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Starting today we're removing links to ask.fm from status updates



The mod team has unanimously decided to stop allowing ask.fm links in status updates. We'll be deleting them from now on. We'll also be removing any other anonymous type q&a sites like anonymous questions via tumblr.

The are two major reasons for this change:

1) We're tired of all the promotional links for ask in status updates. There are just way too many that it's nearly removed any value from the status feature. It's become a place simply to promote ask.fm links and everything else is quickly drowned out. It's just tiring seeing the same exact links all the time.

2) We're tired of all the associated negativity that has come from allowing anonymous comments away from GDC. There's a group of people who mostly enjoy talking shit about others, stirring up crap, then dragging it all back to GDC by promoting their content. Then they play innocent like they've done nothing wrong. People will always talk shit about other people, but doing so anonymously and publicly isn't helping anyone at all.

Starting today we'll begin deleting status' to ask.fm or anonymous questionnaire sites. If you do it repeatedly you will be given a warning to stop.

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These comments from last year contain a lot of eye-opening foreshadowing. :P

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Libertine Angel


I read the comments and didn't look at the dates, it took me a couple of pages to realise they were in reference to things that happened a year ago and not now. Those who forget history etc.

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