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I'll share my songs with y'all, but I probably won't sing them. You'll just get lyrics. 

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I Don’t Know What to Call This

What does it mean to be human? I’ve asked myself this question many times. I’ve spent my entire life studying these odd creature in attempt to better understand them. I’ve infiltrated their inner circles and even learned their ways in passing. You many notice that I’m talking about humans as if I’m not one myself. That’s because I’ve never felt like one. I feel like I’m the narrator of everyone’s lives, and it’s my job to watch and document. Crazy, right? I know. I know I’m crazy.

Hot Take: Black History Month is a Joke

Ah yes, the first day of February. Alas, the biased, incomplete history of a whole race people can be crammed down naieve people everywhere.  I live in the grand ol’ American south, so maybe my experience with this dreaded excuse of inclusiveness is different than others. So let’s start off with some universal truths. Who does this month service? Who does it educate?  I can answer that. Black history month is just an excuse for white people to say that they’re woke because they kn

Things That Traumatized Me Today

1. @The Grohl saying “vigorous self love”. I will never forget that as long as I live. 2. My sister brought to my attention that Rivers Cuomo’s current aesthetic looks like a child molester. The scary part is that I actually thought it suits him. 3. @The Grohl saying “vigorous self love”. That sounds like something my mother would say. *shudders* 4. My neighbor across the street threw a knife at me when I was getting in my car this morning and it almost hit me. I got in my car and

Recording My Own Damn Album (Day 10?)

I got through a song today, and it only took six hours to record. It just used some stupid robot drums (sounds terrible) in lieu of a drummer. I now have to learn how to mix and edit (or whatever the fuck producers do), but that should be easy. I have my work cut out for me.  I absolutely hate the way it sounds (though I loved it when I heard it the first seven million times. Now all the little things that I thought added to it’s charm make me want to burn it all and start over). I’m just g

OK Human Review

OK Human was the light of this godawful January. It brought joy, laughter, and inspiration for its listeners. It starts off strong and only gets better as it progresses. All My Favorite Songs is a modern rock hit with lyrics that touch you in the chest. It's a perfect choice for a lead single. It's an ultimate loser anthem that everyone can relate to. Aloo Gobi is a beautiful song that invokes a rollercoaster of emotions. The chorus is a perfect example of the way everyone feels during

[Enter Clever Title To Bait People Here]

La la land is fun so far. It’s just like the real word, except for the fact that I enjoy living. In my mind, I’m just an average Joe with a shitty job and miserably single. I live in a dull routine. But I have dreams, aspirations, goals... a will to live. While the life I’ve created is not one that I want in reality, it’s one in which I’m happy. Happy is a start.  I can’t keep track of time. Hours feel like days. Days feel like months. I feel like I’m sleeping half the time I’m awake.

Don't Trust Me With Photo Editing

So, I might've gone into a manic state of hyperproductivity. In this state, I might've edited... oh, I don't know, five to twenty pictures. Alright, I'mma shut up now. Look at what I did; I'm proud of my work. We should pressure him into doing it. 

Slang, Trends, and Other Confusing Things: A Boomer’s Guide to Gen Z

I’m gonna use this entry to explain some dumb shit that the TikTok generation (mostly Gen Z and young millennials) have created. Suggest shit in the comment and I’ll edit this entry explaining it for you.   I guess I’ll start of with “boomer”. Boomer is hardly used in the literal sense. If someone calls you a boomer, it means that you’re old or you act old.  Ex: “How do I works these damn cellphones?”  “Everyone knows how to work a cellphone. You’re such a boomer”.


I like to think of myself as a decent person, but the next person to comment “milk chocolate princess” on one of my instagram selfie can expect me to kill them in the harshest way possible.  I swear to God, I am not a princess. I’m not even “ladylike”. If anything, I am your king. Fuck around and find out what’s good. See if I’m playing. Next, we can all see that I’m black. I don’t think there’s a need to state the obvious. I don’t see a point in bringing attention to my skin color. Li

Recording My Own Damn Album (Day 3)

So, I’m putting this project on pause. I’m gonna come back to this one. As of now, I’m gonna start working in recording some songs that don’t require much. I think that’ll be easier. Once I get the hang of this shit, I’ll come back to what I was working on and finish it up. But for now, I’m doing the easier shit.   It shouldn’t take seven hours to record some simple power chords perfectly, right? I’m not that bad of a guitarist.

