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Goodnight Mods



Is fact, fun was had, that night on GDC.

But little rootbeersoup was getting sleepy.

You see, he was trolling the forums, outlaws in tow.

The mods decided, however, his fun was no mo'.

"Crazy wow," he proclaimed. "many mods very grumpy."

As he tucked himself in, and made sure he was comfy.

The mods slaved away, erasing all his fun posts.

rootbeersoup was sad, he thought, "that's what I love most."

Guilt kicked in, afraid he'd caused some torment

"It must be lonely in their parents' basements."

He laid there in bed, keyboard close by.

He typed one last post before beddy bye.

Good night BeachBum. Good night Invisible Llama.

Good night Sarcasm. Good night status drama.

Good night Liam. Good night lizziebix.

Good night Joey. Good night Catfish.

Good night Hermione. Good night Deathstroke.

Good night Vesper. Good night triggering posts.

Good night Momdres. Good night Amandad.

Good night to you, dear friend iainspad.

He barely hit 'post,' as he started to snooze.

Hoping his post would relieve the mods' blues.

rootbeersoup wants them to be happy and free of strife.

lol j/k fuck the mods. Outlaw for life.

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