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Brental Makedown

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Thank you, GDC



Just a quick shout to Andres, Courtney, and all the past/present/future admin and Mods who help run this place and for it basically just existing in the first place.

If it weren't for this place, I probably would never have met 98% of the people I consider my good friends today. I have made, and met, more friends through GDC than I have in my own every day life. I never would've had a constructive outlet for my Green Day obsession, a place to share all my freak outs and joys and triumphs and annoyances. I would have never traveled the world like I do now. I probably wouldn't even like Green Day as much!

But most importantly, I never would've met Justin. A complete and total stranger on the other side of the Atlantic, and we both had one thing in common right from the start: GDC. We were both members, and the success of the site is what kept us here. Without this place existing, he and I would have never known each other existed in our entire lives.

But it does exist, and we started to talk. And then we became friends, then best friends, then a long distance relationship. From there he moved across the world here, and now I can happily say that he proposed to me on July 22nd, 2014 and one day, we will be husband and wife. I never would have met Justin if it weren't for this place, and I can't thank my lucky stars enough that it brought us together. So thank you everyone for all the hard work you do; I was a part of the team once and I know how trying it can be at times. Keep up the good work!

Jaymee (and Justin)

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I totally agree/can relate (minus the "meeting my fiance" part :lol:). I've gained and strengthened a lot of friendships because of this place and it's provided me with so much joy (and frustration, I'll admit :lol:) and made me so damn crazy for this fucking band.

Congrats to you both! :D

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I've always loved your and Justin's story, I am so genuinely happy for you two, you deserve all the best! :hug:

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