself this seriously. 


What good’s a blog on GDC? 

A fan page for a band named after weed. 

A band who wrote their legend with an album meant for protest. 

How many conservative fans do you really think they have left?


This, this is a breeze. Maybe there’s one or two dissenters,

but for you, these arguments are won with ease. 


“Stand and fight.” 


Understatement and persuasion can cut like a knife,

but this ain’t that,

it’s one of the funnier things I’ve seen all night. 


I don’t pretend to be Shakespeare with every rhyme, 

so can we please spend less time trying to be 

Che Guevara with every line?


I like what you write on most days, 

but I think this is a waste of time.

You’re a preacher with a choir, 

and you haven’t changed a single mind. 

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What's funny is that my blog zero wasn't even meant to be a poem, it was meant to be a rant, and then my neurotic tendencies made me structure every point the same way lol, so I kind of came off a bastard child between a poem and a rant.

I will say though, I don't only try to speak to conservative people. I've been debating the "bathroom bill" on liberal facebook groups like the Coffee Party and Rachel Maddow and I've seen lots of transphobia there. And take my point about vaping - in the United States, Republicans are way more progressive and rational about tobacco policy and e-cigs than Democrats as a whole. And when we were fighting the kratom ban in Florida, it was ultimately a Republican state senator who was the first to stand up for our cause. What I believe in transcends party and ideology, because at the end of the day all I believe in is freedom. 

If I'm trying to do anything, it's not trying to turn conservatives into liberals, I'm trying to turn liberals into radicals. I want people to believe in freedom consistently, whether that is the freedom to have an abortion, to own a gun, or to do drugs. It should be clear by now that I'm not following a Democratic Party line - even Bernie Sanders who I support has positions I disagree with it.

There's no way anything I write here will completely change someone's perspective - I'll settle for forcing them to take two minutes out of their day to think about something. 

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