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Negativity you don’t look pretty you are scum you have not won he is angry And it’s your fault to be with you he’d rather not  you’re an act you are a fool You are stupid you think you’re cool negativity heres the sound of many things to put you down you go unnoticed  no one should care if you exist anywhere no don’t you dare


HoneyEmerald in thought

June 23rd 2021 Be Great!

Your heart screams to heaven but do you listen to the wisdom given when it is What's going to live when all around you is death and how can you get rid of the blue when everything is every color  except the one you see and even that is reflecting When will you learn to accept a world that's not perfect in your heart and stop making chaos for what is not your decision to make Now be great!  


HoneyEmerald in thought

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