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Most Popular Topics: April 2014



Most popular topics for April

1) Green Day to release LP titled "Demolicious" to support Record Store Day - 1,783 posts

2) teh mods are asleep! Wake up teh mods! - 1,137 posts

3) Blasphemy And Genocide: Unpopular Green Day Opinions, Part 2 - 794 posts

4) In Celebration of Demolicious...SPAMOLICIOUS! - 616 posts

5) May the IVth GDC Regulars Club be with you... - 515 posts

6) Random Thoughts - 488 posts

7) The Picture Thread - 369 posts

8) Relationships - 346 posts

9) Green Day Instagram Photos - 317 posts

10) Game of Thrones - 243 posts

Fans of the Week

Apr 5 - Maddy.

Apr 19 - Daughter.of.Rage.and.Love

Static Noise Episodes

Apr 2 - 93: Jack Hates Everything

Apr 19 - 94: Demolicious is out today!


Members active: 577

New Members: 104

Total Visitors: 21,591

Most registrations in a single day: 9 (April 13th)

Single busiest day: April 1st

New Topics: 173

Total Posts: 17,714

Most posts by a single member: Someone Else's Cocaine (807 posts)

Total PMs sent: 503

Blog posts made: 46

Most viewed blog entry: A Safe Space (BIG trigger warnings for rape, murder, abuse, transphobia, transmisogyny, cissexism, body image) (953 views)

Most Liked Post: This post by Céadóg

Total Rep Given: 13,979

Please come back December where we will post the rest of this year's stats within three days.

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Can you guys post the May stats tomorrow?

You obviously didn't read the whole blog post.
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He's a mod, why would he read the whole thing before passing judgement?

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He's a mod, why would he read the whole thing before passing judgement?

Apologizes. He probably fell asleep by the time he got to the end.

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''Someone else's cocaine'' I could never get used to that new username. *justsaying*

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How did I miss that blog post? On my birthday too. All those glorious SMAC tears.

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