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First Song I Guess...



I suck and its long but....

Wanted to die was too scared to try

Tears in my eyes and i say goodbye

But my hopes are high that tonight

I finally have the guts to die

Sick and tired of this life

Sitting on the roof too tired to cry

Wanna jump off to see if i can fly

No mater how many times i try

To die i always fucking survive

I always cut with too dull of a knife

But tonight is the night that i finally try

Gonna be gone by the end of the night

Believe me when i say i tried

Tried to hold on but nothing's alright

I might survie and see ya tomorrow

But if i do ill die from all my sorrow

my heart and soul feel so damn hollow

you might just cry but dont follow

My pain is too much and too hard to swallow

So drunk now i start to wallow

Hopefully i slip and fall

And get rid of the pain once and for all, oh

My wrist like my heart is so damn scarred

Living this life is too fucking hard

I cant give up, ive gone too far

Looking to the street and i see the cars

They stop look up and tell me not to drop

Stuck with a broken spirit and heart

Sitting at the top and im so pissed and

Im so scarred just like my wrist is

I tried to stay optomistic

But right now im pessomistic

I tried my best to stay persistent

But its too much and I cant resist it

Ive gone the distance

Now i gotta take this chance before i miss it

Im sitting on the edge

My razor seems to be my only friend

Wanna jump and meet my end

Im gonna slit my wrist again

Gonna take a handful of pills again

Hopefully by dawn im finally dead

Wanna jump from the top

Even though its a 20 foot drop

I hear the sirens, they called the cops

Hopefully the concrete aint so soft

Hopefully i drop like a rock

I only got a few seconds left on the clock

Gonna jump, jump, jump and finally drop

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This is so sad, but I love it Chrissle! <3 Keep it up bby xoxox :wub:

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This is so sad, but I love it Chrissle! <3 Keep it up bby xoxox :wub:

:wub: xoxoxoxoxo You're a much better writer bby xoxoxoxxoxox

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