Story Time 2

Before coronavirus, I had two jobs. I worked at a local deli that gave half of the proceeds to charities, and I had one that was more of a community service. I was the manager/owner (I guess that’s what it’s called) of some indie venues around town. There’s one in Denton, Dallas, and Fort Worth. I didn’t get paid for this, buyback i loved it the most. I got to hear a bunch of cool bands, connect with people, and be a part of a community. It was really fulfilling.  I’m kind of a local c

Recording My Own Damn Album (Day 1)

It's taken seven hours and a limp, lifeless wrist, but I've finally gotten one lead guitar part recorded for one song. I want to cry, but I'm not sure whether it's tears of joy or agony.  Now for the rhythm guitar! That should be easier since it's just basic power chords. On top of that, I've also got to record an acoustic guitar. Then I have to record bass, vocals, and find a drummer that would be willing to help me out. This is gonna be a long journey. Oh, and I have to mix it and do

TikToks That I Will Never Forget

This one scarred me for life, and I will forever hear this in the darkest corners of my mind. https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMJwBXSDj/   This one is fucking hilarious. https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMJwSRQ1V/   No explanation, just- https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMJwSj1R8/   Love to see it https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMJwSaPLk/   It’s funny ‘cause it’s true https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMJwSqoT2/   [Every single TikTok that Miley Cyrus has posted]   Thi

Story Time

I've got a story to tell. In 2019, I got to play some live shows with a band (not my band; I've never been in band). This wasn't just any show. There were scouts from some major record labels there. I'm not gonna say which ones. I did great, and I was even called back for an encore (in which we just played covers). After I was done, I had five scouts waiting to talk to me. I talked to all of them, and they all wanted the same thing: to buy my songs and employ me as a songwriter. I turn

I Can’t Believe I’m Actually Going Through With This

Why’d I let y’all talk me into this? We’ll never know. I’ll just say you twisted my arm.    To the people that wanted to see this, @Hungry Hungry Supermodels @BillieMyLove, prepare for disappointment.    Disclaimer: pretty explicit, raunchy, very weird   Alright, that’s one that I just came up with. (I wanna go teach that to a bunch of little kids whenever I get done typing this stuff; that is hilarious). Here’s the original. It’s terrible.   I’m going

Dick Song

I'm gonna continue my dick song from the fangirls thread. Disclaimer: this gets pretty explicit and is very raunchy. Wow, I only gagged twice while writing that. 

Someone Look At My Shit, Please

I need someone(s) to look at this and help me fix my problems. Here it is. My main problem is the fucking time change and making it sound fluid. It's kinda choppy, and it kinda disrupts the flow. Someone tell me what I need to do to make it better. (I hate writing in 6/4, but then 7/4 just makes it so much worse. The things you do for music 🙄). I've tried finding the beat division that would make it equivalent to 4/4, stretching the rhythm to adjust to 7/4, and then speeding up the tempo to



Merry Christmas, I Guess

Don't read this.   I have not slept in two days, my eyes are burning, I've watched all three of the Bridget Jones movies twice, and I'm too caffeinated to care. Today's been good so far. I've drank seven cups of coffee (I almost hate it more than alcohol, and I loathe the taste of alcohol). My girlfriend and I made a bet that whoever stays up the longest get $50 (the loser has to watch Love Actually). I may have employed some underhanded tactics, but when she wakes up she owe



Tango in A Minor

I started working on this tango, and I'm proud of it. It's a work-in-progress, but I'll share it anyways. (Also, if you've got a better title, please suggest it. I like the simplicity of "Tango in A Minor", but I want something more creative).   Here.   Aside from shitty love songs, I actually make real music. This is always the stuff I'm most proud of.    If you actually read this shit, and you've got any questions, comments, suggestions, etc., go ahead and sp



And Now for Something Completely Different

And now, a break from shoving my shitty songs down your throats. (Not that anyone reads these anways). Also, if anyone gets the reference in my title, then you've got my respect.   Green Day isn't the Network. Here's why. The Network is from Switzerland (that's the narrative now, right?). Green Day is from California. How could they be the same band? Hell, The Network doesn't even speak English (unless you count the two albums they recorded in English). The members




So, I fixed MDWAISS, but then I got writers block. All I need is a second verse, but I can't come up with it.    To make matters worse, I woke up with a lovely little melody in my head. As opposed to quickly writing it down, I decided to eat food (fucking idiot). After I ate, I realized that I totally forgot it.   In short, fml. I'm gonna go slam my head against a wall until I remember that damned melody.




Harken ye, inspiration has struck! I can now fix my song MDWAISS, but it's gonna be... blue.    And it's gonna look super weird written down.    But it's gonna be the best damn song I've ever written (and the most embarrassing, but not in a bad way).



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